The Gym Experience

High Up 

3 sets for total reps:
30 Second AMrepsAP Clean & Jerk
30 Second AMRepsAP Box Jumps (24″,20″)
30 Second AMRepsAP KBS (70,55)
30 Second AMRepsAP Burpees
    Rest 10 Minutes Actively

GYM NOTE: This is at full intensity. Rest Actively for 10 minutes; work on something you’re not good at (Hand Stand Walks, Double Unders, HSPU, Ring Dips, etc, etc. Also, make sure you read the below links:Pulling Mechanics & Nutrition Ideas. Take some time, and study these two topics out. The pulling mechanics is very informative on how to properly dead lift.

Click Here Starting Strength: Pulling Mechanics

Click Here for: Nutrition Ideas

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