Remote Experience

Go Run Sprints on a Unique Patch of Grass

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Do this experience at 8:30 PM.

A. Warm Up Jog for 5 minutes. Jog slow, and say a prayer of thanksgiving while jogging. Think about all of the things that you are thankful for in your life, and then offer a prayer of gratitude for all of those things that you are thankful for.
B. At 90%, preferably on a big body of grass, sprint 300 yards (guesstimate 3 football fields) on a straight line; rest 2 minutes X 6. Look to keep the same speed and intensity throughout the 300 meter sprint, where you are looking to really relax while running. Don’t run tight, but think about remaining loose and fluent. During the rest, walk around and look to continue your thankful thinking.

NOTE: This is to be ran in a straight line so you’re going to need a big area of grass. Be creative…
C. Cool Down Jog for 5 minutes. Say another prayer, but ask for help in whatever you may need help with.
D. Write about the experience and then email me what you wrote: [email protected]


Gym Experience

Bar to be placed right below the spine of the scapula


3 Sets of (not for time) of: 

10 HSPU + 4-8 Muscle Ups + 10-15 Supine Ring Pull Ups

NOTE: If you can’t do HSPU then do hand stand holds..If you can’t do MU then work on ring dips, or work on getting the MU. 


A. Split Jerk 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1; rest as needed.

NOTE: Start at 60% and then work your way up to 90%+. Log how you do…

B. 2-3 Push Press; rest as needed X 3.

NOTE: Make these as heavy as possible. 


Complete AMRAP in 6 minutes of:

3 Bar Muscle Ups + 6 Ring Dips + 9 Toes2Bar

NOTE: If you can do ring MU then do your toes2bar on the rings (toes2rings), and you ring dips at the top of the third MU. 


Gym Experience

Alex performing a good looking Low Bar. The only thing that I would like to see different is his head looking slightly down.

Take a second to read the below article. Just cut and past the URL. Remember, this is a program of learning and doing. If you aren’t taking the time to study and read then you aren’t doing this program properly and you probably shouldn’t be doing this program. Don’t be casual in your approach to learning the WAR lifestyle. If you are casual in your effort then you will reap nothing more than casual results. If you do, however, go hard in all facets of the WAR lifestyle then you will become a true performer in the game of life. You will become tougher and more confident than you’ve ever been, and your way of life will be different than the majority of the populations.


Be a good person; be a good father, husband, wife, and mother; be a good friend and employee; be honest; help people whenever you can; try to do the right thing always, and when you slip up, then by all means get back on track with having a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Learn to recognize where the holes in your character are, and then look to fill those holes with charity. 

The Squat, or how I learned to stop leg pressing and use my Ass

by Mark Rippetoe


3 rounds of (not for time):  

10 Snatch High Pulls + 10 Hang Muscle Snatch + 10 OHS + 10 Burpees

NOTE: Use bar, or 65. Work on crisp technique, being efficient and getting down to that good depth in the OHS. 


A. Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes perform: 1 Squat Snatch

NOTE: Build from 50% to 90%. Really work on catching it in the bottom, and then bouncing out of that bottom. 

B. 5 Sets of:

1 Front Squat; rest as needed

NOTE: in 5 sets build to a heavy front squat. Log what you build to. Compare notes. Once it’s tough, shut it down and move onto 

C. Back Squat:

Set 1 – 5 Reps @ 65-70%

Set 2-3 Reps @ 75-80%

Set 3- 1 Rep @  85-90%

       rest as needed


A. Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (5 sets) perform: (advanced only)

2 Back Squat (low bar) @ 95% of your 1RM

NOTE: Similar to last week, only one rep shorter and 5 percentage points higher. Base this off of your 1RM. Log how you do..


B. For Time Complete Reps 40-10, 30-20, 20-30, 10-40 of:

KBS (70/55) + Box Jumps (30/24)

NOTE: So you go KBS for 40 reps +10 Box Jumps; then 30 KBS + 20 Box jumps, and so on and so fourth as I’m sure you now hopefully get the point. Log time completed

Weekend Experience

The Games on the Track

Part 1: Track Experience

EXPERIENCE NOTE: You are going to need your book. Most have a phone that they can get their books on; so read on your phone as apposed to hauling your book around. Do this experience either in the early morning hours or the later evening hours. 

A. 5 Minute Warm Up Jog: Get lost in prayer and meditative thought; force thoughts of gratitude into your mind. Think about all of the things that you are thankful for in your life, and then give thanks to God for those things.


B. Run 200 Meters @ 85-90% effort, walk 200 meters X 4

       rest 3 minutes in between a & b

C. Run 400 Meters @ 95-100% effort; rest 4 minutes X 3

       rest 4 minutes in between b & c

D. Run 800 Meters  @ 95-100% effort; rest 6 minutes X 2

NOTE: Log times on both b & c. Don’t worry about logging A, as this is mostly just to get your legs good and stretched out. During the rest- work on living in the moment and directing your thoughts towards gratitude.  


E. 5 Minute Cool Down Jog: Get lost in further meditative thought and prayer, making this prayer an extension of your warm-up prayer, giving further thanks for all that you have. 


F. Read at the track for 20 minutes; in the shade under a tree. 


Part 2: Spiritual Work

NOTE: to be done over the span of the weekend..

A. Read for 20 Minutes X 5. Read something real. Read something that has the ability to further your understanding concerning the big picture of life. Read in unique places; the more unique the better. 

B. Write 350 words on all of the things that you are thankful for. 3,2,1 GO… email me what you wrote: [email protected]

C. Write about the weekend experience, all components of it, and then email me what you wrote: [email protected]

Gym Experience

Experience Watching the CF Games the Weekend


3 Sets of:

10 OHS (65/45) + 10 Toes2bar + 10 Hang Power Snatch (65/45); rest 1 minute

NOTE: Work on having a good active shoulder, trying to get deep in the OHS, really stretching out. 


A. On the minute every minute for 5 minutes perform: 2 TnG Squat Snatch (135/75) + 4 Burpee Bar Hops

       rest exactly 1 minute in between A & B

B. On the minute every minute for 5 minutes perform: 2 TnG Squat Clean Thruster (135/83) + 4 Burpee Bar Hops

NOTE: Make sure you are good and warmed up before starting; log how you do…. Be detailed in your notes. How did your technique hold up? Were you strong out of the bottom on both lifts? Even bouncing out of the bottom? 

C. Back Squat (Low Bar):

Set 1 – 5 Reps @ 65-70%

Set 2-3 Reps @ 75-80%

Set 3- 1 Rep @  85%-90%

Sets 4-6 – 1 Rep @ 90%-95%

       rest 3 minutes

NOTE: Listen to your body. Log loads. Compare to last week


For Time Complete:

15 Low Bar (225/135)

30 Ring Dips

10 Low Bar (225/135)

20 Ring Dips

5 Low Bar (225/135)

10 Ring Dips

NOTE: Log time completed…(Force knees out to a depth below parallel + Hip Drive – Pull with Hamstrings). Scale as necessary. Only advanced should be attempting the prescribed load…

Gym Experience

Miss that Colio


A. 2 Minute Jog (60%): get lost in meditative thought and prayer.

       no rest going into B

B. 2 fast rounds of: 10 Wall Balls + 10 Burpees

       no rest going into C

C. 2 Minute Jog (75%): Get lost in further meditative thought and prayer; start visualizing and preparing for the STRONG & BALANCE.


A. 5 Sets of:

1 Front Squat; rest as needed

NOTE: in 5 sets build to a heavy front squat. Log what you build to. Compare notes. Once it’s tough, shut it down and move onto B. 

B. 5 Sets of:

Power Clean & Jerk 1. 1. (rest 10 seconds in between)

NOTE: Work on getting that bar deep within pockets before going into that second pull (Open hips fully on second pull, then close hips fast making up the third pull). Log loads accomplished. 

C. 3 Sets of:

Clean Pulls 1. 1. (rest 10 seconds in between); rest as needed

NOTE: Go heavy. This lift is to get you stronger at your first and second pulls of the clean so it would only make sense that you go heavier than what you can clean. Stay tall at the top, not cutting it short by bailing under it. Stay through the lift just as you would stay through a punch if you were punching somebody. 


3 Sets for times of:

6 Power Clean & Jerk (185/115)

12 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

24 KBS (70/55/35)

50 Double Unders

       rest 3 minutes

NOTE: Log 3 different times. Try and be consistent from round to round. The box jump overs are just like they sound (jump over box). Scale as necessary. 


WAR Concept: Click to Read “The Fullness”

The Fullness

The fullness

WAR is the fullness. It’s the program that completes the ever complicating puzzle to managing and conquering addiction. Other programs offer the spiritual step by step model, where sitting in circles are common, and sharing sad stories concerning their addiction disease are even more common. These sad stories are apart of the addicts chemical makeup, causing them to always want someone to feel sorry for them, or for someone to give them a compliment for how many days clean that they might have. “I have sixty-seven days clean” is the type of comments they crave to tell people-so that these people can then tell them how good they are doing, which is something that the addict craves to hear. 

The addict needs to feel loved more so than that of the everyday person. They crave love because if they can feel loved then they can feel good. Up and down they will go during their days of clarity, going low in their mind but then seeking a lift through self pity, which then leads them to seeking compliments from others. 

The fullness that WAR offers people is confidence – because it will lead them to having a strong picture of themselves in their mind, which then will lead them to feelings of security. The compliment seeking and self pity will subside and they will now know that they are loved, in which the days of expressing the number of days that they have sober to others will diminish. Not diminish entirely, because counting days, months and years is important, as I myself play that game within my own mind; however, feeling the need to remind everyone on a regular basis will go away as their confidence in their strong self progresses. 

WAR eventually heals people, helping them to not feel like an addict anymore since its just a progressive lifestyle that is for anyone to enjoy and utilize. The step programs, and the circle programs are all great programs but they are programs that won’t allow anyone to move out of feeling like an addict, but they cause people to remain in that type of self pity thinking, never challenging them to move forward and progress. Meeting after meeting they go, and circle after circle they step into, leading a somewhat progressive life of talking and sharing, but nothing that involves acting and doing. Their recovery, in a sense, isn’t complete because of them not ever having the ability to not feel like an addict anymore. I do think its important that people are never quick to forget who they are and what their past was with regard to their addiction; but working the WAR lifestyle along with a circle program might complete an addicts recovery, then helping them to move out of the circle program and into a healthy lasting lifestyle; even a lifestyle that isn’t constantly reminding them that they are an addict. 

In WAR, we have a classroom component-but it is far from a meeting. We aren’t sharing, but we are discussing a component of the WAR lifestyle, and how we might improve upon living the WAR lifestyle. We might discuss nutrition concepts, weight lifting technique, spiritual work in unison with track and remote experience work, among many others. The point being is that we don’t stay wrapped up in our own self pity, but we move forward past that self pity, and onto doing something about who we are, and who we hope to become. A WAR life coach develops the WAR concepts and curriculum as it pertains to the WAR lifestyle, in which he or she then presents that concept in hopes of being persuasive so that the class members might go on and live that concept. 

WAR is about living a lifestyle that consists of physical, nutritional, and spiritual wellness so that we might progress in character and back into our childhood innocence. The way of our childhood thinking is what we seek in WAR, and in order for us to do this then we must be active in a lifestyle that promotes running, jumping, and playing since running, jumping, and playing are what we did when we were children. When we were children we didn’t sit in a group circle and get lost in self pity, but we played in a group, we hung out in a group, and we lived a lifestyle that was healthy with our friends and peers. 

This is what we are doing in WAR. We are creating a community of players and doers, not sitters and talkers. 

Now I’m not saying that a group setting is bad, because strength in numbers is a true concept. However, what I am saying is that the self pity game is a lame game to be playing. I know this first hand because I have caught myself playing the self pity game more than once; and all I become during this time is a drain on everyone I’m surrounded by, meaning I drain everyone’s energy as I make all of my mind struggles known to them. Don’t get this message twisted because I do believe that sharing and talking are both an important part to a persons recovery; but what I don’t believe in is the merry go round approach, where round and round an addict goes, rehashing the same life events that make up them being an addict without them ever taking the necessary steps forward to making a true lifestyle change. A lifestyle change is what it takes to kick a poor habit. Without a lifestyle change then no change will take place; and then round and round the merry go round will go, where the same old sad story will continue to resurface. 

I realize that the majority of the population is going to participate in the circle programs due to them being easy to participate in since they require little to no lifestyle change aside from actually staying clear. And that’s all okay, because they do work for those people. However, I’m going after that small sliver of the population who wants to move past the self pity party, and on to not feeling like an addict by living a lifestyle that won’t constantly remind them that they once were an addict. 

The truth is-is that exercising intensely, along with spiritual and nutritional work can do this for us. It can feel the self pity void, making us more pleasant to be around. Now instead of seeking the poor me compliments-we are now seeking self mastery and personal progression through the harmonization of our physical, nutritional, and spiritual selves. Overcoming addiction is a great accomplishment, but whats even more great is when a person gets clear and then progresses into an elite human being, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’m not promoting that people just get by once they are clear, but I’m promoting living the full abundant life, or the FULLNESS that only WAR can offer. 

Remote Experience

The Remote Experience



A. Upon waking up (earlier the better), walk right out your front door and go for a 12 minute jog holding a Z1 pace (pace you could have a conversation at) + Sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds X 5 + Read for thirty minutes outside while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer.

B. Eat a perfectly balanced breakfast + pray in a unique spot (outside, or even in your house)



A. Run for 15-20 minutes @ Z1 Pace in a unique location. Do this around 9PM if you can + 10 Minute Cool down walk, while getting lost in further meditative thought and prayer. 

B. Read for thirty minutes before bed + Pray/meditate. 

Gym Experience

Experience Olympic Weightlifting


4 rounds @ 85%:

10 Toes2Bar + 40 Double Unders + 10 Burpees


A. 6 Sets of:

1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

NOTE: Log loads used.. 


Four Sets for Max Reps of:

45 Seconds of Pull Ups (advanced-strict)

       rest 15 seconds

45 Seconds of Push Press (95/65)

       rest 15 seconds

45 Seconds of Push Ups

       rest 75 seconds

NOTE: Log total reps..

Gym Experience

We Low Bar in WAR

If you want to improve your strength, overall wellness and coordination then you must learn the Art of the Low Bar Back Squat. A lot of people (in WAR) are finally starting to do this lift properly, where they are getting down to that depth below parallel and then driving out of the bottom first using their hips (also known as the hip drive). The Low Bar is not the low bar without the very important forward lean and hip drive when coming out of the bottom. If you just have the bar placed on the low part of your back, but then fail to get below parallel-where you sit up right, then driving up with only using your quads, then you are basically doing the high bar back squat-only with having the bar placed on the lower portion of your back (below the spine of the scapula).

The forward lean and Hip Drive out of the bottom of the Low Bar Back Squat is what activates that big posterior chain of ours  (Hamstrings, Ass, Lower Back), then causing an extreme hormonal response to occur. Such a hormonal response then spurs on muscle growth and also a feeling of strength and accomplishment from doing such a lift properly, and with full range of motion.

The low bar, and when done properly, is the single lift that can lead the participator to improving in all of their other lifts without them even having to work on those other lifts. Now their bench press is getting stronger, and they rarely bench. Now they can do more pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and hanging abs. Now they can Clean & dead lift more, as I’m sure you now get the point.

The reason for this improvement in all areas, I believe, is due to the coordination that the Low Bar can lead the novice to quickly having; and it’s all due to the lifts ability to quickly strengthen the posterior chain (Adaptation + Muscle Growth). In the last sentence I used the word quickly because thats exactly what the lift does; it creates fast progress in all areas of strength and conditioning when the lift is performed properly-and in linear progression.


3 Rounds (not for time)

15 OHS (Bar) + Run 200 Meters

NOTE: Really work on flexibility and depth on the OHS. (active shoulder, bouncing out of the bottom)


A. Five Sets of:

Halting Snatch Dead Lift + Hang Power Snatch + Squat Snatch; rest as needed

NOTE: Drop the bar after the hang power snatch, then resetting before going into the squat snatch…

B. Front Squat:

Set 1 – 5 Reps @ 75%

Set 2-3 Reps @ 80%

Set 3- 1 Rep @  85%

Set 4 – 5 Reps @ 80%

Set 5-3 Reps @ 85%

Set 6- 1 Rep @ 90%

       rest as needed 

NOTE: Compare to last week..

C. Low Bar BS:

Set 1 – 5 Reps @ 65-70%

Set 2-3 Reps @ 75-80%

Set 3- 1 Rep @  85-90%

       rest 2 minutes


Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (5 sets) perform:

3 Back Squat (low bar) @ 90% of your 1RM

NOTE: Similar to last week, only one rep shorter and 5 percentage points higher. Base this off of your 1RM. Log how you do..