Gym Experience

Be Unique

A. 3-4 Push Press; rest 30 seconds + AMRAP reverse grip strict pull ups; rest 2 minutes.
     NOTE: Advanced do heavy weighted for 2-5 reps. Push press should be heavier than last time. Check your notes.


B. 3 TnG Power Clean on the minute for 10 minutes – Moderate load.


C. 6 CTB Pull Ups + 6 Ring Dips on the minute for 10 minutes.
     NOTE: Advanced do 3 Muscle Ups on the minute for 10 minutes.


D. Click to Read “Thinking Out Loud – WAR Motivation”

Thinking Out Loud: WAR Motivation

Feeling Blue

Thinking Out Loud – WAR Motivation

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation lately. What keeps us motivated to continue on in living this WAR Lifestyle? Why should we be diligent and strict in the way that we eat? Why should we put nothing but healthy substances into our body? Why should we be active physically, mentally and spiritually? Why should we push ourselves to new limits in the gym? And most importantly, why should we stay clear day in and day out? What is the motivation behind all of this? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I have yet to come to one perfect conclusion or understanding. All I know is that we as human beings are in search of something beyond ourselves. We are in search of a different understanding of life, and of how we can find success, peace and happiness in this world. So if this is the case, how do we do it? How do we keep motivated in our effort to find peace, happiness and success? How do we stay motivated in living this WAR Lifestyle?

Let’s be honest, the WAR Lifestyle is a challenging lifestyle to live at times. What I’ve come to find is that yes, it is challenging, but what’s the alternative? Is the alternative to be unhealthy, unhappy, and average, or even below average? This WAR Lifestyle is so incredible because through it we have the opportunity to lead an elite way of life. A life that is different from the majority of the people we surround ourselves with in that we are actively involved in a more disciplined and somewhat challenging life because of this higher level of standard and commitment we chose abide by.

I have found that there are absolutely no short cuts in life, and in order to find happiness we have to be willing to search it out. In order to find peace we have to gain an understanding of ourselves, and become humbled and less prideful. And in order to find success we have to be willing to go above and beyond even our own expectations at times. We have to be willing to put off the ways of the world in order to lead this exceptional, healthy, elite way of life. Yes, it is tough and challenging, but if it were easy everyone would be doing it, therefore we wouldn’t have the opportunity to be DIFFERENT.

What keeps people motivated is the ability to see and feel change; it’s the recognition of how good their life is now going, and that they are different and better in their ways, which then leads them to not want to go back to their old way of life. They have now found a new way to get where they want to go; they have found a higher, more extensive and intelligent way of thinking. Their mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, which then leads to an incredible balance in their lives. This balance, in my humble opinion, is what keeps people motivated to continue on in their search for happiness. This balance is what drives us to live the WAR Lifestyle.


Gym Experience

Watch Olympic Weightlifting

A. Ring Pank Holds, on 1 minute, off 1 minute X 5

B. 7 Minute Double Under AMRAP

C. 150 Wall Balls for time – 10 ft mark (20,14)

NOTE: Log total AMRAP Reps + Wall ball time

Weekend Experience


A. At a track Perform four 60 yards sprints @ 90%; rest 90 seconds


B. Find a wall at the track, or even a tree, and perform 50 Hand Stand Push Ups for time


C. Perform four 60 yard sprints @ 90%; rest 90 seconds


D. Practice walking on your hands for 10 minutes


E. This weekend I want you to start reading a new book. The book needs to be uplifting and a self help type of book: Spiritual book, Inspirational book, Positive thinking book, Meditation book, Etc. It is important to try and read this book in a quite relaxing environment. Goal is to read at least 75 pages over the weekend.


Good Reads – Pick One 

(Sorry for the unorganized look – I couldn’t get it to work for me)












Gym Experience

Support Each Other

A. 2-3 Front Squat; rest 20 seconds + 20 UB Pullups X 5.
B. For time compete 5 rounds of:
15 Burpees + 100yd Hill sprint + 15 Air Squats
NOTE: You do the burpees at the base of the hill and the air squats at the top of the hill- then run down.


C. Click to Read “I saw IT

I Saw IT

I Saw IT

Dustin Hawkins

It’s interesting when you analyze a long period of clarity, and what it does to the way you perceive yourself, and even life. You come to realize the peace that accompanies the experience of prolonged clarity. You start recognizing, and seeing glimpses of a different person being formed. I really can’t fully describe what I’m trying to get across to you all, but as of lately, in my own life, I have recognized the benefits clarity has to offer. I’m really starting to get my mind around what has to happen to live a happy life full of nothing but clarity.

Prolonged clarity opens you up to a more heightened state of mind where you are more receptive to all that surrounds you. Of course struggles and stresses are still hard, but you learn to rely on something other than yourself during these times, meaning a belief in something greater than us; things that we often times can’t even comprehend or see. A belief in a higher power that guides and strengthens us as we continue to seek IT and improve ourselves; and by working on our relationship with that higher power; and coming to realize that just as with any relationship, it has to be worked on diligently.

There is something that slowly guides and strengthens us as we seek an obedient life. There is something that whispers into our minds, and leads us on an upward journey as we continue to make correct choices. This hidden guidance is not immediate; it’s a slow going, active living breathing thing in our lives if we allow it to be. Some people will never fully come to recognize, nor understand the forces that lay behind the scenes of life, only because these forces cannot be seen, therefore they don’t believe that they really exist. This hidden guidance comes from having faith, and only works if you seek to understand IT. This hidden guidance comes as we continue to seek an obedient life full of charitable acts, which only then will we be able to fully comprehend the hidden hand that has been nudging and guiding us the entire time. Only then will we be able to see clearly what IT truly was that helped us to change.

Some people might ask what an obedient life might entail. In my humble opinion, living an obedient life is different for everybody. For me it’s clarity in mind, body, and spirit. It’s balancing spirituality, work, hobbies, and my family life. It’s keeping my mind enlightened to the good things of this world, such as: God, family, healthy relationships, and being a charitable person- are just to name a few. Obedience is a series of correct choices. Correct choices lead to a correct and progressive life. If you or I live a life full of charitable acts coupled with correct choices, good things can only come, we just have to have faith and believe that we have help as long as we continue to actively seek IT through obedience. Life’s a trip when you think about it. It almost seems surreal at times. The longer I go leading this clear life I start to recognize the innocent child in myself. I start having glimpses and thoughts similar to those when I was young. I seem to be able to remember my past more clearly, and the peace that I once felt before depression and addiction creeped into my life. I’m starting to really believe that we can get our life back; and that we can become as an innocent child again, free from addiction, depression, and self doubt; we can be healed.

Gym Experience

Look for it

A. 3-4 Push Press; rest 3 minutes X 5
B. 7 hang Power Clean + 5 push jerk; rest 2 minutes X 3
C. 150 KB Snatch for time (70,55,35)


D. Click to read “Being a Humble Person”

NOTE: Challenge yourself on all loads – both A & B. Go hard on C. Log loads and time. Thanks.

Being A humble Person

Being a Humble Person

Thank Others

Make sure you take every opportunity you have to thank others for what they do and what they help you with. People don’t accomplish anything on their own and it always takes help from others. Thank them for this help. Whether it’s your boss, spouse, friends, or stranger, thank others for whatever you can. Being humble in other’s eyes means you don’t claim your own accomplishments, and instead, thank others for how they helped, what they did, how they en- couraged or supported you, etc. There are always things to thank others for. Find someone each day and thank them for something. That said, I want to thank each of YOU for reading and supporting this site, it wouldn’t exist without you!

Redirect Praise

Redirecting praise is useful to be more humble and modest. If you don’t accept praise outright and instead, redirect it to others who helped you, trained you or even allowed you to do something, you pass on that praise to others without taking the credit directly. Accepting praise doesn’t really make a person less humble, but down playing your signifi- cance or importance on something certainly makes you more humble. Knowing and sharing the fact that you were not the reason for some accomplishment goes a long ways in the eyes of others. This is especially important in work groups and it drastically reduces the risk of anyone thinking you take all the credit. If you deflect or redirect all praise and credit given you to others involved and truly believe the fact that you weren’t that significant, you further develop a humble attitude.

You Don’t Have to Be Right

A humble person never tries to out do someone else and make themselves look better or smarter. This includes having to be right. When you try to prove you are right, or even when you say something simple like “I know”, you are show- ing dominance over the other person. Instead of wanting to be right, even if you know something already, simple say, “Interesting, thanks for that.” A humble person knows only one thing, that they are NOT always right! If you have an idea to present or a solution to offer, don’t try to convince others that its the right solution. Say something like, “I have an suggestion, although I’m not sure its the right thing to do, since I’m often wrong, which is to [blah blah]…” Make an effort to being humble using these types of suggestions so you don’t come across to others as always having to be right.

It Wasn’t You Who Got You Here

People are constantly striving for success and they often feel very proud of themselves for getting to where they are at. Humble people are not proud and know that they didn’t get themselves here. They know that others helped them, encouraged them and assisted them to get to where they are now. If you recognize this and always see how others help you out, you can be more humble by sharing that fact and not taking credit yourself. This is similar to the first one on the list, where its important to thank others.

Dont Be First

First is not necessarily a bad thing, however being first can come across as competitive, self promoting or demoting of others. None of those things are common for a humble person. In a group or workplace, if you don’t be first to speak, participate or get involved, you give others a chance to be first. This can be very humbling for several reasons. You may see that others have better or smarter ideas than you had in the first place, you’re not the only one capable of the task or message and that you aren’t necessarily needed as much as you would like to think you are. These are very humbling realizations so if want to learn to be more humble, next time you have a chance to be first, don’t!

Appreciate Everything

So many things around us are not our doing, we often forget to see our own insignificance since we get so focused on our own lives and accomplishments. Well to be humble, its importance to recognize and appreciate all the wonderful things around us. Appreciate the place you live, the health, wealth and happiness you experience or have opportunity for. Appreciating things adds greatly to a person’s humility and knowing that we have so much to be thankful for builds on many of the other items in this list. Look around in nature and at the beauty of life sometime and just take it in for a few moments. Think of the world and the awesome creation that God has provided you, and its impossible NOT to be humbled. Show this appreciation in your life and spirit and it will certainly help you be more humble.


Remote Experience

Experience Lake Swimming

A. Go to a lake and perform AMRoundsAP in 15 minutes of:

Swim 50 Meters + 10 Burpees…

Be creative. Swim whatever way you know how. If you absolutely can’t make it to a lake, go to a pool. Don’t be afraid to be unique. Get out of your comfort zone and go make this experience happen. If you go to a lake, guesstimate 25 meters out, and then swim 25 meters back – and then perform 10 burpees on the beach.

These remote experiences are to help you change paths by getting you to experience recreation outside of your comfort zone. In order to change paths you need to create experiences for yourself; you need to get out of your comfort zone – this is how you change. Look to live in the moment, and also utilize prayer. When the experience is over then think about all of the things you are thankful for and say a prayer of thanksgiving.

The ideal experience would be to perform this at a lake around the 7:30-8 pm hour, since this time of night in the summer is truly magical. If you are swimming in a lake, please do so in a safe area that is free from boats. Please remain humble and spiritual during the experience. Please send me pictures and notes concerning your experience: [email protected] 


B. Write about what you think it means to be a humble person? Are you a humble person? 


C. Find a scripture that talks about humility and being humble, and then write about it, and even ponder it. Email me what scripture you found. [email protected]

Gym Experience

Pioneer Day

A. Perform 3 Rounds for time:

10 Tire Flips + 30 Wall Balls + 40 Pull Ups + Run 800 meters

NOTE: Run the 800 meters in hills if at all possible.