Gym Experience

CrossFit Games


A. Ring Plank Holds; on 1 minute, off 1 minute X 5

B. Tabata Sit Ups – 4 minutes


A. Build to a tough single in the thruster

NOTE: Nothing serious here, just a challenging single



For Time Complete:

Row 1K + 50 Thrusters (45/33) + 30 Pull Ups

NOTE: Compare notes of when we did this just a few weeks ago. Look to improve. 


WAR CONCEPT: Click to Read “What Goes Up Must Come Down”

What Goes Up Must Come Down

What Goes Up Must Come Down

I’m out all night, partying, drinking, smoking, laughing and enjoying myself.  I don’t want this night to ever end –  and yes, I’m so happy it’s only 10 o’clock, the night is still young. I love how I feel right now, nothing seems to matter, I can’t wait to go back outside and smoke another prime-time;  then when I go back inside I will drink some more, maybe a mixed drink, or a shot this time instead of a beer, man this is fun. After I get a little further along in my alcohol buzz I can’t wait to smoke a little weed, I love being drunk and then smoking me some weed; the laughs are insanely fun; it puts me on another level of happiness. I have a whole box of prime-times as well, I don’t usually smoke prime-times, but I love smoking them when I’m partying like this, they also bring their own unique head change to the night. Each and every time I go out to smoke one I’m enlightened further in my head; Prime-time’s are great for nights like this, they add so much more to the experience.

Oh man, it’s midnight, it’s still early I guess, I’ll shut it down around 2am.  I’ll start drinking water here in the next hour or so, maybe we should smoke weed again so I can get further enlightened. I want to go further, and feel better, for sure another primetime – and soon. Actually, I’ll go out and have another prime-time, and then rally the troops to smoke weed again, I’m sure they will all think its a good idea. Another shot sounds good also, I’m actually not that drunk; maybe another shot will make me feel even better. In fact, I’ll just go take another shot right now while I’m thinking about it.

Oh man, it’s 2am – it’s late, but not that late. I don’t do this very often, so it’s okay. At 3am I’ll start drinking water and looking for a ride home. Man I don’t want this night to end, I guess it has to end sometime. Tomorrow’s going to be rough. How am I going to get through it? Oh well, let’s just keep going, what’s done is done, I’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have a few more beers, yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do; I’ll have two more beers and then shut it down at 3am and start drinking water.

Oh man, it’s 4am, how am I going to get home? Why did I do this? Tomorrow, and even the next week are going to be rough. Why can’t I just quit doing this? I’m so tired of living this on and off lifestyle where I’m happy one minute and sad the next. What am I going to do about tomorrow? How am I going to make it through? I’m going to be so depressed and down, why can’t I just be normal? I hate drinking and partying like this, it baffles me as of to why I continue doing it. I’m never doing this again, I hate alcohol; it makes me feel horrible.

I’m so down, depressed and sick this afternoon. My head is pounding like a trumpet. What can I take that will make my headache and depressive thinking go away. Oh, I know what I can take……



Gym Experience

WAR Dietician Jacie Bailey Presenting tonight @ 6PM. All are welcome.


2 Sets of (not for time): 

3-6 Bar Muscle Ups + 15-20 V-Ups + 5 High Box Jumps

NOTE: If you can’t do Bar MU then do 10-15 Supine Ring Pull Ups + Ring Dip Holds/10-15 Ring Dips, working on ROM. V-Ups are when you are laying on your back and then you roll up into a V – spreading your legs and stretching. Make your box jumps high as possible, then stepping down. 


A. Every minute, on the minute for 15 minutes perform: 1 Squat Clean

NOTE: Start at 60%, and then slowly 95%+ over the span of 15 minutes. Stick to the time, changing your weights quickly. Log how you do. 


A. 3 Rounds for time:

7 Dead Lift (315/155) + 7 CTB Pull Ups + 7 Ring Dips

NOTE: Advanced do MU, or Bar MU. 

       rest exactly 5 minutes upon completing A, and then move on to B

B. 3 Rounds for time of:

21 Wall Balls + 21 Toes2Bar

NOTE: Log time completed..


WAR Concept: Nutrition Quickly

To much bread, especially white bread – is a bad carbohydrate, and acts like sugar when it’s broken down in your system. It’s okay to have a little, but don’t over do it. Eat similar to like a cave man would. Make sure that you are eating enough, and are on a schedule. You should go no longer than 4 hours without food. Eat like a cave man would: Meat, nuts, berries, fruit, vegetable, water etc; cheese is a form of protein; don’t be afraid to eat cheese from time to time, especially for a snack. Drink plenty of water, and make sure you’re getting enough protein in your system. Turkey wrapped up in cheese is a great way to eat. Just think about eating clean, and you’ll feel clean. STAYING HYDRATED IS KEY….Hit the drinking fountain up often, and have a water bottle always by your side. Bring something to help you recover after your workout (recovery shake, chocolate milk, etc). 

If you have to eat out, order clean off the menu. Order a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy’s and take off the top bun, and have a large ice water with it. Go to subway and order a six inch turkey with double meat, loaded with veggies; take off the top bun. Go to cafe rio and costa vida and get a chicken salad with no rice or beans, just tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce, and a side of ranch dressing. Just think about eating clean. Don’t ever order a value meal with fries and a pop. If you’ve got to do fast food, then do it clean by just ordering something by itself like a grilled chicken sandwich and a water. Never get fries and a drink. Only get a sandwich and a water, and take off the top piece of bread. If you are extra hungry then order two chicken breasts instead of one – with a large water. Catch my drift? Just think about eating clean, similar to a cave man, but maybe not as strict as a cave man. We are looking to make this way of eating into a lifestyle, and in order to do that you’ve gotta find out what works best for you. Eat clean. Make it happen…

Stay away from: potatoes, potato chips, bread, pasta, rice, cereal, candy, sugar, pop

Eat a lot of: Meat, chicken, Eggs, Jerky, almonds, fruit, vegetables, drink water, nuts, seeds, berries, bananas, peppers, drink whole milk sometimes.



The Remote Experience

The Power of Scenery

A. Go  running and walking for 30 – 45 minutes. Run a while, walk a while. Start this experience at exactly 8pm.  Find a place of beauty to enjoy this experience at. Think about going to a place that could assist you in the reflection on your life. I want you to go someplace that will help old memories flow freely into your mind; good memories; memories of the past; memories of when you were young and innocent. Maybe you go jog through an old neighborhood, or an old park, where childhood memories run deep. While walking and running look to reflect deeply about these old memories. Get a good sweat going, but also slow down at times and enjoy the beauty of the summer night.
B. Write about the experience. Where did your thinking go? Do you think that it is possible to become as a kid again? What type of change would have to take place in your life in order to become innocent-as you were when you were a child? What power could cause such a change to take place in your life? Email me your thoughts concerning this concept. [email protected]
C. What is your understanding of the Atonement? If you have no such knowledge, do some research. Email me what you found:[email protected]

Gym Experience

Dan & Andrea upon finishing the Weekend Track Experience


3 rounds @ 80% of:

20 Unbroken Pull Ups + 20 Unbroken Ring Push Ups

NOTE: Try to make your pull ups fast and efficient. If you’ve got the butterfly, then do it. Working on a tight, efficient kipp pull up. If you can’t do 20 Unbroken, then scale to: 15, 10.


A. Build to a heavy single in the Split Jerk

NOTE: If you are feeling it, then look to set a new PR. Log how you do and how your technique is coming along. 


For Time Complete:

100 Double Unders + 50 HSPU + 40 Toes2Bar + 30 Shoulder2Overhead (185/115)

NOTE: Log time completed. Shoulder2Overhead means taking the bar from shoulder2overhead in whatever way you feel to be most efficient (push jerk, push press, power jerk, split jerk). 

Gym Experience

Matt Welker 1980 – 2007

Matt bravely fought the WAR on Addiction. This workout is dedicated in his honor. 


5 Rounds For time of:

KB Carry Uphill for 100 yards + 10 KB Goblet Squats + KB Carry Down Hill for 100 yards + 10 Burpees

NOTE: KB Load –70 lbs/55lbs/40. Log time completed. You can carry the Kettle bell anyway that you may feel to be the most efficient…

Weekend Experience


EXPERIENCE NOTE: Experience to be done at a track

A. 5 Minute warm up jog, direct your thoughts towards gratitude, even getting lost in meditative thought and prayer. 

B. For Time Complete: Run 800 Meters + 50 Air Squats + Run 800 Meters + 50 Burpees.

NOTE: Challenge yourself on this; log time completed. Write about how you felt you did and also how your nutrition has been going into this workout. 

C. 5 Minute cool down jog, direct your thoughts towards gratitude, even getting lost in meditative thought and prayer. Look to analyze your surroundings and the experience you just had. Be proud of yourself for having the courage to go out and make this experience happen. 

D. Read something that is real and inspirational over the weekend. Read 20 minutes X 4. Try to read in four separate unique locations.

E. Write about the weekend experience and then email me what you wrote.

Gym Experience

WAR Highlight: Andrea Chavalier

Andrea is just finishing up week four and has made some incredible progress in just that time. Each week she is setting new PR’s, and is already able to string together 10 consecutive Kipp pull ups, which is so impressive. Andrea also works hard in all of the other facets of the WAR program, where she participates in both the Remote & Weekend Experiences, as well as the classroom. She has been diligent in her pursuit to finding spirituality, and has become a true searcher of a new way. She has bought into the WAR nutrition component, and has been working with our WAR dietician Jacie bailey, where she’s developing a true understanding concerning the Art of Nutrition

We are so thankful for Andrea and her hard work in trying to not only learn the WAR lifestyle, but also how hard she strives to live the WAR Lifestyle. You are amazing, and an inspiration to us all. Thanks again for doing the WAR program the way that it’s supposed to be done. 


2 Rounds for Time of:

25 Hand Release Push Ups + 50 Double Unders

       rest exactly 2 minutes and then move on to STRONG


3 Rounds for Time of:

10 Box Jumps (30/24) + 15 HSPU + 20 KBS (55/35)

       rest exactly 3 minutes and then move on to the BALANCE


4 Rounds for Time of: 

6 Dead Lift (275/155) + 12 Ring Dips

WORKOUT NOTE: Get warmed up, going through most of the movements in CLEAR, STRONG, & BALANCE, even setting up your bars so that you can move through the workout seamlessly. Try Kipping the HSPU’s, and open your hips up fully on the box jumps. Your score will be the total time, including rests, that it took you to complete CLEAR, STRONG, BALANCE. 

Gym Experience

We have more shirts. Let us know if you want one. Email me: [email protected]; or just get ahold of me on Face book, or text. 


3 Rounds @ 80% of:

10 Snatch High Pulls + 10 Hang Power Snatch + 10 OHS + 10 Burpees

NOTE: Loads for bar work are: 65/45/33. Go through this at a good pace, working on perfect technique. 


A. Build to a tough single in the Snatch

B. Build to a tough single in the Clean & Jerk

C. 2 Front Squat @ 93-95%; rest 3 minutes X 3

NOTE: Log everything; look to set a PR if you are feeling it. FS percentage is based on your 1RM. 


For Time Complete: 

Run 1 Mile + 60 Pull Ups + Run 1 Mile

NOTE: Go hard at this. Be creative at where you experience your miles. Log the time you get. 


WAR CONCEPT: Click to Read “The WAR in the Mind”

The WAR in the Head

The WAR in the Head

The day started out fine for us, even with having four months of perfect clarity under our belt. Our mind was happy; it was almost too happy, in which we let our guard down for just a short time, enjoying not fighting the WAR during that time, where we just sought to enjoy life as other people who don’t struggle with addiction enjoy life, since we felt like we could be normal on this particular day. But due to us  letting our guard down, and since we obviously cant be normal, the Opiate thought creeped in to our mind and eventually stole our peace.

Now the days not even the same day for us. Any work that we needed to get done for our career is not even an option. We don’t feel like doing a single thing, or being productive in any particular direction unless we are under the direction of Opiate. The Dragon is in our mind whispering lies and deceit, creating massive thinking errors that seem to be realistic to us because of the sly way that He seems to be presenting them. He tells us that we should worry about our financial future, and that the work we are involved in wont last, nor will it ever provide financial stability for our family. He goes on and in telling us that we aren’t doing enough in our home or in our professional life, and that we are not balancing either one of them very well, hoping to overwhelm us, and throwing more gas on our addiction flame so that the small flame will become a blazing fire, making it so nothing will stop us in our pursuit to taking Opiate.

We try everything from scripture study and prayer, to calling and talking, to driving and thinking, but nothing seems to work; not even listening to uplifting inspirational music seemed to work; not even praying intensely to God in beautiful scenery seemed to work; not even going and spending time with our children seemed to work. All of the things that have worked in the past have failed to work, so it is now our last hope to go in and lift weights at a high intensity in hopes of that weightlifting calming us down, and putting us back on track to making good decisions.

Though everything in our mind and entire being is telling us not to go lift weights; because lifting weights intensely is no match against the Dragons and Opiates craft, which only seems to be another attempt of theirs to lead us to being acted upon, as apposed to us acting upon them. So we go on and do it anyway, lifting weights intensely, even setting a new personal record on our low bar back squat, which makes us feel strong and elite because that particular lift seems to increase our testosterone and endorphin levels due to its ability to utilize our entire posterior chain, as no other lift seems to be able to accomplish. The feeling is of such in our mind that if we continue to linear progress on this lift, that not only will our strength in all other lifts increase, but so will our life performance because of the confidence being strong will give us in our daily lives since we will look different than most in how we fill out our t-shirt and jeans. 

With the increase in testosterone comes an increase in confidence; and with an increase in confidence, comes a change in how we perceive ourselves; and if we perceive ourselves in the light of being strong, clear and confident, then we do have what it takes to progress past the Dragon and Opiate on this day, then finding yet another way to win the WAR in the Head; then adding yet another weapon to our arsenal.