Weekend Experience

Steve Prefontaine

“To Live Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice The Gift”

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Experience to be done on a track. Bring recovery. 

Track Experience

A. Jog 5 Minutes (warm-up). Getting lost in meditative thought and prayer/gratitude.


Every 12 Minutes for 36 Minutes (3 Sets) of:

Run 1 Mile (4 Laps on a Track)

NOTE: So you run a mile, and then whatever the rest left over making up 12 minutes is how long your rest. So if you run your first mile in 6 minutes then you have six minutes before you start your next mile. You do this every 12 minutes, then making up 3 sets. Log each set and email me how you do or post it on the blog. [email protected]


B. Walk 5 Minutes (cool-down). Getting lost in further meditative thought and prayer/gratitude.

Spiritual Work

A. Read for 20 minutes x 6 over the span of the weekend. Read in various locations, all being somewhat unique. I’m promoting more study than reading. If you’ve never experienced scripture study then don’t be afraid to give it a try. If scripture study isn’t your thing, then study something that has the capacity to further your understanding concerning the big picture of life. 


B. On Sunday night, briefly write about how your weekend experience went. Write about the track experience and the reading. What were your times? Did you want to quit? What did you study about? Email me what you wrote: [email protected]