Gym Experience

No Outlet 

A. Go on a 20 Minute Jog – medium intensity
NOTE: Go on a small journey. Put on your head phones and go. Run hills, or don’t; be creative with terrain (road then grass to gravel, through a back yard, etc)
B. Find Your 1 RM in the Hang Power Clean
NOTE: Make sure you log this.
C. Complete 5 Sets of:
1O Hang Power Cleans; rest 10 seconds + 20 KBS; rest 2 minutes
NOTE:  Use 55% of your HPC 1rm. Scale this as necessary. Use 70/55/35 on the KBS. The cleans need to be crisp in technique, where you stand up at top, then finishing with your elbows high. KBS needs to clear the ear, being crisp and efficient.
D. Meditate, get lost in gratitude, and even prayer. Look to be thankful for the challenges in your life, since they are only making you stronger.