Gym Experience

Work to be Alone

A. For Time Complete: 
25 Toes2Bar + 25 Burpees + 25 toes2Bar + 25 Burpees
NOTE: Go Hard; log time completed. Scaled: Knees2Elbows.
B. Build to a 1 RM in Hang Squat Clean
C. UNBROKEN Perform 10 Reps-1 Rep for time of:
Hang Squat Clean
NOTE: Loads are: 135,115,95,65. Pick a load that will allow you to do each set unbroken. Ex) 10UB, drop and rest as needed, 9 drop, etc.   
D. Cool down while directing your thoughts towards gratitude. 
E. WAR Concept: Write about, and discuss how you are going to recommit to the nutrition. How are you doing with your nutrition? Have you slipped away, almost forgetting the clarity that nutrition can provide you with? Discuss this concept, and then reeducate through study and discussion on how to go about being nutritionally locked in, and the importance of stabilizing our hormone levels.