Gym Experience


A WAR Group Doing the Weekend Experience 


2 rounds (not for time) of:

3-6 Wall Walks + 3-6 Muscle Ups + 25 Sit Ups or 10-12 Toes2bar

NOTE: Scale Muscle ups with Bar Muscle Ups or CTB Pull Ups, or just work on the muscle up, 10-12 Supine Ring Pull ups, or Ring Dips Holds. Just working on doing holds (chin up hold/ ring dip hold, etc)


A. 1 Jerk; rest 2 minutes X 5-8

NOTE: Split or Power Jerk; novice, working on technique (light). Intermediate/Advanced: 80-90%

B. 3 Sets of: 2 Push Press + Max Strict Pull Ups; rest 1 minute

NOTE: Needs to be three challenging work sets. Advanced – power clean it up from the ground. 


3 Sets of:

Row 350 Meters + 25 KBS (70/55/35) + 20 Hand Stand Push Ups; rest 3 minutes

NOTE: Go hard on this. Time each round. Log three different times. Scale HSPU’s with hand release push ups. 


WAR CONCEPT: Click to Read “Dear God”

Dear God

Dear God, 

 Please continue to help me see the benefit of walking your light path. I’m so tired of always being quick to forget your peaceful way of life, where I then regress back down the Dragons dark path once again. Please help me to stay on your wonderful path for the duration, for it is on your path that I seem to experience comfort and safety, even carrying a happier, more consistent mind frame around; and one that is full of love, charity and light. However, it’s is also on your path that I often times get too comfortable, and even complacent-which then allows for an inch of darkness to creep in. I don’t want to let that darkness creep in this time, and I don’t want to succumb to the ways of the world as I have done so many times in the past. I love living a clear life, but for whatever reason my soul is tormented often to give way to the evil substances of this world. When I give in I am lost, and am without Hope. When I remain on your light path – I seem to carry a charitable light within my heart that words cannot fully describe. My overall character seems to be different, where I carry myself uprightly, and even confidently-since I know that I am clear, and even free for the time being.

 Please help me to continue to study about your way of life, and to be diligent in doing so. Please help me to not get too comfortable when times are good so that I can remain strong in my efforts, being diligent always in keeping my spiritual guard up. If I do fall, where I succumb to the ways of the world, then please help me to have the determination and ability to climb back on your path as I am scared to do life without you. I can’t do my life without your guiding help and influence, so please help me to continue on in fighting this WAR of mine, for I am ever hopeful that you will one day remove this burden, even taking this addiction disease away from me, then granting me freedom from the Dragon and his dark way of life.  

 Please help me to make my prayers more heartfelt, sincere, and even consistent. I know how important prayer is, however, sometimes it is true that I am quick to forget the importance of always carry a prayer around in my head. I am also, often times, quick to forget how important it is to go out and create quiet experiences for myself; the ones where I go out and search for a quiet place to go and get lost in meditative thought and prayer so that I can reflect on this relationship of ours-and what it is that you are always trying to teach me as I fight this battle of mine.

 Thank you God for all of the many blessings and talents you have given me. Thank you for my constant struggle with addiction. I do realize that if it wasn’t for my addiction than you and I wouldn’t have the relationship that we share today, and for that I am truly thankful. Please continue to help me remain on this road of peace. The peaceful clear way of life is truly the progressive way of life-as I’m sure of it; and I am oftentimes in wonderment as of to why I would ever choose to live any other way. The Opiate thought ceases to leave my mind no matter how long I go without him, and I am hopeful that I can make it through this upcoming weekend without heeding to his call.  I have found, that If I can just keep his whispers on the surface of my thinking, not allowing the thought of him to burrow too deeply, then I can get around him and move forward. Please help me to make it around him this weekend. I don’t want to stay locked into this relapse cycle anymore.


Gym Experience

Andrea doing the weekend experience. Way to hustle girl. Way to not be afraid to go out and create an experience for yourself.

What we do when no one else is looking is the true measure of our character. These weekend and remote experiences build upon our character in that they are experiences that are done on our own, where almost always no one is looking.

It is through the gym experience that people will notice when someone doesn’t show up, or isn’t giving it their all; but it is through the Remote & Weekend Experiences that we will have the opportunity to test our courage since no one will be looking or holding us accountable.

To be successful in this life, and even with our addiction, we must be constantly working on the improvement of our own selves, and even when no one else is looking. Addiction is so powerful in this sense that if we are only pretending to make progress in front of others, but fail to act when we are alone, then we will remain lazy and shady, where no real change will ever take place in our lives, in which the light of our soul will continue to be shaded over. 


A. AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 5 Toes2Bar + 5 Burpees

       rest 1 minute before moving on to B

B. AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 5 Ring Dips + 5 Burpees

NOTE: Log total rounds completed – both A & B. 


A. 3-4 Hang Power Snatch + 5 High Box Jumps; rest 2 minutes X 4

NOTE: Challenge yourself on the HPS loading, working on a fast turnover at the top. Log loads used and box height. Stack weights on a box if necessary. 

B. Find your 1RM in the Back Squat (Low Bar)

NOTE: Set a new PR. Novice, 5 reps X 3. 


Perform 21, 15, 9 reps for time of:

Back Squat (low bar) + Burpee Box Jumps (20″)

NOTE: Use 55% of todays 1RM. Log time completed and load used…

Weekend Experience

A Real High

NOTE: Create a magical experience for yourself + take pictures and email them to me. Experience can be done on Saturday or Sunday.  

A. Go on a 45 minute hike. Light load on your back (camel back/water, book, food). Challenge yourself to go at a steady pace for 45 minutes without stopping. Should be a steep/challenging gradual climb.


B. Read at the top (or wherever you end up) for 20 minutes. Self Introspect/meditate/pray + refuel. Think about all of the people and things your are thankful for in your life. Examine how different and better your life is while spent clear compared to how your life is while spent clouded.

SOMETHING TO PONDER: Don’t you think that it is true that the clear way is the only way to capture these more magical experiences like the one your are going to have on this hike? When we are clouded we would never go out and create an experience such as this; however, since we have chosen to remain clear we are actually free from the grips of addiction-and are able to go out and create natural highs for ourselves, where we become searchers of a new way to experience life on a heightened level. The worldly escape is the easy temporary way, but the spiritual way is the lasting way – which includes the fluent harmonization of the mind, body, and spirit. When these three elements are in line than one can come to see life from a different angle; even an angle they never thought could exist; even an angle that leads to a change in their perspective and has the capacity to lead them towards greatness.  

Clear is the way as I’m sure of it. Yeah – life is hard, and stress and adversity only makes life harder. But the handling of stress and adversity the right way, and even clear – is the only way that we learn and progress in this life. If we take ourselves out of reality every time we get stressed then we are not learning, nor are we progressing. Let’s be those who progress. Let’s be those who want to be great. Let’s be those who are passionate about helping others to see the way of life that we now see through the living of this WAR Lifestyle.   


C. Run down – under control. Think about being athletic (Advanced Only). 


D. Send out a text message telling that someone of whom you were thinking about on your hike how much you are thankful for them. 

Gym Experience

 Lindsey Hassell, owner and operator of CrossFit the Club- will be presenting at W.A.R. today ( 26 April ) at 6:00pm.  The topic will be: “Dealing with pain the right way & Wellness through fitness.” Lindsey is know in the area as one of the most knowledgeable strength & conditioning coaches around. He was a Division 1 Collegiate Football Athlete at Utah State, and also played for a number of years professionally in the Arena Football league. All are welcome. 


A. 100 Pull Ups For Time

NOTE: Log time completed.. Novice – scale to banded or supine ring. 


A. 10 Strict Shoulder Press + 15 Fast Burpees; rest 2 minutes X 3

NOTE: This is a strict press, then going into an intense set of burpees. Log loads… go hard and fast on the burpees.


3 Sets of:

Against a 4 minute clock, complete:

Row 500 Meters + Run 400 Meters + Max Push Ups; rest 3 minutes

NOTE: You basically have four minutes to get through the row and run and then perform as many push ups as you can. Log how many push ups you get each round. 

Gym Experience

Blake, Russ, Andrea and I doing yesterdays remote experience at a track 


A. 3 Sets of: 10 Toes2Bar + 20 Sit Ups-moderate intensity


A. Build to a tough Single in the squat clean

B. 3 Front Squat; rest 3 minutes X 3

NOTE: Sets across @ 90% of 1RM


Perform 21, 15, 9 For Time Of:

Squat Cleans (135/95) + Ring Dips


Remote Experience

The Creative Mind Creates the Unique Track Experience


A. Eat a perfectly balanced breakfast; one that consists of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. 
B. Read for 20 Minutes. Read something real; something that will further your understanding concerning the big picture of life.
C. Say a prayer and then get lost in meditative thought for 2-3 minutes after the prayer. 
D. Look to carry your prayer and the concept that you studied around with you during the day. 


A. At a track, perform a warm-up Jog for 5 minutes, directing your thoughts towards gratitude. 
B. Run 200 Meter @ 90%; walk 200 meters X 6. During the walk, look to recognize and appreciate the experience you are having. Look to appreciate the weather and the nature around you. Be proud of yourself for having the courage to make such an experience happen. 
C. On the field perform: 5 fast Burpees + sprint 100 meters + 5 fast Burpees; rest is walk back X 4
D. Write about the days experience, and email me how it went. If you performed the experience in its entirety – then what did you learn and notice? Email me what you wrote. [email protected]

Gym Experience

We are so small. The best way to live life is to realize this truth – turn outward, even away from our own selves, and on towards others. The more we can focus on helping others-then the safer we will be from our addiction. The secret to life is to help.

Be small and meek in your approach to life; don’t seek compliments, but give them; learn to slow down and listen; learn to live in the moment with your children, remaining clear always so that you can be the father husband that you need to be.

Be a searcher of a new way to live life exceptionally. No such way can come through the pill- nor can it come through the drink, but can only come through the spiritual. Put away the worldly escape, and look to only escape through the spiritual, for it’s through the spiritual avenue that you will come to experience the abundant life. 



A. 50 Burpee Pull Ups for time

NOTE: Log time completed…


A. Find your 5RM in the Push Press

NOTE: Log what you get…

B. AMRAP Push Press in 4 Minutes

NOTE: 70% of what you got on A. 


3 Sets of:

Row 250 Meters + 20 Wall Balls + 20 KBS (70/55/35); rest 3 minutes

NOTE: Should have 3 separate times (ex. 3:01, 3:05, 3:10)

Gym Experience

Kelly Barton – WAR Financial Wellness


3 Sets of (Not for Time):

10 Toes2Bar + 30 Double Unders + 6 Turkish Get Ups-3 each arm

NOTE: Work on Double Unders and efficiency of the TGU


A. 4-5 Hang Power Snatch; rest 2 minutes X 5

NOTE: Log loads…

B. 5 Back Squat-Low Bar (85-90%); rest 2 minutes X 3

NOTE: Add 5-10lbs to last weeks load. 


10 Minute AMRAP of:

15 Power Snatch (75/45) + 30 Double Unders

NOTE: Log how many rounds/reps accomplished. 


Gym Experience

WAR Financial Wellness Coach – Kelly Barton

BIO: I am an Investment Advisor Representative/Financial Coach. I have been doing this for about 8 1/2 years. I believe that if people can eliminate financial stress, they can lead a more fulfilling, productive life. Prior to being an Advisor I was a Tile Contractor for 11 years. I have been married for 10 years and my wife and I live a very healthy, active lifestyle. I believe that the element of financial education is a great benefit.

Kelly is presenting at 6:15 Sharp @ WAR HQ. All are welcome. The address is: 1190 East 5425 South, South Ogden Utah – 84403.

Addiction affects so many families financially. Kelly’s goal is to help educate those that struggle with addiction, and also their families-on how to create a plan so that they can come to obtain financial stability, then eliminating financial stress so that they can lead a more fulfilling, productive life. 


4 Sets of:

15-25 Ring Dips + 15-25 Pull Ups; rest 2 minutes

NOTE: Advanced – do 25, shoot for Unbroken. Novice/intermediate, scale reps as necessary. Log how you do.


A. Ring L- Holds – ALongAP; rest 2 minutes X 3

NOTE: Scaled, hanging from the pull up system in an L-Shape. Challenge yourself on this. 


3 Rounds For Time Of: 

400 Meter Run + 15 Burpees + 20 Toes2Bar

NOTE: Scale toes2bar with Knees2elbow. This is to be done at 100% effort. Go hard and challenge yourself..