Weekend Experience

The Searcher

Part 1

Make this happen; be creative in how you choose to perform this experience; go above and beyond what you would expect out of yourself.  If you can’t get outside to do this, find a treadmill. A treadmill can be found at any local Golds or wherever. Or find an indoor facility that you can run in. Just make it happen some way…

Run 10 min @ warm up run


Run 30 sec @ 90%

Run 30 sec @ 50% x 8


Run 60 sec @ 90%

Run 60 sec @ 50% x 4


Run 90 sec @ 90%

Run 90 sec @ 50% x 2


Run 10 min cool down run/walk

Part 2

Work on your spirituality for 30 minutes. This could include prayer + reading + writing in a journal, finding solitude + uplifting music, etc. Think outside the box on this. Maybe during the cool down of the run you start working on your spirituality. Maybe you have your book and journal with you – where you sit down, read, and then capture thoughts and spiritual insight. Maybe you take a drive in to solitude where you listen to uplifting music along the way.  

Those are just some examples, but I need you to be creative in your effort. I want you to get spiritually lifted; and work on yourself for 30 minutes to an hour. I’ll say it again, be creative. Spirituality can come in many different forms.

The greatest self-improvement method is self-introspection.

The Real High

The Real High

God knows that we as human beings are creatures of habit who want to feel good. He knows that the enticings of the Dragon are in fact enticing and even desirable.

God works in mysterious ways. Gods ways are the complete opposite of the  Dragons ways in that the Dragons ways are instant and cannot last. Gods way on the other hand requires diligent work, and is not instant by any means. Gods ways are slow to develop and require endurance through life’s trials and tribulations. God tests us to see how bad we want to change, and then slowly and often unnoticeably His invisible hand guides us towards a new life; and even a new way of thinking. Gods way has the power to create lasting happiness through the simple things in life.

As I think about some of Gods greatest gifts to us I couldn’t help but think about physical activity and exercise. Because God knows that we will crave getting high, He has granted us a way to do it through being physically active. But what does being physically active require? It requires an act of doing and performing on our part. It requires us thinking outside the box, and then finding unique ways to get high through being active. Since Gods ways require work; and since being physically active is a gift from God; we can then only assume to receive the full benefits that being physically active has to offer by working it into our daily routine. We have to be creative in the way that we think about being active. Maybe your creativity leads you to sprints on a high school football field where you can feel the grass under your feet; or maybe your creativity leads you to skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking intensely. There are all kinds of ways that God has provided for us to get high naturally, and healthily; it’s up to us to take advantage of these wonderful gifts.

I get tired of people telling me that they are “just to busy to be active”. When I hear this I think of the loser mentality. Everyone has time, it’s just what you choose to do with that time that is of importance.  If you’re struggling with the fake pleasures of this world, which could range from: poor eating habits, drugs, alcohol, self induced depression, seasonal depression, laziness, self induced unhappiness; and on and on the list could go; point being is that you won’t struggle near as badly if you would just become physically active throughout your daily routine. You wouldn’t struggle near as bad if you just got out of bed early, performed some form of physical activity, and then rolled that physical activity directly into some sort of spiritual work. You see, after physical activity our mind is on track and working the way God intended it to work; therefore as mentioned before, this is His gift to us to feel enlightened, and even high. This is his way of providing us with instant gratification; but it’s a form of instant gratification that requires work and consistency on our part.


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WAR Gym Experience

 The Sport

A. 1 Power Snatch/3 OHS
   Rest 1 Minute X 3
B. OHS 6, 4, 2
    Rest 2-3 Minutes
C. 1-12 CTB Pull Up Latter for time
    Rest 1 Minute
D. 50 Burpees For Time

GYM NOTE: You will do one power snatch and then go directly in to 3 OHS. Be efficient; we are looking for an aggressive turnover on that 3rd pull under the bar. On part B we want max effort for 6,4, & 2 reps. Log your loads,as this is important for future programming. On C you will go 1 PU, 2 PU, 3PU,etc…… for time.  Part D is just like it sounds. Stick to tempo, meaning rest between A,B,C & D. Thanks

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Ten Ways to Overcome the Dragon

Ten Ways to Overcome the Dragon

I) When the thought pops into your head don’t let it travel to far. Don’t let the thought snowball out of control. Don’t let yourself be unrealistic.

II) Ask for help through fervent prayer. Prayer should continue in your head constantly, believing that you will receive help through this challenging time. You have to believe that God has your best interest in mind; and that He loves you, and wants you to succeed.

III) Search for gratitude, and look to be thankful for all that you have. When you are thankful for even the littlest of things you become a better decision maker. Being thankful will help you realize that happiness can be found in the simplest of things; and that through these simple things you can overcome the Dragons whisper because you realize that you don’t need to be entertained in all things. You realize that everything doesn’t have to be fun in the way that the Dragon would have you believe; for its through the simple things in  life that the most joy can be obtained.

IV) Think about all the progress you’ve made, and the negative affects that the substance will give way to. Think about how temporary it will be; and the depression associated with the choice to partake. Think about how deceitful the Dragon really is; and how he will take you to the top falsely, and then drop you into a dark hole.

V) Get moving! Don’t dwell! Go experience a workout. Go get your endorphins going naturally. You’d be surprised how physical fitness can get your mind back on track leaving you to think – “what was I thinking”. Exercise puts the mind back on track.  The brain works best after an intense workout.

VI) Call someone and let them know that you are struggling. This helps take the pressure off of you. If someone else knows – you are less likely to go through with it; and chances are, this person will be able to talk you out of it.

VII) Work hard on your spirituality; look to find comfort and confidence through it. This can be accomplished through reading, prayer, going to a spiritual place such as: church, the mountains, or any place that promotes peace and calmness. Nature can bring your soul closer to God; there is comfort through nature. There is comfort through hiking or walking in solitude, and actively praying and conversing with God about the struggle you are now encountering.

VIII) Search for a calming sound through music. Search for music that uplifts the soul, and heightens the mood. Search for music that will lead your thoughts back to your loving family. Search for music that will lead you back to positive memories; memories of your innocence, and even childhood. Search for music that invites God into your presence; and then look to feel His love.

IX) Endure, and wait it out- for it will end. Have the understanding that it will end, and that you will feel better soon. Don’t get down on yourself by talking to yourself in a negative way. Use positive self talk; and envision yourself as a confident person who can overcome anything. Reassure yourself of how good you’ve been doing, and that you’re not going to let the Dragon get you.

X) Win the WAR – for this is what the WAR program has been preparing you for all along. Beat and overcome the Dragon, you are prepared; now have the courage to put the WAR Lifestyle to use. You’re in control, now just make it happen.

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WAR Gym Experience

High Another Way

A. 15 knees2Elbows; rest 1 minute X 5
    +rest 2 minutes
4Sets of:
10 Left Arm KB Snatch (55,35)
10 Right Arm KB Snatch (55,35)
10 Burpee Broad Jumps
    Rest 1 Minute
      +rest 2 minutes
B. 15 Ring Dips; rest 1 minute X 5

GYM NOTE: Stick to the tempo of the workout. Intensity needs to remain high throughout.  Work on getting your knees to your elbows each and every rep even if you have to break. I’d rather see you get 15 good reps broken, than 15 bad reps unbroken. We are looking for a big broad jump on the burpee broad jumps – really look to explode. On the KB snatch you don’t need to go all the way to the floor, treat it like a KB swing.  Keep the KB close to you, don’t swing it our away from you.  At the top, push it through, this well help eliminate the flop.  Lets have a good day. Thanks.


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Boredom & Downtime

Boredom & Downtime

As I sat and watched my family this past Christmas Eve, I couldn’t help but think about the incredible joy they bring me.  Children have that peaceful innocence about them.  Children have that illuminating Christ like light; and are, in a sense, closest to God because they haven’t been tainted by the things of this world.
At times throughout my young parenthood I have gone through periods where I’ve let some of the work and anxiety that children naturally bring, affect me in how I looked upon spending my time with them. There were times when I looked at my children as a task, and often times a difficult task at that. I would be constantly looking at the clock to see how fast the time was going, and thinking to myself- “how much longer,” almost wishing the time away.
The downtimes of life are what threaten a lot of people’s peace. Downtime ties people in knots, where they scramble to find joy, even in the simplest of things.
I have come to realize that learning to deal with downtime is all apart of our learning experience in this life. Everything is not going to be fun. Things are going to be boring at times, and even lame; we have to get comfortable being bored.
It’s almost as if our minds run ahead of us; and we become caught up in thinking about future events; and the thought of those future events become dreadful in our minds because they are looked upon as being boring and not exciting at all, causing us to feel stressed and uptight for fear of not having fun.  We almost feel as if there is no excitement to be had in the simple things of life. 
When this happens, which seems to be often, we have to just roll into that future event confidently, realizing that it probably won’t be as boring as our mind had made it out to be, and that a good experience does await us if we go into it with that frame of mind – the Experience Frame of Mind.
Boredom feeds addiction; boredom causes non-contentment; boredom is the Dragons greatest tool. The Dragon knows that family life is often times slow and even boring depending on which way we look at it. The Dragon puts whispers into the mind that fuel the boredom even more- whispers like: This little family gathering could be a lot more enjoyable if you took something; if you took something you would be way more relaxed; just this one time – it’s the Holidays, you deserve it. These are all the lies of the Dragon where he’s looking to steal our integrity and cause our peace to crumble.
The Dragon wants to do nothing more than to break the human family up. He knows that if he can separate the family then he is going to win the battle. He uses drugs, pornography, and all of these various fake worldly substances to try to entice us away from our family. He uses boredom to fuel intense cravings. These intense cravings lead to the run around; the run around then leads to time away from our family, which is exactly what He wants. He wants us over at our buddies smoking weed. He wants us at the bar. He wants us out looking for pills and spending money on them. He knows that spending money will lead to financial strain on the entire family. He knows the pain he can cause by dividing the family. He knows he has a better chance at persuading children if he can separate the mother and father.
The Dragon is real; and he doesn’t want you or me to be happy.
I have just come to realize, in my own life, that boredom and downtime are what they are; and that in order for me to progress in this life I have to be capable and willing to deal with them. I have to practice being patient, slow to anger, and being humble in all that I do. I have to let myself get bored, and then practice dealing with that boredom without running to the cloud change.
Think about this: Even when we go on vacation there is downtime and boredom right? You could be so excited to go on that Hawaiian vacation that you’ve been planning for a year.  You can’t wait to go to the beach and enjoy all of the fun excursions that Hawaii has to offer. You’ve built it up in your mind, and are so excited about it. However, what about the flight to Hawaii? On this flight there is going to be some downtime right? You’re still going to have to deal with some boredom and downtime even though you’re technically on vacation. The flight to Hawaii might be lame in your mind; therefore you could look at the flight as being boring, making you think that a few drinks could help you float through it. You could think that a Valium or a few Percocet’s could really intensify this experience, making it funner and more enjoyable.
Or you could think to yourself that the flight to Hawaii is what it is; and could be looked upon as a relaxing experience where you can put some time into a good book you’ve always wanted to read.
Or you could appreciate having a good conversation with a family member who may be on the flight with you. Maybe you’re going to Hawaii with your parents, and you are now to the age where you realize that they aren’t going to live forever, so these more meaningful conversations have become important to you. On this flight you could be content with the simple things on the plane like: good conversation; the beauty of the ocean while looking out of the planes window; a good book; a good movie; a nap. You could realize that the downtime of the flight really isn’t even downtime at all, it’s just different time; it’s relaxing time where you have the opportunity to live in the moment, and experience the Hawaii bound plane ride to fullest.
Everything in life should be looked upon as an experience. If this were the case; if everything was looked upon as an experience we would have to live in the moment to get the most out of that experience right? We can’t be constantly looking past things for fear of boredom, because if we do we will then never fully come to experience anything that we are actively involved in. We have to put one foot in front of the other and look to hold on to everything that we experience, for if not, some of these experiences will pass us by, leaving us to feel regret as we recollect these times during our future years.


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The Remote Experience

 Go Find It

Run a 5k at a pace you could have a conversation at
Meditate & Pray
Study & Read a Spiritual Book of your choosing for 20 Minutes

NOTE: Make the location a place of substance that’s unique to your common routine. Do the run, meditation, prayer, and the reading all at the same remote location of your choosing. If its cold, you can do the reading in your car, or wherever.  Think outside the box and go have have a good, unique experience.

Email me pics, or even thoughts about your experience: [email protected]

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WAR Gym Experience

No Limit

A. Back Squat – 3 reps X 6
    Rest 1 minute
B. Ring Push Ups AMRepsAP x 4
    Rest 2 Minutes
C1. Row 20 Calories
    10 seconds
C2. OH  Walking Lunges (45lb) – 20 steps
    Rest 2 Minutes X 3

GYM NOTE: Tough Back Squat  per set, minimal jumps in weight; challenge yourself. Log how many reps you get per set on the Max Ring Push ups. C1 & C2 are max effort each interval set. Go hard on the row and challenge yourself.

WAR Gym Experience

Clear Again

AMRoundsAP in 20 Minutes of:
5 Pull Ups (Adv.CTB)
5 Ring Dips
5 Shoulder Press (115,95,65)
8 KBS (70,55)
5 Hill Sprints (60 yards – steady incline)

Weekend Experience

A Special Time

Weekend Experience

A. 150 Push Ups For Time

B. Think outside the box: This weekend I want you to spend time with the people you love.  I want you to pick someone that is very special to you.  This could be you’re Mom, Dad, Wife, Best Friend, etc.  Talk to them in a very personal way.  Tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them.  Ask them if they have noticed any changes about you – if so, what are they? Tell them about your WAR experience thus far; and the lifestyle it promotes.  Have a deep meaningful conversation.