The Itch

The Itch

Oh man, I wanna do something tonight. I’ve gotta do something tonight. I feel like I can endure no longer.  I just wanna escape reality for a time and cut loose. What can I do? Should I smoke some Pot? If I smoke some Pot it won’t be that hard on me; Pot won’t drive my spirituality away. It won’t be as hard on me as taking a few percocets would; oh, but wait, should I take a few Percocets? Oh man, a few Percocets would be perfect for tonight; then I could just chill, hang out with my wife and kids, and just relax, not having to think about anything. I don’t know though. How would I get the Percocets? I guess I could make a few calls, but it’s been so long I don’t really know anyone anymore. I could pretend like I hurt my back and see if I could stir some up that way, but I don’t wanna lie and be dishonest. Maybe I could fake like my back went out and then call my sister who just had a baby; I know she’s got some Percocets. Maybe that would work, but then again that would be dishonest and I don’t want to be dishonest. I wonder if my grandparents have any Percocets? Wait, I can’t call grandparents and ask them for Percocets, that’s ridiculous, just stop thinking about the damn Percocets. Maybe I should just smoke some pot. If I just smoked some pot I wouldn’t have to lie; however Pots not as fun as the percocets. Pot gives me anxiety in a unique way, and I’m not even sure that I wanna go there, and plus I’ll have to go through the time consuming run around. Maybe I should just drink. Maybe I’ll plan a dinner date with the wife and have a few Long Islands with dinner. Yeah that sounds good, but what’s my wife going to think when I order a few drinks with dinner? She knows how hard I have to work to live a clear life; is she going freak out, and get mad?

Who knows what I should do. Why can’t I just keep feeling at peace like I have been? Why is it that when I start feeling good, then is the time my peace seems to be stolen? I don’t really want take any of these substances because I know they will rip my peace away even further, making it so I have to fight a vigorous WAR to get back on track. Maybe I’ll go on a long jog, and I’ll make my decision after. Man I hope I can control this itch of mine. I’ve been doing so good, and I don’t want the monotonous relapse cycle to come again. Maybe I’ll go on a jog and take my scriptures with me, where I’ll read, meditate, and pray after the jog. Hopefully this will calm the itch, and my spiritual peace will return. Oh how I hope this is what happens…

Stay tuned….


Gym Experience

The Active Lifestyle

A. 10 minutes of Snatch Practice
B. Back Squat 10 Reps X 2; rest 2 minutes (Heavier than last week)
5 Sets of:
4 TnG Squat Snatch (115,95,65)
10 Pull Ups
4 TnG Squat Snatch (115,95,65)
10 Pull Ups
    Rest 3 Minutes

GYM NOTE: Log BS Load. Log 5 interval times. Go hard.

The Searcher

The Searcher

You are constantly looking for ways to find happiness, and for whatever reason happiness doesn’t seem to come easy to you anymore.  You have been to doctors, psychologists, and social workers, all of which have tried to medicate you time and time again, but for some reason you have never felt right about getting on depression medications.

You have already had your fair share of struggles with the substances of this world, and they are what seemed to cause this depression to happen in the first place, so your thinking is: “why do I need to take another happy pill? -It was the happy pills that made this depression creep into my mind in the first place.” You just want to feel normal again; like you used to feel when you were a kid, before the Dragons substances came into your life.

You have come to find that exercise helps, especially when you challenge yourself at a high intensity. You have become a searcher of places to escape into exercise. You have come to love places of solitude, where you have become creative in your approach to finding happiness through exercising in remote locations. You make all physical activity into an experience, and as of lately you have started tying spirituality into exercise, where during exercise you work to get your mind on a more meditative spiritual path; a path of prayer, thankfulness and gratitude. You’ve even decided to take it a little further by preparing a pack loaded with proper nutrition, water, and your book of power. You now travel to places of remote solitude, where you work on harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit through intense hiking, running, prayer, and reading. Your natural endorphins have been lifted from the exercise, making the prayer and reading more powerful and real. You feel like after the intense exercise your mind is young and innocent once again. You feel like exercise puts your mind back on track; therefore, making it easier to retain spiritual insight when reading and studying about the invisible hand. You feel like you understand all things better after exercise, in which your mood seems to be lifted, and your spirits even heightened, making it easy to feel the warmth of spirituality. 

You have now found that all it really takes for you to overcome your depressive thinking is to search for alternate ways to be happy. You have become a searcher, one that is now willing to think outside the box in their approach to finding happiness. You are now not afraid to be unique in your efforts; and are now confident in this new method of getting lifted. You are so thankful for your decision to not take the depression medication, for the depression medication would have only made you numb to the beauties of this world; even numb to the beauties you are now experiencing from becoming an intense searcher of greatness, which is what it took for you to eventually find happiness. It wasn’t in the pill or medication form; it was through searching diligently for a new way to be happy.

Now when you are doing yard work, you make the work into an experience where you stop periodically to meditate and ponder life. You stop often and listen, never being in a hurry because the yard work is looked upon as an experience, not a hurried project. You stop and read your scriptures for twenty minutes out in the yard, so you can continue to fuel your mind with powerful concepts and insights, before moving ahead and finalizing your work.

You are constantly looking for opportunities to serve others. You have found that that through serving others you get a natural high that is indescribable. You love the way it makes you feel, and the balanced high it gives you. You have developed a sincere need and want to always be of assistance to others, because you have found great comfort when you do so. You have found that through helping and assisting others your character improves, allowing you to feel better and even more confident in yourself, which is rewarding and comforting.

Now when depression strikes your mind, you know exactly what to do; you actually embrace its effects now, and become a searcher even further. You become a searcher of truth and understanding. You become an avid studier, and then you write about what you studied, where you roll with the impressions that flow into your mind with a freedom of hand. This type of searching and study seems to be great for rainy days, and very depressing days; days when there seems to be no hope.

This determination to find happiness without running to a mind-altering substance has opened your eyes, helping you to see life’s beautiful characteristics. You now notice the powerful work-taking place behind the scenes of life, and are further determined to remain on this clear path, for the knowledge you’ve obtained is now a great responsibility. You see now that your struggle to find happiness is in fact a spiritual disease, and that your only way of overcoming this disease is through the gifts of the Invisible Hand. His gifts are the gifts that take work and effort; gifts such as: exercise, nutrition, reading, studying, meditating, and praying. The Invisible Hands gifts are not the gifts that are easily taken, for those easy gifts are the Dragons gifts. The Dragons gifts are the escape gifts; the gifts that provide the easy way out; the gifts that lead to His dark hole.


Gym Experience

Tent City

A1. 45 second Ring Plank Holds
    Rest 15 seconds
A2. 45 seconds of AB Mat Sit Ups
    Rest 15 seconds X 3
      +Rest Exactly 2 Minutes
B. 15 KBS + 5 Burpees
    Rest 1 Minute X 5
C1. Front Squat 3 Reps X 5
C2. Pull Ups 20,15, or 10 Reps X 5
    Rest 2-3 Minutes
Run 1 Mile

Gym Experience

The Heavens

A. 1 Hang Power Clean+1 Hang Squat Clean+1 Push Jerk X 4. (75% of 1 RM Clean)
B1. 5 TnG Dead Lifts
     Rest 60 sec
B2. AMrepsAP of Strict Pull ups + Kipp Pull ups
      Rest 60 sec X 3
40,30,20 Reps/Calories For Time of:
Double Unders
Box Jumps (20 inch)

GYM NOTE: A &B1-Log load used. B2-Log Strict Reps + Kipp PU. Log metcon time. 

Remote Experience

Art of Swimming

A. Go to a pool and perform AMRoundsAP in 15 minutes of:

Swim 1 lap (there and back would be one lap)

10 burpees


B. Write about what you think it means to be a humble person? Are you a humble person? 


C. Find a scripture that talks about humility and being humble, and then write about it, and even ponder it. Email me what scripture you found. [email protected]

Doing Them Anyway

 Doing Them anyway

No one wants to go to work for eight hours a day – five to six days a week, but unfortunately this is the life that we have to live. Life takes work. Life is competitive, and often times uncomfortable. The secret to life is to learn to do the things that we don’t feel like doing; things that we may even dread doing, and then do them anyway, regardless of how bad we don’t want to do them. Even if you don’t feel like going to work one day, go anyway, and be good at it. Even if you don’t feel like going to the gym at night, go anyway, and be good at it. Even if you don’t feel like sitting home on the weekends and doing the right things with your family, do it anyway, and be good at it.

We all have responsibilities in life; responsibilities that aren’t always fun, but we must do them anyway, and we must do them through a clear lens. Just because we dread doing something doesn’t mean we need to look for a way to escape. We need to do these things with patience, confidence, and poise – never allowing ourselves to lose our composure. We need to be strong in mind, and seek the assistance of the Invisible Hand, for He will lift our burdens, making all things possible.

The clear way is the best way, for it’s the only way to reach your full human potential. Don’t always look to take the edge off and escape. Be a man, keep your composure through challenging times, and make a difference not only in your own life, but in the lives of those who surround you as well.



Gym Experience

Blue Mood

A. Back Squat 10 Reps X 2; rest 1 minute
B. 5 Hill Sprints-100 yards; rest walk down
21,15,9 reps for time of:
Wall Balls

GYM NOTE: Log Back Squat load, stick to the 1 minute rest in between using the same weight. 

Gym Experience

Early to Rise

5 sets of:
Row 200 Meters
4 Hang Power Clean (205,185,155)
    Rest 30 seconds
    +rest 5 minutes
3 Rounds For Time of:
10 KB Snatch -5each arm (70,55,35)
20 Pull Ups (advanced UB)
10 KB Snatch -5each arm (70,55,35)

GYM NOTE: Stick to the exact rest times. Log your row splits & Metcon Time…

Weekend Experience

Experience In Everything

A. Go on a 45 – 60 minute Hike. Make this into an experience, and go somewhere cool. Bring your Book, and also prepare yourself with the necessary food and water so you can fuel yourself properly along the way – be prepared (wear a camel back, or some type of a pack for supplies and book). Go hard on this Hike; challenge yourself. Go at a fast constant pace. Hike to a spot of beauty and then read, pray, and meditate for 20 Minutes. After you are done reading and meditating, work your way back to your car at a fast pace. This hike should be done with an intensity, where you’re sweating and challenging yourself. Carry a constant prayer of thankfulness in your head throughout the entire journey; look to learn something about yourself, and even life. Email me pictures and comments: [email protected]


B. This weekend I want you to go out of your way and perform some type of service project, some ideas could be to: Help someone clean up their leaves, Yard Work, Help Someone Move, Donate your time, Charity, Etc. Help someone do something. The bigger the project – the better! Go out of your way to make a difference by providing service to some- one. Think Outside the Box. Make it happ’n Cap’n