Gym Experience

The Slow Game

A. Ring Plank Holds, on 1 minute, off 1 minute X 5
B. AMrepsAP Strict Pull Ups; Rest 2 Minutes X 5
NOTE: If you are a beginner and can only get a few, then do those few and go into the kipp. Intermediate to advanced just stick with strict. Log how many reps you get per set.
C. Complete 3 Rounds for time of:
Row 750 Meters
30 Double Unders or 15 Box Jumps
15 Burpees
NOTE: You do 20 inch box jumps if you don’t have double unders.  Log how you do on this
D. WAR Concept: Slow Weekends

Why is it important that we try live slow on the weekends? The work week is hard and stressful for many which is why the weekends become a challenging task for many. It’s the cut loose mentality, where people get it in their heads that the only way to truly relax on the weekends is to take themselves out of reality. The problem with this chosen lifestyle is that what goes up, must come down, then making the weekend seem relaxing when we are up, but not so relaxing when we are down.  Think about this concept. Are the weekends really all that relaxing when we take ourselves out of reality? Or are they more relaxing if we remain in reality, where we focus on living in the moment, while working on ourselves over the weekend through reading, exercise, and working on our spiritual self? Write about it, and then email me what you wrote: [email protected]