Remote Experience

Experience Swimming; Find a Way

A. Find a pool near you, and perform twelve 50 meter laps, rest as needed; swim whatever way you know.


B. Pray & Self Introspect


C. Watch a feel good, inspirational movie. Everyone can think of a movie that has touched their soul; find a movie that can touch your soul, or re-watch one from the past. 


D. Write about the experience. What did you learn? Emil me what movie you rented: [email protected]

Gym Experience

Last Breath

A. Ring Plank Holds; on 1 min. Off 1 min. X 5
    +rest 2 minutes
B. Row 2k @ 80% Effort
    +rest 2 minutes
C. 25 Heavy Unbroken KBS X 3; rest 90 seconds
    +rest 2 minutes
D. 12 Burpees AFastAP X 3; rest 30 seconds

GYM NOTE: Stick to the exact tempo of the workout..Thanks

Slip Up

Slip Up

Depending on where a person’s at in their progression towards perfection, a slip up becomes different for everyone in that sense.

A slip up morally; a slip up with pills; a slip up with alcohol; a slip up with a cigarette; a slip up with caffeine; a slip up with weed; a slip up with language; a slip up with how you treat someone; a slip up with with temper loss; a slip up with laziness; a slip up with pride; a slip up with arrogance; a slip up with negativity; a slip up with being selfish.

When you slip up, there is no need to slip up again. You need to have that understanding concerning the Dragon and his constant whispering. He has been watching, and knows that you are on course to achieving greatness through this new found path that you are on, and is therefore looking for any angle possible to pull you back into his miserable world. Whatever your slip up may be, it doesn’t have to become a poor habit once again. You can stop this slip up, and proceed back on the path you know to be right.

The next day after a slip up seems to be the most challenging. The Dragon knows that this is the time when you are weakest and most vulnerable, so he does everything in his power to make this day challenging. He knows that the presence of the Invisible Hand of Help is at a distance; He feels like he can sneak in and direct your next move more fully than days of previous, where the Invisible Hands work was actively engaged in your life. Since there is opposition in all things, the Invisible Hands light cannot dwell with us at all times since we cannot be perfect at all times. Depending on the severity of the slip up, in a sense, constitutes the severity of light lost due to that slip up. There is no worse feeling than when we can’t feel the work of the Invisible Hand directing our lives, especially when for so long we were on a path of righteousness and happiness.

You cannot give up when this happens, cause it’s going to happen; it all depends on how you handle the dragons lies and whispers the following day. It all depends on how actively you seek the Invisible Hands presence to once again return into your life. It all depends on how heartbroken and determined you are to make it right by not continuing back down the Dragons path. You have to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit before the presence of the Invisible Hand will return. You have to feel remorse and sorrow for having the slip up, and then work diligently to get back on track. You have to be relentless and consistent in your pursuit, for the Invisible Hand requires it so. 

You have to pray, read, study, pray some more, and read some more. You have to go get a workout in, where you try to get you mind rolling in a positive direction, in hopes of getting it back on track. You need to get back on your nutritional routine in an effort to feel better about what you’re putting into your body. Working out, and fueling yourself properly help you to feel better about yourself, especially when you’re in this weakened state. The reading and prayer helps with your mind and spirit. Working out and nutrition simply aren’t enough; the spiritual component through reading and prayer is of the greatest importance in that it invites the presence of the Invisible Hand back into you life.

Remember, the Dragons angle this next day is going to be to persuade you to do none of the things aforementioned. He doesn’t want you to read and pray. He doesn’t want you to work out and eat healthy. All He wants you to do is to slip up again, in which he will lie to you, making you feel like there is no hope through these healthy avenues. He wants you to be lazy, and to feel sorry for yourself. He wants you to quit, and take the easy way out by falling back into his fake, and even temporary world of pleasures.

We can’t let these enticing lies of the Dragon trick us. We have to fight and claw our way out of the bottom of the hole, to once again see the light that we know to be right.

The harmony between the mind, body, and spirit is what we are seeking as we work to be rid of the slip up, hopefully forcing it to become a thing of the past. Don’t let a slip up become a habit; let it remain a slip up, and get back on the path you know to be true.


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Gym Experience

Go Hard

A. Back Squat 5 Reps X 3
    +Rest 3Minutes
4 sets of:
3 power clean & Jerk (195,135)
12 CTB Pull Ups
50 Double Unders (shoot for UB)
12 CTB Pull Ups
3 Power Clean & Jerk (195,135)
   + Rest 3 Minutes
B. Thrusters 5 Reps X 3

GYM NOTE: Log loads used on BS/Thrusters (both A&B). Novice, scale pull ups as necessary. On the 4 sets, you need to log 4 different times; log loads used as well. If you are past the novice stage and you still can’t do double unders, this tells me that you’re not working like you should at them. You’ve gotta get these, it’s important. Scale the clean and jerk as necessary, prescribed weight is 195 & 135. Stick to the tempo of the workout. Thanks

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Weekend Experience

Clear Is the only Way

A. AMRepsAP of Burpees in 7 Minutes


B. Write a letter to someone; not a text message or an email, an actual letter that you put in an envelope and either mail it, or give it to them. Make this happen; be creative in your approach to this. This could be a thank you letter or card; it could be anything. Just put some thought into, and drop someone a line. 


C. Work on your spirituality periodically over the weekend (reading, writing, prayer, self introspection,etc). Set some time aside and make it a goal to read at least 75 pages. Read something that has substance and character. Read something that is in line with spirituality. Read something that will lead you to a greater understanding. Read something that will improve you. Email me what book you’re reading [email protected]


Gym Experience

Cole – #345 3×3

Tester – For Time Complete:
30 OHS (95,65)
50 Calorie Rows
30 Toes2Bar
50 Hang Squat Cleans (95,65)
30 Supine Ring Pull Ups
50 Double Unders
30 Burpee Box Jumps (20)

GYM NOTE: Here we go. Another test both physically and mentally.

Thinking Out Loud: Pure Joy

Pure Joy

I can’t help but think that pure joy comes from starting a family of our own. The older I get, and the longer I go in progressing on this path of clarity its becoming evident that true joy comes from progressing as a husband and father. It’s the progression of learning to be the helpful man; the fix it man; the errand man; the patient man; the poised man; the principled man; the confident man; the proactive man; the real man, or the well rounded man who doesn’t let the things of this world effect him.

The personal growth and potential that comes from living a clear principled centered life is endless. I often times wonder why it is that I ever let myself get off of this wonderful path of clarity. Oh how I hope and pray that I can continue on in this path, never wavering to the left nor the right, but staying focused on the center path that I know to be right. There is no greater feeling than when pure joy strikes my heart and mind for no apparent reason – other than the clear simplicities of life.

It’s watching your little girl enjoy her tumbling class; it’s watching her learn to tie her shoe; it’s watching your little boy say new words, and laughing hysterically; its telling your kids stories at night, and then praying with them; it’s singing your little boy back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach;  it’s praying by yourself at night, asking that your family be protected, and safe from the harmful things of this world; it’s taking your kids to church, and watching them from the back of the room as they learn about God and all of his wonderful gifts.

Pure joy truly can be obtained from life’s simple intricacies, and the longer I go striving to live this clear life, I almost feel like I’m getting better at all of it. I’m getting better at living in the moment, and then appreciating that moment. I’m getting better at making everything into a positive experience, regardless of what it is that I may be involved in. I think, that is in fact, the secret,  “the experience in everything”-mentality, because lets face it, not all things are fun in our mind; however, there is an experience to be had in all things, and I really feel that if we go into everything with that “experience” frame of mind, then nothing that we will ever be involved in will be boring, because there is something beautiful in everything.


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Gym Experience


A1. Front Squat 3 reps X 3 (sets across)
A2. Ring Dips 25 reps X 3
     Rest 3-4 Minutes
3 Rounds For Time of:
3 Push Press (185Rx, 155,135/125Rx,95)
12 CTB Pull Ups
+rest 3 minutes
3 Rounds For Time:
3 Push Press  (185Rx, 155,135/125Rx,95)
12 CTB Pull Ups

GYM NOTE: Same concept as Monday. Find out where your at for 3 sets across on the front squat. Make sure you log FS, so we can look to improve upon it. Rest as needed between A couplet, and the first 3 rounds for time. As you can see we are doing repeats with a 3 minute rest upon completing the first 3 rounds for time. Log 2 separate repeat scores, as well as loads used. Thanks.

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Remote Experience

Remote Experience

A. 30 Second Hill Sprints @ 80% X 8


B. Say a prayer of thankfulness directly after the hill sprints; ask for help in overcoming you weaknesses and fears.


C. Read something powerful for 20 minutes, and then write about what you learned.


D. Search for, and listen to an inspirational song.  This could be a song of the past. Email me what song you chose, and other comments concerning the experience: [email protected]

Gym Experience

Still Searching

Tester – For Time Complete:
50 Box Jumps (24,20)
50 Jumping Pullups
50 KBS  (55,35)
50 Walking Lunges
50 K2E
50 Push Press, 45lb Bar
50 Sit Ups
50 Wallballs
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders

GYM NOTE: Let’s see where you’re at. We are looking for perfect range of motion: KB vertical, open hip on box jumps, knees2elbow not knees2arm pit, etc, etc. Challenge yourself, come prepared nutritionally…Have Fun -Thanks