Gym Experience

The Spiritual Side

A. For Time Complete:
50 Burpee Pull Ups
NOTE: Log Time. Make sure you have to jump at least 6 inches.
B. 3 Clean High Pulls; rest 2 minutes X 5
NOTE: These should be heavy; way heavier than your clean 1RM. This whole movements aim is to get you stronger at the clean (first two pulls of the clean). Don’t worry if you can’t pull it that high, just work on the confident dead, then exploding through hips, then into the pull. 
C. For Time complete 30, 20, 10 reps of:
KBS + Ring Dips
NOTE: Use 70/55/35. You do the KBS for 30 reps and then do the ring dips for 30 reps, and so on and so forth.
D. Run for 10 Minutes – Moderate Intensity
NOTE: Go on a small journey. Enjoy the fall, and work on your thinking while running. Think positive thoughts as best as you can, and be appreciative for the experience you are having. 
E. At the end of the run, walk for 5 minutes while directing your thinking towards gratitude. 
F. WAR Concept: How do we hustle in multiple directions without getting overwhelmed? How do we discern between paths? The world, often times, pulls us in opposite directions, then causing us to feel lost, overwhelmed, and even confused as of to what future path is right. And the picture we had built up in our mind for so long concerning that  future path seems to be a picture that is constantly changing; and it is only now, through faith, that we hold on to those hopes, dreams, and ideas as of to what the future looks like, almost believing that we will be led back to that old picture path as soon as the time is right.

What is your understanding of faith? Do you believe that your prayers can be answered? Do you believe that there is an Invisible Hand of Help that’s leading and guiding you towards your hopes and dreams as you diligently strive to live and lead a clear and obedient life?