Gym Experience

The Escape

A. 100 Ring Push Ups For Time:
NOTE: Refer to old notes
B. 3-6 reverse grip weighted pull up; rest 2 minutes X 5
NOTE: Scaled just do strict AMRAP. Log loads that you used; go heavy and shoot for lower reps. We are working on pulling strength.
For Time Complete:
50 Box Jumps + 50 KBS + 50 Calorie Row + Sprint 200 Meters
NOTE: Do box jumps on:24/20. KBS use 55/35. . Go hard; sprint that last 200 meters to finish it off and then log what you get. Compete against yourself or someone else.
D. WAR Concept: Nutrition & Addiction Relationship

The relationship between nutrition and addiction cannot go unnoticed. When I am locked in nutritionally, I seem to be better at managing my addiction. This goes back to the WAR balance concept in that if my mind, body, and spirit are in harmony then I am more prepared to fight the WAR with my addiction; and I even consistently win the WAR with my addiction. However, when I don’t follow my nutritional game plan I tend to look at food in the same way as I look at Percocets; like that the food will make me feel better, just as my mentality with the Percocets was that they too would make me feel better. So now when I’m locked into the binge eating to feel better mentality, I am, in a sense, in the same mind frame of addictive thinking as with the Percocets, only now it is with food.

What are your experiences with this? Is your addiction like a revolving door, where one addiction comes into your life for a time, only then to be pushed out, and then followed by another? 

Wouldn’t you say that proper nutrition plays a crucial role in helping us to fight the WAR with our addiction?