Weekend Experience

Peace On a Track

A. At a track, run three miles at a slow to medium pace. That’s 12 laps around a track. I want this to almost be active rest, where if you feel you must, then walk for a brief time. While walking and running look to get lost in meditative thought. Think about your life former life, and even current life. Direct your thinking towards gratitude, and look to be happy.
B. Relax in some shade, and notice how quiet everything is in the world. Think about being slow, and even remaining slow in all that you do. The world is fast; and your way of life may currently be fast, but what I’m promoting is that you slow all things down and really look to live in the moment.
C. Read something powerful for 20 minutes X 3. Read in twenty minute increments, and do this three times over the weekend. Read something powerful. I promote scripture study often; if you’ve never tried it, give it a try, and fear not, for the experience is worth it; however, it doesn’t have to be scripture study, just read something that will assist you in learning something out about yourself.

Gym Experience

Experience It Outside

A. 10 Rounds For Time of:
10 Air Squats + 10 Push Ups
NOTE: This is at 100% effort. Log results
B. 4 sets of:
6 Bent Over Rows + 15 Box Jumps + 6 Bent Over Rows; Rest 90 seconds
NOTE: Loads for the Barbell Bent Over Rows are: 155, 135, 115, 95.  Height of box jump is: 24/20. Go hard, and look to stay consistent on your times each round, the resting only 90 seconds. On the BOR’s , be touch and go where you hit the weight on the floor each time. Think about having a confident back, and really look to pull with your lats and arms – but also keeping your hamstrings tight. 
C. Perform five 100 yard hill sprints- medium grade; rest is walk down.
NOTE: The hill shouldnt be too steep, but steep enough. You need to be able to sprint it out, not tire out. You may have to drive somewhere to do this, but that’s okay-be creative; the weather outside is perfect for this. These are at 100% effort.
D. 5 minute cool down walk, while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer. Direct your thinking towards the people who mean the most to you in your life. 

Gym Experience

All Over Strong

A. 10 CTB Pull Ups; rest 1 Minute X 10.
NOTE: Novice do chin over bar pull ups. Log how you do on this (Unbroken/not)
B. Find Your 1RM in the Front Squat
NOTE: make sure you log this.
C. 5 Rounds For Time of:
4 Turkish Get Ups + 8 Goblet Squats + 12 KBS
NOTE: TGU’s, 2 each hand, making up four.  If possible, do this outside on some grass. Use 55/35 lbs, and even on the Turkish get ups, scale as necessary with dumbells and then use a KB for the goblet squats and KBS. A Goblet squat is just a front squat holding a KB by your chin. 
D. 5 minute cool down walk, while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer. Analyze how you feel after the workout. Is your mood lifted more so now- than prior to the workout? Do you feel less stressed?

Remote Experience

Fall Run

A. On a road, run @ 85% Effort for 2 minutes, then run @ 55% effort for two minutes.
NOTE: Run for a total time of 20 minutes, and shoot to do this unbroken. This time of year is a great time to run, since the air is cool and the leaves are bright. Go hard during the 85%, and then after two minutes slow your pace down to 55% effort.
B. While cooling down in walk, say a prayer of grattitude and then ask for help in overcoming your fears and weaknesses + Meditate.
C. In two minutes, write about what you are thankful for, and who your are thankful for. You can do this on your phone, computer, or even the old fashioned way – through using a pen and a piece of paper. Ready Go.
If you want, email me what your wrote: [email protected]workoutaddictionrecovery.com

Gym Experience

A New Way of Life

A. For Time Complete:
25 Burpees + 25 Ring Dips + 25 HSPU
NOTE: You have to go in order, finishing one 25 reps before moving on to the other. Scale HSPU’s with strict shoulder press. 
B. 4 Sets of: 
3 TnG Power Clean + 3 Push Jerks + 3 Front Squat; rest 1 minute
NOTE: Novice: just do push press. Log loads used. Go heavy if you are advanced. If you can go up in weight during the rest, then do so. Challenge yourself for all four sets
C. 3 Rounds for time:
Row 400 Meters + Row 400 Meters
NOTE: Log time completed.
D. Go for a 5 minute cool down walk while directing your thoughts towards gratitude and thanksgiving. Analyze how you feel after the workout.

Gym Experience

Challenge In The Fall

A. 10- 15 Toes2Bar; rest 1 minute X 5
NOTE: Compare with old notes. Try and do UB, only resting exactly one minute in between.
B. 3 Back Squat + AMRAP Weighted Push Ups (45/25); rest 2 minutes X 3.
NOTES: Increase BS load 10lbs from Fridays load. Log total push ups accomplished. You are obviously going to need someone to put a plate on your back for the push ups. If you don’t have anyone-just do regular push ups.
C. 3 Rounds for time of:
10 Dead Lift + 10 Burpees
NOTE: Max loads for the dead lift are 185/135. If you are not familiar with the dead lift, then you need to get familiar with it, and then scale the load to a light load. When you complete all three rounds of C, you then move directly on to D.
D. 150 Double Unders
NOTE: Your score is the completion of both C&D. If you don’t have DU’s, just perform singles.
E. Refuel + Think about of where you need to improve within the gym experience, and then write it down in your gym journal. Set some gym goals, and then go about obtaining those gym goals.


F. Read “Christ Helps Us to See Around Our Addiction”

Christ Helps Us to See Around Our Addiction

Christ Helps Us to See Around Our Addiction

By Dustin Hawkins

Part 3 0f 3 

For the individual that struggles in the mind to find happiness, a diligent search for Christ’s constant companionship can heal the darkness in their mind, and the anxiety of their soul. Everyone nowadays wants to pop something; or they want to take something; or drink something; or even smoke something, when in all reality one of the greatest cure alls is Christ and his comforting invisible hand.

Christ will help us to see around our addiction. He will help us to see while our mind is dark, then giving us hope for brighter days. The dark mind of an addict can be conquered through Christ’s help. When I speak of him helping us to see around our addiction, I mean that he will increase our angle of perspective, then giving us a feeling of peace and safety-now helping us to move past our cravings. Now when we crave opiate, Christ helps us to see past Opiate, and more towards him and his comforting way. His invisible hand will actually buffer the craving, making it beatable, and even manageable for the time being. He then makes us realize the peace that his spirit can provide us with, which then becomes motivating for us to not want to drive His spirit away, since His spirit cannot dwell in unclean tabernacles.

Now instead of picturing the immediate gratification that our addiction would have us see, He now helps us to see past it, in which he gives us a look into the future of that decision, making it clearer of to the downside of giving in to the craving. He will float thankful concepts into our minds, which will give us a sense of gratitude and well being- then making our decision simpler, and even more realistic. He will show us what tomorrow will look like if we stay on his path; but he will also show us what tomorrow will look like if we choose not his path, for then his comforting blanket of safety and peace will be stripped off, leaving us cold and dark.

The cravings will still very much be there, only it will be buffered down, and weakened because we will be strong, for Christ’s invisible hand will be leading us towards safety. His Invisible hand will direct the night in a way that all will be well; however, this direction and guidance only occurs if we have faith that He will in fact save us, for without faith – we are left on our own; we must believe that we have his help and guiding influence in our lives.

What I mean by this is we have to listen, and we have to look to recognize His hand in our lives. We have to recognize when people call us out of the blue, and then believe that this call just may be one of his many nudges to help us stay strong, and not give into our craving. Or when our tire goes out, causing a delay to occur in our night, where at the time it may have seemed like a curse, but in all reality the tire going out was a blessing because it tied us up just long enough to win another battle, then living another day clear.

Christ also works through children in His effort to save us, because children have the most faith, and are the most innocent. As we pray, we should always pray that we can live in the moment with our children, and to be thankful for our children; and then we should tell our children often how much we are thankful for them, for it’s through them that we can see past our addictions. If you are having the battle in the mind, think about what type of father you want to be in the morning. Do you want to be the dark and cold father? -Or the father full of love and Christ’s light? If you win the WAR, and go Christ’s way, you will come to see life in the morning with your children. The Craving will be over, and you will recollect the past nights events, in which you will see clearly how the Invisible Hand of Help led you safely, and even through the shadows to where you are now.

Trust in Christ, and look to keep his spirit about you on a constant level. When you drive his spirit out of your heart, get back onto His path with a quickness, for it’s not safe to leave your guard down, since the Dragon and his legions patiently await for their time sneak back in, and bring you back down. The more often you win the WAR, the more faith in Christ you will come to have. And the more faith in Christ you come to have, the stronger His buffer becomes, until eventually He has buffered your addiction down nothing, then making you free in your mind again, like you once were when you were an innocent child.

Studying about Christ, and trying to learn and live His gospel is the ultimate replacement method. Now when the dark thought enters your mind, you look to replace that dark thought with the study of Christ’s gospel. Now on Friday and Saturday nights you replace escape with study and prayer. You read books about Christ and his wonderful gospel with a passion. This warms your soul, and in a unique way gets you high, in which this study and warmth acts as the ultimate replacement method.

The study of Christianity should become a hobby for the addict. The addict must replace the darkness with the lightness, and I’m here to tell you that by studying Christ’s way of life with a passion, you will come to see life from a different angle; you will start seeing around your addiction, and even past it. In a world that wants to hush their voices when they speak of Christ; but for the addict, they must not hush and be ashamed, but they must believe and also be diligent in their study, and even open to hearing Christ’s message. The open heart is the willing heart. The closed heart is the same heart. How can one truly expect to change if their actions and way of thinking remain the same because of their unwillingness to accept something new for fear of others opinions? So many people won’t get into Christ’s way because they think it would chain them down just as so many others would have them believe, when in all reality Christ would unchain them, making them free to experience life on a heightened level. So many people will remain hardened against Christ because someone may have done them wrong in the past, and that someone may have been involved in Christ’s gospel, almost making Him and his gospel look bad. But what I’m saying is to not be offended, for know one person is perfect; therefore don’t allow these people to dictate whether or not you are going to be open and receptive to all that Christ’s way has to offer, which is a way that is vast and beautiful. Be open, for what’s the alternative? Is it to remain unhappy, unbalanced, and caught in your addiction whirlwind till you have nothing left?

Replace your addiction with Christ and his lasting way; and don’t be afraid, because there is not one thing that Christ ever did during his earthly ministry that was not of service to his fellow man; and He is still of service, only now he uses his Invisible Hand of help to guide the willing heart. Be willing; be open and receptive, and let Christ change you from the inside out, then causing your addiction to be felt no more. I’ve seen His work in my own life, and as the years progress I continue to get better at winning the WAR with my addiction. Though I have a long road to go in being completely healed, from year to year I am seeing progress, and this progress couldn’t be had if it wasn’t for Christ slowly healing me-then making me whole once again.

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Weekend Experience

Saturday Track Workout

What you’ll Need: A Track & Field + Scriptures, and I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about good scriptural concepts going into your mind, and that is all. Don’t be afraid to be unique, for there is power in the study of ancient records.  

A. Warm Up Jog for 10 Minutes. Direct your thinking towards grattitude, and also think about the people of whom you love in your life; then say a prayer where you state how thankful you are for the people you love.
B. On the Football field perform 5 sets of:
50 Yard latter; rest 3 minutes
NOTE: This is an all out hustle, where you sprint 10 yards, then back. Sprint 20 yards, then back, and so on and so forth until reach 50 yards then back. Go hard, as this should be challenging. During the rest, be active in walking, while getting lost in meditative thought, and even intense thoughts of gratitude.
C. Cool Down Jog/Walk for 10 minutes. Say another prayer, and don’t be repetitive. 
D. In some shade, at the track, read for 20 minutes. You should be able to find a spot that is away from people, where you can get lost in study. Try to understand what you are reading, even if that means you only get through one page.

Gym Experience

Experience a Wave

A. 100 Kipp Pull Ups For Time:
NOTE: Compare old notes and look to set a new PR
B. 3 Back Squat; rest 2 Minutes X 3
NOTE: BS load should be 90% of Mondays 1RM.
C. Perform 21, 15, 9 Reps for time of:
Thrusters + Calorie Rows
NOTE: Be aggressive with your hips coming out of the hole of the thruster-going into the press. Think long and hard pulls on the row. Use 95/65lbs
D. Refuel + go for a cool down walk and even break down, in your mind, of how you thought that you did in the workout?Direct your thinking towards being thankful for Gods gift of exercise, and being physically active; and how by doing workouts such as these actually provides you with an escape from the world, and even from your own poor thinking; because it is through these workouts that you have the opportunity to challenge yourself everyday. And the person who challenges themself everyday, then grows everyday. 

Gym Experience

No Outlet 

A. Go on a 20 Minute Jog – medium intensity
NOTE: Go on a small journey. Put on your head phones and go. Run hills, or don’t; be creative with terrain (road then grass to gravel, through a back yard, etc)
B. Find Your 1 RM in the Hang Power Clean
NOTE: Make sure you log this.
C. Complete 5 Sets of:
1O Hang Power Cleans; rest 10 seconds + 20 KBS; rest 2 minutes
NOTE:  Use 55% of your HPC 1rm. Scale this as necessary. Use 70/55/35 on the KBS. The cleans need to be crisp in technique, where you stand up at top, then finishing with your elbows high. KBS needs to clear the ear, being crisp and efficient.
D. Meditate, get lost in gratitude, and even prayer. Look to be thankful for the challenges in your life, since they are only making you stronger.