Gym Experience

Get Your Mind Right

A. 150 Anchored AB Mat Sit Ups For Time
NOTE: Log time completed. Scale as necessary.
B. 3 Clean High Pulls; rest 90 seconds X 3
NOTE: Pulls should be done at 80-90% effort, all depending on how your core feels. If you feel recovered, then challenge yourself at 90%, if not – challenge yourself at 80% (refer to past notes). 
C. 3 sets of: 
10 1 arm KB Snatch -5Larm/5Rarm + 20 Pull Ups; rest 1 minute
NOTE: KB weight is 70/55/35, where you do ten total (5 on the right + 5 on the left)- then go right into pull ups. Advanced, shoot to get your pull ups unbroken. You rest one minute after each set. Upon completing your third set, you then only rest 1 minute before moving on to D. Your score will be the total time it took you to complete C & D, including the rest times, so be persistent.
D. Row 75 Calories for time
NOTE: Log score, which is the amount of time it takes you to complete C & D, including the rest times on C.