Gym Experience

A Change of Season

A. 3 sets of:
10 Russian KBS + 10 Fast Burpees; Rest 1 minute
NOTE: Be intense throughout; basically just getting you good and warmed up for B.
B. Find your 3RM in the back squat – Low Bar
NOTE: Let’s see where you are at. Your range of motion needs to be there in order to obtain a true 3RM. If you are a beginner, and your technique isn’t there, then finding your 3RM doesn’t hold true for you. You just need to find a 3RM based on your skill and technique level. Don’t try and go heavy if you don’t know what you are doing. Log your new PR.
C. Tester:
Row 500 meters; rest 1 minute; Row 500 meters
NOTE: This is a tester- 100% effort.  Row 500, then rest 1 minute, Row 500 meters. Log 2 separate times. Thanks.


Gym Experience


A. For Time Complete:
30 Ring Dips + 30 HSPU
NOTE: You must complete the ring dip reps before moving on to the HSPU. Advanced, do 50+50. Scaled – do shoulder press and bench dips.
B. Build quickly to a tough single in the Front Squat
NOTE: Log load Accomplished
C. Perform 10 reps down to 1 rep for time of:
Hang Power Clean+ Kipp Pull Ups
NOTE: Max load on HPC is 135. Log time completed

Remote Experience

Experience Lake Running

What You’ll Need: A Book, Apple + Almonds+ Turkey Jerky, Wearing a Swim Suite + Running shoes, change of clothes. 

For the optimal experience, try and do this workout during the 6pm-8pm time frame. The summer months are coming to an end – so make sure you get the most of this experience. 


A. At a pretty lake run for 20 minutes @ Z1 pace, or a pace that you could have a conversation at. Be creative of to where you jog around the lake. Look to switch up the terrain. Maybe you find a trail, or a road, or run on the beach for a time. Think outside the box while running, and look to have a good experience by enjoying the scenery at this time of night. BE CREATIVE and UNIQUE.


B. Cool down in the lake. Do some relaxing swimming, and work on swimming. Work on the breast stroke; work on the trudgen stroke; work on staying a float; work on swimming under water – and look to have a good relaxing time while playfully swimming. 


C. Still at the lake, after you’ve dried off, get lost in prayer and meditation. Think about all of the things that you are thankful for in your life. Say a prayer of thanksgiving, and then ask for help in overcoming a weakness that you are hoping to make a strength. Ask for help in the managing of your addiction. Be sincere, and don’t be repetetive – have a conversation, believing that you will receive help and answers to your prayer, and then carry this prayer in your mind during the days to come.


D. Read for 15-30 minutes. Should be a book that is motivating, or a book that is going to assist you in improving yourself. I promote scripture study often, but if that’s not your thing right now – then find a book that is your thing.  

Gym Experience

Go Experience Life

A. 3 Sets of:
20 GHD Sit Ups + 15 Burpees; Rest 2 minutes
NOTE: If you’ve never done GHD sit ups, make sure you understand the technique before trying to do all of these reps. If this is your first go around, scale the reps to 10-15. For those that have had experience with GHD sit ups, then go at this with an intensity; do your burpees fast.
B. Power Clean 5, 3, 3, 2, 1
NOTE: Log loads accomplished – should look something like this. 225,235,245,255,265. These reps shouldn’t be touch and go – you should drop each time, resting no more than 10 seconds in between reps. Look to really improve upon your technique.
C. In 12 Minutes:
Row 2k + Max Pull Ups with remainder of time left
NOTE: So you row a 2k, and then with the remaining time up till 12 minutes you do as many kipp pull ups as possible. So if you finish the row in 8 minutes – you have four minutes to get as many pull ups as you can. Log how many pull ups you get.
D. Thinking Out Loud “The WAR Experience”

This WAR program is all about creating unique experiences through being active. What I mean by this is creating experiences that are unique to your current character and routine. The only way you’ll change through this WAR lifestyle is by thinking outside the box, and by doing things that you wouldn’t normally do; this helps you to grow in a different direction. This helps you to get high a new way. The people who aren’t participating in these remote experiences really aren’t grasping the concept of the WAR lifestyle. I’m promoting a LIFESTYLE. I’ll say it again “I’m promoting a LIFESTYLE. I’ll say it again “I’m Promoting a LIFESTYLE” which we call the WAR lifestyle. These weekend experiences are to help you see life from a different angle; their goal is to get you to experience nature, fitness and spirituality all in one setting; essentially uniting mind, body and spirit. If I program a remote run, make time in your day and go do it. Be proactive in your thinking regarding this WAR Lifestyle. Look for the ultimate WAR experience.

Outside the box thinking is what keeps people motivated. Outside the box thinking leads to creativity. Outside the box thinking is what leads people to change. Outside the box thinking helps people grow in a different direction. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Don’t be afraid to be weird. Look for the WAR experience in everything. That’s all I’ve got – thanks.

Gym Experience


A. Ring Plank Holds on 1 min. off 1 min. X 5
NOTE: Every 15 seconds perform 5 ring push ups, then totaling 20 ring push ups. Scale push ups as necessary (2-3 reps per 15 seconds). Try be better than last week.
B. 3 Back Squat; rest 2 minutes X 5
NOTE: Back squats sets should be done 5 work sets across with a load that is based on 90% effort or 3RM. If you are a beginner, your 90% will be light. If you are advanced to intermediate you should already understand where your 90% is -based on your 3RM (which we did last Friday).
C. Perform 10 reps down to 1 rep for time of:
Push Jerk + KBS
NOTE: Max load is 135 on the push jerk and 70/55/35 on the KBS. If you don’t have the push jerk, do the push press- obviously with a lighter load. Log time completed.


D. Read “Relationship Between Being Diligent and Relapse”

Relationship Between Being Diligent and Relapse

Relationship Between Being Diligent and Relapse

We’ve been doing good, we’ve been doing good, we’ve been doing good, and then for one split second we let our guard down and have a slip up. What does this mean? Does this mean that we are now doing badly, and all hope is lost? Does this mean that we quit altogether because the WAR is just too hard? Of course this is true right? The Dragon will tell us so because he’s a deceiver. He’ll play both roles in which he’ll tell us that it’s okay to do it just this one time, and then once we do it He reverses roles and plays the other side, now telling us that we are a loser and that we are hopeless, stripping us of our confidence and self esteem. He causes us to feel regret, and makes us think we are not worthy to have spirituality in our lives. He tells us that we shouldn’t pray, because God is mad at us for our poor decision. He tells us that we shouldn’t look to help others anymore because we are not worthy to be charitable and of service to our fellow man and woman. Then He switches roles again telling us that since we’ve already partaken of the substance, we’d might as well do it again; because we can feel better if we do it again – right?

This could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is that the Dragon is a liar, and does not have our best interests in mind. He wants us to fail, and be miserable, so he whispers deceit into our minds from all angles, essentially playing both sides.

When we have these slip ups, now is the time where we need prayer the most. We should be praying, asking and even pleading for help, believing that we will receive this help; we need to have faith. We have to get back on our foundational routine by diligently putting the infrastructure back together- making it strong once again. We can’t let the Dragon tell us that we are worthless because of this slip up. We have to remember how good we’ve been doing, and realize that this is just a hiccup, and that we can be strong again if we diligently seek after the path we know to be right. We cannot quit, and fall off completely; this doesn’t need to happen, nor will it happen if we are diligent in our pursuit to get back on track.

In order to find peace and happiness in this life, we not only have to be diligent in our efforts, but we have to think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to be unordinary, or even weird in the world’s eyes. Some people find happiness easier than others. For those of us who struggle being happy, an unordinary routine and lifestyle is a must, for we have to find healthy, positive ways to stay enlightened and happy. We have to think on a different level. We have to find a new way to get there without taking our mind and body out of reality. We have to find new, healthy, natural ways to get high. 


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Weekend Experience

 Tracks are a Good Environment 

A. At a track sprint the straightaways, jog/walk the turns for a total of 5 laps. The straightaway needs to be a sprint, then slowing down on the turns, then jogging, then walking. 

NOTE: Go hard on the sprint.


B. For 10 minutes- work on walking on your hands on the football field grass. 

NOTE: Have fun with this. 


C. On the Football Field-from one end-zone to the other perform:

5 Fast Burpees + Sprint to the other end-zone; rest 1 minute X 5

NOTE: Burpees should be aggressive and fast, and so should the sprint. 


D. Sit in some shade and get lost in your thoughts. Think about all of the things you are grateful for in your life. Can you see how by having gratitude, and by being thankful that we can actually be protected? When we are thankful for the simple things, then we are in a good state of mind, almost protected from our addictions. Think about this concept as you ponder the days workout and experience in the shade at the track. Have a good weekend, and as always work on your spiritual self. 

Gym Experience

The Ability

A. 50 HSPU for time
NOTE: Advanced do elevated. If you can’t do handstand pushups, then do handstand holds, where your goal will be to get comfortable upside down, and also to build strength. Work on this for 10 minutes, all others do 50 HSPU for time.
B. Find your 3RM in the back squat – Low Bar
NOTE: Let’s see where you are at. Your range of motion needs to be there in order to obtain a true 3RM. (Log this, since Mondays back squat load will be determined by it.) If you are a beginner, and your technique isn’t there, then finding your 3RM doesn’t hold true for you. You just need to find a 3RM based on your skill and technique level. Don’t try and go heavy if you don’t know what you are doing.
C. For time complete 3 Rounds of:
Run 400 Meters + 21 KBS (70,55, 35) + 12 Pull Ups
NOTE: This is a tester, so log this one. KBS need to clear your ear for advanced. Beginner – just do Russian KBS, or eye level.


D. Yesterdays WAR Concept comment by Alex Stracener. Thanks Alex – this is good stuff. 

I think a disease like Cancer and a disease like Addiction are very similar…  They both have the ability to change the chemistry of the human body, they both can slowly eat away at you until there’s nothing left and if untreated, both can have a deadly outcome even if you’re doing everything in your power to be “healthy”.  I also believe they’re the same in that both can go into remission, however, it will vary from person to person… what I mean by that is, there’s no book you can read and there’s no step by step process you can take to guarantee success… these diseases attack each person in a similar, but very different way, so I think you’ve gotta work your ass off and get a little bit lucky to win the WAR!  I also think that keeping a positive state of mind is imperative to success in either of these cases…  If you think you’re sick and have no hopes of winning whatever battle it is you’re fighting, then there’s no point in even trying!  Unlike Cancer where you can actually be rid of it completely, unfortunately i don’t believe you can ever really be cured from the disease of addiction.  Like I said before, you can work your ass off and be clean for years and years and years, but if you ever decide to let up on your recovery or if you have a “bad” moment that you’re not prepared for or whatever it is, you can slip back into active addiction in an instant!  In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got 1 day clean or 20 years clean, depending on the circumstances and the situation, you’re just as close to falling back to the bottom as the next person!  As bad and pessimistic as that sounds, I genuinely believe that to be true, because I’ve seen people with 25 years relapse over something as simple as running into an old using friend. 

Thanks Hawk for all that you do!  I continue to strive to be a better, healthier, more productive person in large part to you and your program!  Keep up the good work!

Alex Stracener


Remote Experience

Swim in a Lake

A. Go to a lake and perform AMRoundsAP in 15 minutes of:

Swim 50 Meters + 10 Burpees…

NOTE: Be smart, if you aren’t in enough shape to do this, just go swimming, and practice swimming. 

Be creative. Swim whatever way you know how. If you absolutely can’t make it to a lake, go to a pool. Don’t be afraid to be unique. Get out of your comfort zone and go make this experience happen. If you go to a lake, guesstimate 25 meters out, and then swim 25 meters back – and then perform 10 burpees on the beach.

These remote experiences are to help you change paths by getting you to experience recreation outside of your comfort zone. In order to change paths you need to create experiences for yourself; you need to get out of your comfort zone – this is how you change. Look to live in the moment, and also utilize prayer. When the experience is over then think about all of the things you are thankful for and say a prayer of thanksgiving.

The ideal experience would be to perform this at a lake around the 7:30-8 pm hour, since this time of night in the summer is truly magical. If you are swimming in a lake, please do so in a safe area that is free from boats. Please remain humble and spiritual during the experience. Please send me pictures and notes concerning your experience: [email protected] 


B. Click to Read “The Scene, Anxiety, & Loss of Confidence”

What are your thoughts on this article. Do you agree? Do disagree? Write about it; email me about it: [email protected]; or post about it to comments. If you are going to post to comments you have to sign in. Thanks.

The Scene, Anxiety, & Loss of Confidence

The Scene, Anxiety, & Loss of Confidence

Dustin Hawkins

When one gets caught up in the scene for years upon years a certain anxiety and loss of confidence starts to form. Thursday night you go out and get belligerent; Friday night you go out and get belligerent; Saturday night you go out and get belligerent; and then Sunday rolls around, and as you recollect the weekends past events, conversations, and even drunkenness, you then wonder what it was that you said, or what it was that you did. You wonder if you acted stupid, and if you did act stupid, you become self-conscious of how you acted, then feeling regretful, and even embarrassed.

For weeks, months, and even years this could go on, which then slowly leads to a loss of confidence, and a self conscious character. Now the picture of yourself in your mind is not a good picture, but is a picture of embarrassment and shame, where now having confidence in yourself is a thing of the past. You may be confident during that first initial lift, but then it’s all down hill from there, then leading to depressive thinking.

How we perceive ourselves is important, since it is through our self-perception that confidence stems from. If we are lost in the scene for a long period of time, then more than likely we will be lost in poor thinking and talking concerning ourselves. Gestures like: “Why did I do that last night, I’m such a loser. Was I acting like an idiot? Was I to overbearing and weird”?

If we do this often enough, where we talk to ourselves in this way, or think about ourselves in this fashion, we then start believing that we are nothing more than a belligerent drunk who has nothing more to offer than just that.

The fact of the matter is- is that prolonged time spent in the scene will steal your confidence. You have to be able to see yourself in a positive way if you want to be a positive confident person. You may see yourself in a positive way when you get that first lift, but what matters most is how you see yourself when you’re not lifted, or when you are clear. Everything is false in the mind when you get belligerent; it’s false thinking. If you don’t ever get some adequate time of clarity under your belt, or time away from the scene, then you’ll never really come to know what your true thoughts and way of thinking are. For instance, if you have gone in the pattern of drinking and partying for three nights a week- hard, for a long period of time, those four days of clarity almost end up becoming recovery days for the mind, where it’s trying make it’s way back on track, but fails to ever do so since four days is not enough time, and Thursdays right around the corner. Then Thursday hits, and the cycle repeats itself. Most people caught in this pattern also rarely keep it to only three nights a week, but about every other week they sprinkle in a night of drinking on a Monday night as well, or even a Sunday afternoon, which just becomes an extension of Saturday night.

There becomes no movement for many in this particular lifestyle. If one goes at it long enough they will eventually get a prescription for Xanax, which then becomes another problem in itself. The times that they do not drink are almost unbearable in which they now have self induced anxiety and depression -so they need a Xanax to help them float past the down days – so that the party days can come sooner. Now they have convinced themselves that they cannot sleep at night, so Nyquil and Xanax have become common characters within their habitual routine.

Now the once so popular high-school athlete is now twenty-six years old, working thirty hours a week at a kiosk in the mall, and has no further education than High school, and is now content with living pay check to paycheck- only to feed his drinking and partying habit. It’s the collect a paycheck on Friday- so that you can pretend to live large on the weekend mentality.

This is a very hard cycle to get out of, but if people could only see that life is but a glimpse, where time floats by with a quickness, then maybe they would come to realize the importance of seeking after their full human potential; which is a potential that can only be obtained through living an obedient life through a clear lens. Yes there are those select few who seem to balance the scene in their life; but can you imagine what these select few would be capable of had they spent all their time clear, free from all addictive substances?

Another aspect of getting lost in the scene is that it often brings the possibility of remaining alone. You’ll always have your buddies or girlfriends of course, but what I’m speaking of is the creation of a family, with a wife and kids. The older an individual gets, and the longer they go on in the scene, the smaller the chance becomes at them finding someone. Now this is not entirely true for everybody, and I realize that there are plenty of people out there who have no problem with the scene, in which they too are getting older -and still aren’t engaged in a family unit; however, it’s safe to say that the scene won’t allow stability to occur for many, since it’s a selfish way of life, and for any relationship to stand, an act of unselfishness has to take form or the foundation of the relationship gets built upon a pile of sand -instead of rock.

The scene also creates one night stands, then making it hard for any real connection to form, since alcohol created the loss of inhibition between the two consenting adults, where their motives were driven only by alcohol; therefore, no real and solid communication was ever developed, which in turn led to no real relationship ever being developed, then making it hard for them to work towards something that is lasting and real since there was no real personalities associated within the experience anyway. 

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