Gym Experience

A Game of Failure

A. For Time Complete:
Run 400 Meters + 20 Burpees + Row 400 Meters
NOTE: Log Time Competed
B. 2 Clean & Jerk; rest 1 minute X 6
NOTE: Start at about 75% and work your way up slowly to 85%. Advanced, base your percentage off of your 1RM. Novice, base percentage off of effort where you basically are just working on technique. Log six loads.
C. Perform 21, 15, 9 of:
Push Jerk + Pull Ups + Box Jumps
NOTE: Push Jerk loads are: 155,135,115,95,65. Box Height is: 24/20. Log time completed. 
D. WAR Concept: Being Tired

How do we deal with being tired? Do you think that by having a relationship with God, and by striving to live his way of life, that one can be fueled with constant energy?  

I have noticed, in my own life, that if I am spiritually in tune, where I don’t offend spirituality, then I remain energized and in control of all things in my life, including when adversity strikes. It’s almost like I have help when I start to get low on energy, in which this help picks me back up, then allowing me to keep working, and even remain patient and on task for longer periods of time, for if I lose my patience then I lose my energy since my energy is tied directly to spirituality; and if I offend the gift of patience, then I offend spirituality, which spirituality is then driven from my soul, making me weak and of the Natural Man.

Write about, and even discuss this concept. 

Gym Experience

The Spiritual Road

A. 10 Heavy Russian KBS on the minute for 10 Minutes
B. 15 Back Squat; Rest 30 Seconds; 15 Back Squat
NOTE: These should be heavy, and done doing the low bar back squat. Use 80-85% of the load you did for 12 reps last monday since we are adding 3 reps. Log this, as this is important for future programming. Lets see how this goes. If you are a novice, your load should be light, where you are working on technique mostly.
C. 5 Sets of:
5 Heavy TnG Hang Power Clean + Row 300 Meters @ 100%; Rest 3 Minutes
NOTE: Load the loads you use on the HPC. Try and increase the load each time; these should be heavy. Go Hard  on the row, and try to keep you spit times consistent each round.
D. WAR Concept: Seeking a Spiritual Life

Seeking a spiritual life proves to be a challenging task for people as they enter into the WAR program. Many will buy into the nutritional component as well as the physical components, but the spiritual component seems to be the hardest component for people to get into. Why is this the case? Is it because the spiritual component requires work when no one else is looking? Is it because spirituality takes longer to develop in an individuals life? What is the reason behind this. I have my belief system as of to why, but I would love to hear yours.

Write, and even discuss what you think. Post it to the comments, or email me.[email protected]

Weekend Experience

Experience Mountain Road Running

A. Run Hills; Jog a little, walk a little, for 45 Minutes. While walking think about all that you are thankful for in your life; utilize prayer as well. Be creative in your approach. This could be done in highland neighborhoods, trails or wherever. Just be creative. Take pictures and email me:[email protected]    

NOTE: Go somewhere different than previous weeks.    


B. Do some work outside (yard work, spiritual work, service, etc – be creative). Live in the moment while doing so and then write about the experience. 


C. Spend some good quality time with someone or the people you love.  People that play a positive role in your life – could be family, or a friend.  Maybe you go visit a loved one that you have lost touch with over the years. Maybe you designate a night to hang out with your parents.  Whatever it may be, make it unique to the point that your routine is changed, and you surprise yourself. Try and have a good positive conversation.  Think outside the box on this – and then write about it.


D. Email me concerning the weekend experience; any thoughts or insights that you may have had: [email protected]

Gym Experience

Be Confident in Yourself

A. 4 sets of: 
25 Ring Dips + 25 Pull Ups; Rest 2 Minutes
NOTE: Advanced shoot for Unbroken. Novice/Intermediate, chip away, but move through the reps as quickly as possible, performing all good reps.
B. 12 Front Squat; Rest 30 Seconds; 12 Front Squat
NOTE: These should be heavy. Use 85% of the load you did for 10 reps last Thursday since we are adding 2 reps. Log this, as this is important for future programming. Lets see how this goes. If you are a novice, your load should be light, where you are working on technique mostly.
C. 50 Turkish Get Ups – Medium Intensity
NOTE: Just go at a medium intensity, working on efficiency and technique; however, challenge yourself on the load.
D. Cool down jog for 10 minutes – get lost in meditative thought while directing your thinking towards gratitude.
E. WAR Concept: Pushing Yourself to a limit that you thought was not possible.

What happens when an individual pushes themselves to a limit that they thought was never possible? When they push past being completely uncomfortable, then learning to deal with being completely uncomfortable, and even coming to embrace being completely uncomfortable. The mind tells them to quit, but they press forward, almost going to a limit that they have never known. Now when they go home after performing in a workout with such intensity levels, they seem to carry themselves in a different light since they have now developed an understanding of their own pain threshold, which then creates confidence, then causing them to want to revisit the uncomfortable moment that the intense workout gave way to.

Write about, and even discuss this concept. Email me what you wrote:[email protected]

Gym Experience

Through the Dark, to Experience the Light

A. 3 Sets of:
22 Unbroken KBS; rest 1 minute    
NOTE: Let’s see how your grip holds up on this one. KBS Load: 70,55,35.
B. 5 Push Press; rest 2 minutes X 3
NOTE: These need to be 3 heavy work sets. Build to the first heavy load, and then begin. Log the loads that you use.
C. Perform 3 sets of:
1 Minute AMRAP of Wall Balls (20/14-10ft mark)
1 Minute AMRAP of Clean High Pulls (75,65)
1 Minute AMRAP of Box Jumps (20 inch)
1 Minute AMRAP of Push Press (75 lbs)
1 Minute AMRAP of Calorie Row
      Rest 1 minute
NOTE: this is a continuously running clock for 5 minutes; so spend roughly 55 seconds at each station, giving yourself 5 seconds to make the transition. After the fifth minute, you rest 1 minute, then repeating the cycle 2 more times.  Your score is the total reps accomplished. Do this in partners, where one partner coaches the entire workout for the other partner, counting reps and encouraging them through all three rounds. Log your results. Score to beat is 357. This workout is a famous Crossfit workout called “Fight Gone Bad”


D. WAR Concept: Move Past the Thought

We have to be able to move past the thought and not dwell on it. We can’t beat ourselves up for wanting to get high when we don’t even actually go through with getting high, but for whatever reason we still dwell on it because we feel that we would have gotten high if the opportunity had been presented perfectly. We win the battle if we don’t go through with it even if we felt that we would have gone through with it had a few things happened differently. But things didn’t happen differently, they happened the way that they needed to happen for you to remain clear.

Do you believe that there is an Invisible Hand of help that is guiding and directing you even during you weakest times? 

Write about, and even discuss this concept. 

Remote Experience

Experience Indoor Pool Swimming

Experience Note: we are going into the winter months, which means a lot of these experiences are going to take place at a pool, or even in doors. Find a place that you can go so you are able to get these experiences in. It’s all about the experience; and to enjoy these experiences to the fullest, you may have to invest in a membership to a place that will allow you to make these experiences happen. What better way to spend a Wednesday night that at a pool. 

A. Find a pool near you and perform 10 sets of:
Swim 50 Meters; rest 90 seconds
NOTE: 50 meters is usually to the wall and back in a standard size lap pool. Make this happen, and be creative. Find a pool, and accomplish this experience. Swim in whatever way you know how.
B. Read for at least 30 minutes. Read whatever you want to read, or what you are currently reading. 
C. Say a prayer before you go to bed. 

Gym Experience

Work to be Alone

A. For Time Complete: 
25 Toes2Bar + 25 Burpees + 25 toes2Bar + 25 Burpees
NOTE: Go Hard; log time completed. Scaled: Knees2Elbows.
B. Build to a 1 RM in Hang Squat Clean
C. UNBROKEN Perform 10 Reps-1 Rep for time of:
Hang Squat Clean
NOTE: Loads are: 135,115,95,65. Pick a load that will allow you to do each set unbroken. Ex) 10UB, drop and rest as needed, 9 drop, etc.   
D. Cool down while directing your thoughts towards gratitude. 
E. WAR Concept: Write about, and discuss how you are going to recommit to the nutrition. How are you doing with your nutrition? Have you slipped away, almost forgetting the clarity that nutrition can provide you with? Discuss this concept, and then reeducate through study and discussion on how to go about being nutritionally locked in, and the importance of stabilizing our hormone levels.

Gym Experience

Be Well Rounded

A. Tabata Box Jumps-4 minutes; Rest 1 Minute; Tabata Pull Ups – 4 Minutes
NOTE: Box Jumps: 24/20 inch. Tabata: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for four minutes. Take low score.
B. 12 Back Squat; Rest 30 Seconds; 12 Back Squat
NOTE: These should be heavy, and done doing the low bar back squat. Use 85% of the load you did for 10 reps last monday since we are adding 2 reps. Log this, as this is important for future programming. Lets see how this goes. If you are a novice, your load should be light, where you are working on technique mostly.
C. A 10 minute workout:
Row 2k + Burpees AMRepsAP
NOTE: Score is total number of Burpees accomplished with time remaining after the row. Example: If you finish the row in 8 minutes, then you have 2 minutes to get as many Burpees as possible.
D. WAR Concept: Click to read “I’m Back”

Read the article, and then discuss and write about this concept. 

I'm Back

I’m Back

A Story Told By The Dragon

I’m back; I see that you thought our relationship was over since I have chosen to lay low for a time. Your way of life has since become slow and humble, and I have to admit that it’s impressive of how far you’ve come. You have put off the ways of the world, and have since gone the ways of the Invisible Hand, who’s ways are not my ways of course, since His ways take to long to develop and I am not a believer in endurance or patience, for my ways are quick, immediate, and intense, where I’ll take you up fast, but then I’ll drop you just as fast as I took you up.

Deep down inside you still have that longing for my friend and colleague opiate; He’s still very present in the back of your mind isn’t He? Your financial situation seems to be grim right now, and currently you are working with the Invisible Hand often, where you are looking for guidance in hopes of finding financial stability for you and your family; however, His ways will take to much time, and time is not on your side right now. He’s all about the learning experience in life, where his aim is to tutor you through: adversity, faith and of course the test of righteous living; but I’m here to tell you that this is false, for His way may not even be real; He may not even be real, and his promises may never even happen. The stability that you are longing for is a false hope, and the stress associated with your financial struggle can be alleviated if you would just think about bringing opiate back into your life. Opiate doesn’t have to ruin your life like so many would have you believe, but can act as a slow down when the world seems to be going to fast. Your mind is always going to be on the go, for that is the way of your chemical makeup; opiate can help you to live in the moment like you so badly wish you could. Opiate will help you to be a better Dad around the house, for He will help you to remain content and to not worry so much about what the future holds. Stop looking so far into the future, but look in to what I and Opiate can offer you now, which is immediate gratification that will in fact be quick, pleasurable, and even short lived. The short lived part is all by my brilliant design; and what would make you think that something as immediate and as pleasurable as what I and Opiate can provide you with would be long lived since that is not our way. Our way is short lived, but can be long lived if you would just keep coming our way in search of more. The Invisible Hands way takes diligence, patience, work and endurance, and is only long lived if you work continuously at improving yourself; but our way takes no work on your part, and our reward will be immediately handed to you, and no such self improvement needs to be sought after nor developed since our ways are in the opposite direction.

Now I realize that you have been doing good which is why I felt it necessary to creep back into your thinking. It’s interesting how I can get you to move from one addiction to another. As of lately you have been going the ways of food, which isn’t my first choice of substances that I would have you get addicted to, but it will work since its the same way of thinking, therefore I can still keep you trapped. I see that you try to quit caffeine often, but if you do quit caffeine then I’ll just move you on to something else that will keep you in the addictive mind frame. You see, it’s the addictive mind frame that keeps people trapped, not necessarily the substance they are giving way to. The substances do vary in severity, but if I can keep people molded into an addictive mindset regardless of the substance, then eventually I can lead them back to the substance that’s going to bring them the most harm, which is my absolute hope.

In your prayers to the Invisible Hand I often hear you speak of the want to quit my ways indefinitely, which does sadden me, but seems to be a false hope on your part since I control this world that you live in, for that was the plan in the beginning as me and my hosts were cast down to rule upon this earth; where we are to tempt and persuade men and women, since they  will have their free agency to choose which way they will go. Will it be my way, which is the worldly way? Or will it be the Invisible Hands way, which is the way of spirituality?- For their is no middle ground; you’re either on my path, which is the fun and pleasurable path. Or you’re on the Invisible Hands path, which is the slow- hard working path, where immediate gratification is non existent since His way is all about learning through the handling of adversity while remaining free from the addictions of the world.

Yours is to choose, but regardless of what way you go I am still confident that I can keep you locked into your addictive way of thinking. Keep staying convinced that you can’t sleep without taking something. Keep staying convinced that you can’t wake up without taking something. Keep staying convinced that binging on food will help you to feel better. Keep staying convinced that it’s okay to escape towards the way of Opiate every now and then; keep convincing yourself of this false truth concerning Opiate, because the more often you believe that Opiate is somewhat healthy for you-if you use Him sporadically, and even moderately to assist you in slowing down, then the closer I am to having you back into a full blown relationship with Him, which is my ultimate goal since He is your real master.

-Dustin Hawkins

Weekend Experience

Experience Road Running

A. Go for 45 minute run/walk in a neighborhood that has hills, or in the highlands, or wherever you can find a place that has spurts of hills, but also spurts of flat areas. Run hard for a time, up hills, or until you have to rest, where you then should walk and get lost in meditative thought. Be creative of where you go, for you can make an experience out of nothing. If you don’t have hills in your area, then do this experience wherever your creativity takes you; but be creative, and don’t be afraid to be unique. 
B. Perform a 24 hour fast this weekend, where you go with no food or water for 24 hours time; however, only do this with a purpose in mind. Start the fast off with a prayer describing that purpose, and then close it with a prayer. Fasting should be tied in with spiritual work, so if you do this experience the day should be a spiritual day where you are working on yourself. Prayer should be performed often. A good way to do this would be to start Saturday night at a time of your choosing, and then finish Sunday night exactly 24 hours later. Fasting has been proven to be good for you. Let me know how this experience goes.[email protected].

This would also be a good avenue to recommit to the nutrition, where, after the fast, you hop right into healthy eating, and lots of water. Remember: only do this experience if you have a purpose in mind. This fasts purpose is not to just go 24 hours without eating, but is for cleansing, learning, and spiritual work.