Gym Experience

Be Locked In

A. For Time Complete:
50 Ring Dips + 50 HSPU
NOTE: Compare Old Notes. Scaled=Box Dips + Shoulder press. Scale reps as necessary. Advanced: Perfect range of motion; head touching each time on HSPU.
B. 10 Back Squat; Rest 30 Seconds; 10 Back Squat
NOTE: These should be heavy, and done doing the low bar back squat. It could be a similar load to last weeks 8 reps; however, we are cutting out one set, shortening the rest time, and adding 2 reps. Log this, as this is important for future programming. Lets see how this goes. If you are a novice, your load should be light, where you are working on technique mostly.
C. 5 sets of: 
5 TnG Squat Cleans + 15 KBS + AMRepsAP Bench Press; Rest 3 Minutes
NOTE: Loads that can be used on the squat clean are:155, 135, 115, 95. Loads on the Bench press are: 135,115,95. KBS load is: 70/55. Score is total # of bench press reps accomplished. Work with a partner; while one is resting, the other is working. Coach each other + Compete.
D. WAR Concept: Exercise and the directing our thoughts towards gratitude

We promote, during exercise, the directing of our thoughts towards gratitude, and how by doing so we can be lifted in our mood and level of thinking. Exercise leads to an increase in serotonin and endorphin levels, then lifting our mood, then creating a perfect platform for the ushering in of thankful thoughts and concepts into our minds.

Discuss and write about this concept. We work on this a lot during our remote and weekend experiences. What are your experiences with gratitude? Email me: [email protected]