What Goes Up Must Come Down

What Goes Up Must Come Down

I’m out all night, partying, drinking, smoking, laughing and enjoying myself.  I don’t want this night to ever end –  and yes, I’m so happy it’s only 10 o’clock, the night is still young. I love how I feel right now, nothing seems to matter, I can’t wait to go back outside and smoke another prime-time;  then when I go back inside I will drink some more, maybe a mixed drink, or a shot this time instead of a beer, man this is fun. After I get a little further along in my alcohol buzz I can’t wait to smoke a little weed, I love being drunk and then smoking me some weed; the laughs are insanely fun; it puts me on another level of happiness. I have a whole box of prime-times as well, I don’t usually smoke prime-times, but I love smoking them when I’m partying like this, they also bring their own unique head change to the night. Each and every time I go out to smoke one I’m enlightened further in my head; Prime-time’s are great for nights like this, they add so much more to the experience.

Oh man, it’s midnight, it’s still early I guess, I’ll shut it down around 2am.  I’ll start drinking water here in the next hour or so, maybe we should smoke weed again so I can get further enlightened. I want to go further, and feel better, for sure another primetime – and soon. Actually, I’ll go out and have another prime-time, and then rally the troops to smoke weed again, I’m sure they will all think its a good idea. Another shot sounds good also, I’m actually not that drunk; maybe another shot will make me feel even better. In fact, I’ll just go take another shot right now while I’m thinking about it.

Oh man, it’s 2am – it’s late, but not that late. I don’t do this very often, so it’s okay. At 3am I’ll start drinking water and looking for a ride home. Man I don’t want this night to end, I guess it has to end sometime. Tomorrow’s going to be rough. How am I going to get through it? Oh well, let’s just keep going, what’s done is done, I’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have a few more beers, yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do; I’ll have two more beers and then shut it down at 3am and start drinking water.

Oh man, it’s 4am, how am I going to get home? Why did I do this? Tomorrow, and even the next week are going to be rough. Why can’t I just quite doing this? I’m so tired of living this on and off lifestyle where I’m happy one minute and sad the next. What am I going to do about tomorrow? How am I going to make it through? I’m going to be so depressed and down, why can’t I just be normal? I hate drinking and partying like this, it baffles me as of to why I continue doing it. I’m never doing this again, I hate alcohol; it makes me feel horrible.

I’m so down, depressed and sick. My head is pounding like a trumpet. What can I take that will make my headache and depressive thinking go away. Oh, I know what I can take……


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Gym Experience

Leader of the Pack

A. Hang power clean 45 seconds (Pick from 135,115,95,75)
     Rest 15
   Row 45 seconds
    Rest 2 minutes X 3
B. SDLHP 45 seconds (95,75)
    Rest 15
   Box Jumps 45 seconds (24,20)
    Rest 2 minutes X 3
C. Ring Dips 45 seconds
     Rest 15
  Burpees 45 seconds
    Rest 2 minutes X 3

GYM NOTE: Upon completing 3 sets at any given station, you will move to the next.  Ex) If you are at A, you will move to B, etc. Score is total reps and Calories. Once you have been through A,B,C – you are done.

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In Order to Feel Good You've Got to Act Good

In Order to Feel Good You’ve Got to Act Good

In order to feel good, you’ve got to act good; a simple enough concept right? On a daily basis I ask people how they are doing, or I ask them how they are feeling.  Some say they are doing good, others say they are just doing okay, and many say they are struggling. As I analyze the times in my own life where I’m struggling to find peace and happiness it always ends up being one major factor that seems to be holding me back, and causing this struggle; this factor becomes the ability to act good in all facets of my life.

If we are feeling down, and struggling to find happiness, and seem to be angry and depressed all of the time maybe we should re-evaluate what what we are watching on television and the internet. If we are up all hours of the night looking at pornography we shouldn’t expect to feel good and chipper in the early morning hours when the alarm goes off should we?

Pornography puts holes in people minds, causing a darkness of personality to come forth. Pornography makes people awkward in their relationships with others because of the presence of these polluted images; images that are engrained in their mind for life, and are now constantly present in their thoughts and daily interactions with others, therefore causing their social progress to be hindered and even blocked. Pornography is a real addiction, and has become one of the Dragon’s greatest tools in ripping families apart, while at the same time slowing human development and progress.

If you want to feel good you’ve got to act good…be careful what you put into your brain; it’s our brain and way of thinking that controls how we feel about ourselves. It’s hard to feel good if your thoughts are polluted.

Now lets go into a different direction; what about language, or how we choose to speak?  Speaking harshly leads to anger issues, and a lot of times frustration; it also makes us appear uneducated in our vocabulary. It’s hard to be a spiritual person if we are using the “F” word four to five times in every sentence we speak.

I used to have a huge problem with this, and am still not perfect; however, as I continue to grow in my development as a person I’ve made it a priority to work on this flaw of mine. I’ve found that profanity drives the spirt out of my heart where I feel empty, uneducated, and even bad about myself. I’ve found that if I wanna feel good, I need to speak good.  If I’m speaking good, I’m probably thinking good.

If you want to feel good you’ve got to act good…be careful how you present yourself through speech, for it’s through speech that  impressions are made. Be cautious of what language you choose to use; language can drive peace from your heart, and darkness into your mind – causing you to feel uptight and negative concerning yourself.

To be continued….


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Gym Experience

Game of Failure

A. Build to a tough triple in the push press
    +Rest 3 Minutes
5 sets of:
5 Thrusters (155,115)
10 Pull Ups (Reverse Grip)
5 Thrusters (155,115)
10 Pull Ups (Regular Grip)
    +Rest 3 Minutes
B. 200 Double Unders For Time

GYM NOTE: Log loads and 5 different times. If you don’t have double unders work on them with singles mixed in. Thanks.

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Thinking Out Loud: Further Balance


Thinking Out Loud: Further Balance

I still find myself thinking a lot about the WAR balance, and the importance thereof.  We will never find harmony and peace in our lives if we don’t strive to become united in mind, body, and spirit. We will never fully escape the torments of our addictions if the physical, spiritual and nutritional component of this WAR program isn’t in harmony.

We get motivated when we get moving through the natural endorphins only exercise can provide us with; therefore, we feel good when we look good; we look and feel good if we eat good; if we eat good, being physically active becomes more enjoyable, in which motivation increases. Then we start thinking about the spiritual component between these forces, because after all – we as human beings have a spirit about us whether we realize it or not.

I went up to a frozen lake this morning and went snowshoeing on it. I started off walking from one side of the lake to the other.  The lake was probably ten football fields in width, and is situated right in the heart of the beautiful snow capped mountains; it was a blue bird day. Starting out I walked at an intense pace, where my blood got boiling just a little bit to get me lifted.  I got to the other – side of the lake, read for about 20 minutes, prayed, and then ran back across the lake at a high intensity. The journey in its entirety took me roughly an hour, and I did it in the early AM hours of the day.  When I got back to my Jeep I had a handful of almonds, an apple, 2 hardboiled eggs, and a bottled water; now I’m ready for the day because I’ve worked on my mind, body, and spirit.  


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Weekend Experience


A. Run Hills; Jog a little, walk a little, for 45 Minutes. While walking think about all that you are thankful for in your life; utilize prayer as well. Be creative in your approach. This could be done in highland neighborhoods, or wherever. Just be creative.


B. Memorize an uplifting scripture or quote


C.  We all have something we are thankful for – think deep about all of the things you are thankful for and then write about them, along with weekend experience. Make this happen.


D. Read today’s Thinking Out Loud: Further Balance

WAR Gym Experience


A. Build to a tough single in the Clean Grip Dead Lift
B. On the Minute for 6 Minutes perform 3 squat cleans (205,125)
C. 10-15 CTB Pullups X 5
    Rest 30 Seconds
D1. Ring Plank Holds for 45 seconds
    Rest 15 seconds
D2. Sit Ups for 45 seconds
    Rest 15 seconds X 3

GYM NOTE: On part B, beginners do power clean into front squat, however work on catching it if possible; work on flexibility and range of motion with wrists. Scale as necessary on pull ups..Log loads used & Reps accomplished. Thanks.

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Thinking Out Loud

Tilted Perspective

Thinking Out Loud:

This WAR Lifestyle can  become such an incredible way of life if you allow it to be.  I can’t help but recognize the happiness that I feel when I’m living life under the realm of the WAR Balance.  This balance that I speak of consists of the harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Picture a triangle with nutrition and physical activity on the two bottom corners, and spirituality at the top. As you progress in the WAR Lifestyle, continuing on in your nutritional, physical, and spirtitual growth, your human progress and potential will further expand
towards the tip of the triangle, where you will continue to gain an increase in learning concerning the relationship between them all.

The progress is endless, which is why this is such a beautiful concept. I’m not even close to being where I want to be, but that’s what makes this WAR Lifestyle so prestine and elite because of that very fact; the potetial is endless. You can take fitness levels to new heights, leading you to change both physically and mentally due to the mental preparation and dedication the elite gym experience requires. Such preparation as this requires early rising, proper fuel through various nutrtional concepts,  possibly going to the gym twice in one day, all while still maintaining your professional career and holding down a family.

Leading a life such as this requires balance, preparation, dedication, and discipline.  This type of individual not only performs incredibly in the gym, but in daily life as well.  This type of individual has to have balance of the mind, body, and spirit. If his mind and body aren’t properly fueled, we can’t expect him to be effective in managing such an intense schedule.  If this person’s spirit isn’t in harmony with his mind and soul, then no real balance will occur anyway, therfore we cannot expect consistency.

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Gym Experience

 The Unpaved Way

A1. Back Squat 5 Reps X 4 (90% Effort – 5 Sets across)
    Rest 10 Seconds
A2. Strip Down Weighted Push Ups – AMRepsAP (90,45,25) X 4
    Rest 3 Minutes
Complete 21,15,9 reps for time of:
Pull Ups
Ring Dips
    +rest 1 Minute
Complete 9,15,21 reps for time of:
Box Jumps

GYM NOTE: Back Squat are sets across, meaning using the same weight for all 4 sets @ 90% effort. Strip down pushups are AMRepsAP-2 reps before failure and then weight is stripped – and then the same thing goes for the next weight. If you just have a 45 on your back, then you will do as many as possible -2 with 45, and then strip the plate off and just do regular pushups until failure.  If you have 2 plates on your back you will go till -2 before failure, strip, go till -2 before failure, strip, go till failure.  Then you will rest as needed after the A’s, and then perform the rest of the workout accordingly. The complete time including the 1 minute rest is you score. Make sure you log your back squat loads. Thanks.

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