Gym Experience


PROGRAM NOTE: WAR @ 10am only. Nothing on Tuesday. Back at it in the Gym on Thursday. Make sure you do the Remote Experience on Wednesday. Have a safe New Years.  Make a good decision. 


A. Ring Plank Holds, on 1 minute, off 1 minute X 5


NOTE: No strength. Starting a new program on Thursday.


For Time Complete:
Row 800 Meters
3 Rounds of:
25 Push Ups
25 Jumping Back Squats – use a 45 lb bar
25 KBS (55,35)
Row 800 Meters

NOTE: Go at 100% effort on this. Jumping back squats are with a 45 lb on your back where you’ll squat down- then exploding up into a small jump. So you’ll row 800 meters, then perform three rounds of the middle section, and then finish of with an 800 meter row. To hard. Time to beat is: 10:45

Weekend Experience


A. Hit a Punching Bag for 20 minutes consistently
    +rest 10 minutes
B. 100 Anchored Sit Ups For Time
    +rest 3 minutes

C. For Time Complete:

30 Hand Stand Push Ups (Scaled Push Ups) + 30 Burpees

D. Work on your spirituality for 1 hour – Reading, Studying, Praying, Pondering, self introspection. This could be done on Saturday or Sunday. Work on it for one hour straight. 

NOTE: Be creative in your approach to tackling this.. Find a way. If you don’t have a punching bag, shadow box for 20 Minutes. Be Creative!!

Gym Experience

Experience Prayer In Nature


A. Tabata Sit Ups – 4 minutes
      Rest 1 minute
B. Tabata Toes2Bar-4 minutes

NOTE: Take low score . 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for four minutes time.


5 sets of:
1 Power Clean + 3 Push Press + 5 Front Squat; rest 2 minutes

NOTE: Heavy as possible. Log loads


5 Rounds For Time Of:
10 Thrusters (95,65) + 20 Pull Ups

NOTE: Log time completed..

WAR CONCEPT: Creative Prayer

Prayer does not always have to take place how we might think it needs to take place. We must be creative in our efforts, where we look for opportunities to go and  create quiet experiences for ourselves in nature. Go for a drive into the mountains, get out of your car and walk around while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer. There is something about nature that is tied to spirituality and prayer that I cannot fully describe, but it seems as if God dwells more visibly in nature, almost allowing us to come closer to the veil-helping us to catch a small glimpse into the next life, where we open up more fully, then creating a platform for inspiration to flow more freely. Prayer, meditative thought, reading, pondering, and writing while in nature proves to be a most incredible experience, and one that many wont have the courage to experience because they will listen to those opposing whispers from that dark one who only wants us to be apart of confusion and chaos so that we have not the ability to have such spiritual experiences, for He only wants us to be apart of the worldly. 

There is such a spiritual high awaiting those who would value this type of a high. The spiritual high is every bit as rewarding as any other high, and even more so, since it is a lasting high that will allow charity to flow from head to toe, then leading us towards beautiful thinking. Beautiful thinking is what we who are trying to overcome the world are in search of, since our mind, now more often then not, seems to not allow such thinking to unfold on its own anymore, which is why we must work if we want to experience beautiful thinking; however, it is so that the beautiful thinking is there to be had if we would just search for it, not being afraid to be unique and creative in our efforts.

Gym Experience

Powder High


3 Rounds For Time Of:
15 KBS (70,55) + 15 Burpees

NOTE: Compare old notes 


A. In 10 Minutes build to a tough single in the clean & Jerk – not 1RM

NOTE: Working on technique. 

B. 6,5,4,3 Back Squat (low bar); rest 3 minutes X 3

NOTE: Heavy as possible for all four sets, building slightly each set. Be smart. We have been doing back squat enough to where you should understand where you’re at. Rest 3 minutes in between each set.


3 Sets of:
Row 250 Meters @ 100% + 30 Unbroken Box Jumps (24,20); Rest 1 minute

NOTE: Score is total time finished, including rest. 

WAR CONCEPT: Prayer Alignment

As we get down on our knees, trying to align our mind and thoughts with Gods, we will then be led into having a deep conversation with God, where we will get lost in gratitude, thanking Him for the wonderful way of life that we are being led towards. We openly admit that we cannot do life without Him, and that we are sorry for our weaknesses with our addiction, in which we ask for help in overcoming the dark thinking that often enters into our mind. 

Write about, and even discuss this concept..

Remote Experience

Experience The Basin

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Make the location a place of substance that’s unique to your common routine. Do the run, meditation, prayer, and the reading all at the same remote location of your choosing. If its cold (then bundle up), you can do the reading in your car, or wherever.  Think outside the box and go have have a good, unique experience.

A. Run a 5k for time

NOTE: Challenge yourself on this 5K. Go hard, and even push past of what you think you can do. Map out an incredible route, and then go for it. 

B. On sight, and after the run, then Meditate & Pray for 10 minutes, actively walking while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer. 
C. Study & Read a Spiritual Book of your choosing for 20 Minutes

NOTE: This could be done in your car, outside, or wherever – just be creative. Don’t just read in the same places that you’ve always read, but be creative. 



Gym Experience

The Christ

Merry Christmas everyone. I’m so thankful for you all. WAR truly is a special program. I challenge you to really work at living in the moment during this Christmas season. Study about Christ and the wonderful life way of life that He promotes. If you have never studied about Christ, give it a shot during this next week; and even make it a goal. I promise – no harm can come of it, but only good. I’m so thankful that I have come to know Him in my life, which also leads me to say that I am also thankful that I struggle with addiction- because had it not been for my struggle with addiction I may have never come to know Him. It’s funny how sometimes our poor decisions can actually become blessings. I now have finally come to the realization that my struggle with addiction was never a curse, but it was a blessing. My struggle with addiction led me to finding God, and then God led me to finding WAR, and then WAR led me to finding you.  

Thanks again for everything – I Love You All


“12 Days of WAR”

1 Clean & Jerk (225/150)

2 Bar Muscle Ups

3 Box Jumps (30,24)

4 Hang Squat Snatch (115/75)

5 Burpees

6 Push Press (115/75)

7 Air Squats

8 Toes2Bar

9 Wall Balls

10 Pull Ups

11 Hand Stand Push Ups

12 Front Squat (225/150)

NOTE: Scale as necessary depending on skill level.  So you start with 1 C & J, and then you do 1 C&J again, and then you move onto 2 Bar Muscle Ups, and then you go back to 1 C&J -2Muscle Ups then moving onto 3 box jumps, and so on and so fourth. So you basically keep repeating + adding a new movement each time until you complete all 12 rounds. 

Weekend Experience


A1. Run for 5 minutes – slow/medium pace. Carry a prayer of gratitude in your head for the entire 5 minutes. Pray about all of the things you are thankful for; and even all of the people in your life that you are thankful for. Be creative of where you run. 


A2. Run for 30 seconds @ 90% Effort; jog/walk for 30 seconds X 20


A3. Run for 5 minutes – slow/medium pace. Extend upon your first prayer. Don’t be repetitive. Your second prayer should be different than your first. Get lost in gratitude, but don’t be repetitive.


B. Read for 20 minutes X 6 over the weekend; or a total of 90 minutes. You could switch off between books. Example: Scripture study X 3. Biography/Inspiration Book X 3. 


C. Try to have a good meaningful conversation with someone this weekend. Not a text, an actual conversation. 

Gym Experience

Keep Searching For the Sunshine Mind


A. 3 Rounds of:
1 Minute Unbroken Plank Hold + 15 Unbroken Wall Balls

NOTE: Not for time, but move through this at a good pace.


A. 3 Clean & Jerks @ 70%; rest 1 minute X 6

NOTE: Needs to be a squat clean, and not TnG. Switch off every other set doing the split jerk, then the power jerk. So you should end up doing three sets of each. Base percentage off of your 1RM. Working on good crisp technique.

B. 5 TnG Clean High Pulls; rest 2 minutes X 3

NOTE: These need to be as heavy as possible-doing TnG, keeping that good confident back angle. Compare last weeks notes, and go slightly heavier. These need to be three work sets.


A. 5 Rounds for time of:

5 Power Snatch @ 80%+ 10 Toes2Bar

NOTE: Log time completed..Base percentage off of 1rm power snatch/squat snatch.


Twenty- One days, oh how you hope you can keep going. You wanna take something that will get you high every hour of every day-oh how you hope you can keep going. In the the morning you want to take something that will get you high, so you turn to: nutrition, prayer, scripture reading, and meditation- oh how you hope you can keep going. At lunch you want to take something that will get you high, so you turn to: nutrition, prayer, scripture reading, exercise, and meditation-oh how you hope you can keep going. At 3 o’clock you want to take something that will get you high, so you turn to: nutrition, prayer, scripture reading, exercise, and meditation – oh how you hope you can keep going. At night time you want to take something that will make you happier and more relaxed, so you turn to: nutrition, prayer, scripture study and further reading- oh how you hope you can keep going.

This little poem is to show diligent effort it takes an addict to find happiness through a clear lens. It’s the replacement method. I still like to get high all of the time, I just have to get high through spirituality, reading, meditation, nature, nutrition and exercise. I have to replace my once poor addiction, with my new addictions. And my new addictions are far better, for they are lasting addictions; they are healthy addictions that will lead me towards a progressive peaceful life.

Write about, and even discuss this concept

Gym Experience

 Winter On A River


A. 7 Minute AMRAP of: 

4 Burpees + 6 Ring Dips + 8 KBS (70,55)

NOTE: Log Rounds Completed


A. Build to a tough single in the snatch.

NOTE: Advanced: If you feel like you’ve got it, then go for a new PR.

B. 3 Front Squat @ 95%; rest 2 minutes X 4

NOTE: Base percentage off of 3RM (compare notes). Do this four work sets across, meaning use the same weight.


A. In 12 Minutes:
Row 2K + AMRepsAP- Pull Ups

NOTE: This is a 12 minute workout. The time remaining after you get off of the row- you go straight into as many pull ups as possible until 12 minutes. Score is how many pull ups you get. 

Remote Experience

Experience Parking Lot Sprints 

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Dress warm and make this experience happen. Send me pics of the parking lot that you chose to do sprints in. 

A. In a large parking lot perform 8 increasing 150 meter sprints. Start off at about 50% effort and increase your speed to 100% by the end of the sprint. Rest actively for roughly 2 minutes, and while doing so get lost in meditative thought and prayer. Think about your family, friends, and all of the things that you are thankful for this holiday season. Analyze the experience you are having, and think about how great it is that you have the courage to do sprints in a parking lot in the middle of winter. 


B. Send a meaningful text to someone that you may have lost touch with, or go visit someone in your family that you may have lost touch with. Tell someone how much you appreciate them. Be creative.


C. Pray + Read Something Powerful + Pray. Do this right before you go to bed.