Wednesday Black Session Week 2

Slow Him Down

Have a good day off; be active.  Maybe go for a light jog, or work in the yard cleaning up leaves. Be active doing something. I’m so thankful for all of your hard work and effort in trying to learn and live this WAR Lifestyle.  Keep on Keep’n on.

Tuesday Black Session Week 2

Get Past It

WAR Workout

5-7 Rounds For Time of:
5 Push Press (155,135,115,95,65)
7 Russian KBS (70,55,35)
10 Pull Ups (Adv. CTB)
    +Rest Exactly 2 Minutes
Row 1k

GYM NOTE: Score is total time including the rest and row. On the push press there is no dip under the bar- its not a push jerk. It’s a dip through the heals, hips, press, getting the weight over the heals at the top (through the window). At the beginning of class we will work on the Pull Up (Kipp Swing). We will also review the row technique & KB swing in depth.

WAR Classroom: Chet Brooks, LCSW, will be presenting on the “Stages of Change” @ 9:45am and 6:45pm – right after the workout. Make sure you study the WAR Workbook prior to coming to class so you can get the most out of his presentation. This is important – get the most out of this program. Thanks.


Worldly Substances:

When we focus all our time and efforts on the substances of this world we become selfish in our ways, and our thinking. We inherit thinking errors, which ties up our mind, causing an internal battle that often times can be unbearable. The benefits of spirituality slowly diminish, where we are then left to fend for ourselves, feeling hopeless and non confident. These worldly substances start tricking us into thinking that the only way we can be happy in this life is through their use. They make it seem like the downtimes are unbearable without them; and then we end up thinking about these worldly substances more often than not because we know that they will provide us with temporary fast relief.  This temporary fast relief, in a deceiving way, is actually a relief from the worldly substance itself, which in reality is what created this unbearable state in the first place; which then leads to the formation of the horrific relationship between addiction and depression. The worldly substances cause addiction; addiction then feeds depression; and then depression feeds the need for these worldly substances all over again, creating a viscious cycle.

The cycle that takes place from these worldly substances only brings darkness into our life and minds. The once so ever present light that used to accompany us, is now shadowed by a dark negative aura that is easily recognizable to all who surround us. We become self-conscious about everything. The next day we tell ourselves that we will not repeat the cycle, and the dragon even seems to stay out of our minds for a brief time; but just when we think we are going to make it, the dragon whispers. The worldly substance comes back into our thought process, and the remembrance becomes a powerful force in our thinking. We remember the pleasure and the pain, but for some reason the pleasure far outweighs the pain, and then impulse takes over.

How do we break the cycle of these powerful worldly substances? How do we bring the peace back into our lives? How do we quench the thirst, and get back to appreciating life as it really is? These are all valid questions, and ones that I wish there were easy answers to, but unfortunately there’s not. Addiction is tricky, and is different for everyone. For me it’s not letting my mind snowball into something I can’t control. If my mind does end up snowballing, I turn to exercise immediately, where I focus on getting lost in intense physical activity, while letting my mind wander in different directions, hoping that it will find a different path; a path that is different from the previous one; a path that can still get me high, but naturally.  This natural high that I speak of is one that exercise can provide us with; it’s a high that we don’t have to chase or come down from; it’s as real as it gets, but it takes diligent effort on our part. After exercise I turn to spirituality and prayer; and even during the exercise I start asking for help and guidance in getting me to a positive place mentally. The exercise coupled with spirituality is what transfers my thoughts on to this new path, ultimately changing, or reprogramming my thinking to that of a more sound and controlled way. I am now in control of the WAR, where before I was just a victim, soon to be casualty of the WAR.

Spirituality plays a huge role in helping us manage the substances of this world. I don’t care what anyone says, these substances are so powerful that we need help to control this strong poison that tempts and threatens us; and this help can only come from God. During our most intense cravings, where a bad decision is about to be made, only He can calm us down, and help us to feel at peace again. This is not to say that it doesn’t come through diligent and heartfelt effort, because it does. He requires a great amount of effort on our part in order to feel His comforting peace. We have to slow ourselves down; become meek in our thoughts and actions; and then patiently seek Him; humbling ourselves powerless; and only then will we recognize the calming effects that spirituality has to offer. The thoughts of the worldly substances are still very much present, but have now moved further in to the back of our mind; and as mentioned before, we are now in a better position to fight the WAR; and even win the WAR.


Monday Black Session Week 2

Losing Light

WAR PROGRAM NOTE: I only have 4 slots open for the 6PM WAR Class. If you are someone who has already been through the 12 week program and wants to go through again, you need to let me know. If not, you need to come at 4,5 or 7pm. Call or text me if you have any questions. Like I said, I only have 4 slots available, so jump on it if you want to go through. By Wednesday I want to have an exact roll sheet of who all is going through the program so that we have some accountability. I take this WAR program very serious, so if you can’t commit, don’t tell me you want to do it. I’ve already talked with certain individuals who are acting as mentors/lifestyle coaches for the new people in the program. It’s important that we do everything that we can to teach these new people the WAR Lifestyle. Make this happen and let’s be organized. Be on time. The class starts at 6PM sharp, so be 5 minutes early. The classroom starts at 6:50; all are welcome to attend the classroom, depending on room. 

I will have the New WAR Black Session workbook available to all new people. Veterans to the program, if you want one they are $20. Your purchase goes as a donation to the program. If you are going through the session, it’s a must have, or your not really going through the program.  This workbook is the soul of WAR.

WAR Workout

A. Front Squat 5 Reps X 3 (85% effort -3 sets across)
    Rest 2 Minutes
4 sets of:
10 TnG Clean High Pulls (95,75,65)
5 Fast Burpees
10 Thrusters (95,75,65-same bar)
5 Fast Burpees
    Rest 3 Minutes
B. Ring Plank Holds on a minute, rest a minute X 3

GYM NOTE: Front squat is at 85% effort, however, effort should increase as legs get stronger throughout this program. Advanced will be based on 85% per 5RM.  Sets across means using the same load per 3 work sets at 85% effort/5RM; Work your way up and then begin.  The 4 sets is at a high intensity each time (should log 4 different times). We are hammering the high pulls again this week in an effort to get you familiar with the first 2 pulls of the clean and Snatch, which are 2 movements we will start getting into these next couple of weeks.  Remember, on the high pull we Deadlift to mid thigh/pockets with a good consistent back angle, and then from there I want you to think about jumping into the high pull, hips,come up on your toes slightly, and then leading with your elbows. Think: Dead, Dead, Dead, hips/Jump, high pull leading with elbows.  We’ve gotta get this movement locked in this week so we can move forward. We will hammer technique the first 15 minutes of class, so come ready to learn and get better at these movements. The thruster is a front squat into a press. Hips have to open prior to the press. Stick to the rest times. Thanks.


Be sure to read “Expanding Our Circle of Influence” prior to coming to class, or you will not be your best in the classroom.  Make it happen:

Expanding Our Circle of Influence

Stephen R. Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

It is inspiring to realize that in choosing our response to circumstance, we powerfully affect our circumstance.  When we change one part of the chemical formula, we change the nature of the results.

I worked with one organization for several years that was headed by a very dynamic person.  He could read trends, he was creative, talented, capable, and brilliant – and everyone knew it.  But he had a very dictatorial style of management.  He tended to treat people like “gofers,” as if they didn’t have any judgment.  His manner of speaking to those who worked in the organization was, “Go for this… go for that… now do this… now do that – I’ll make the decisions.” The net effect was that he alienated almost the entire executive team surrounding him.  They would gather in the corridors and complain to each other about him.  Their discussion was all very sophisticated, very articulate, as if they were trying to help the situation.  But they did it endlessly, absolving themselves of responsibility in the name of the president’s weaknesses.

“You can’t imagine what’s happened this time,” someone would say.  “The other day he went into my department.  I had everything all laid out.  But he came in and gave totally different signals.  Everything I’d done for months was shot, just like that.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep working for him.  How long will it be until he retires?”

But one of the executives was proactive.  He was driven by values, not feelings.  He took the initiative – he anticipated, he empathized, he read the situation.  He was not blind to the president’s weaknesses; but instead of criticizing them, he would compensate for them.  Where the president was weak in his style, he’d try to buffer his own people and make such weaknesses irrelevant.  And he’d work with the president’s strengths – his vision, talent, creativity.

The man focused on his Circle of Influence.  He was treated like a gofer, also.  But he would do more than what was expected.  He anticipated the president’s need.  He read with empathy the president’s underlying concern, so when he presented information, he also gave his analysis and his recommendations based on that analysis.

As I sat one day with the president in an advisory capacity, he said, “Stephen, I just can’t believe what this man has done.  He’s not only given me the information I requested, but he’s provided additional information that’s exactly what we needed.  He even gave me his analysis of it in terms of my deepest concerns, and a list of his recommendations.

“The recommendations are consistent with the analysis, and the analysis is consistent with the data.  He’s remarkable! What a relief not to have to worry about this part of the business.”

At the next meeting, it was “go for this” and “go for that” to all the executives… but one.  To this man, it was “what’s your opinion?” His circle of Influence had grown.

This caused quite a stir in the organization.  The reactive minds in the executive corridors began shooting their vindictive ammunition at the proactive man. 

It’s the nature of reactive people to absolve themselves of responsibility.  It’s so much safer to say, “I am not responsible.”  I say “I am responsible,” I might have to say, “I am irresponsible.”  It would be very hard for me to say that I have the power to choose my response and that the response I have chosen has resulted in my involvement in a negative, collusive environment, especially if for years I have absolved myself of responsibility for results in the name of someone else’s weaknesses.

So these executives focused on finding more information, more ammunition, more evidence as to why they weren’t responsible.  But this man was proactive toward them too.  Little by little, his Circle of Influence toward them grew also.  It continued to expand to the extent that eventually no one made any significant moves in the organization without the man’s involvement and approval, including the president.  But the president did not feel threatened because this man’s strength complemented his strength and compensated for his weaknesses.  So he had the strength of two people, a complementary team.

This man’s success was not dependent on his circumstances.  Many others were in the same situation.  It was his chosen response to those circumstances, his focus on his Circle of Influence that made the difference.


Friday WAR Strength & Conditioning


PROGRAM NOTE: We will resume The Black Session (wk2) on Monday.  Gym will be open today @ 4 & 5PM. The new WAR Black Session workbook is complete.  I will bring one tomorrow for you all to take a look at. For those that just started the program, the workbook comes with your entrance into the program. For those who have been through the program and are going through it again, the work book is $20 dollars. I’m really excited about this, and I would highly recommend that you pick one up so you can experience what it has to offer.  This workbook is the heart and soul of the WAR program; if you aren’t continuously working out of it, you aren’t doing the program right, and your not getting the most out of it. Let’s make it a goal to all work hard on this aspect of the program, remember: “Our physical bodies can be strong and healthy, but what’s the point if we leave our minds in flabby condition”. The journal and classroom is where we work on the mind.  Make it Happen. Thanks.

“Exercise’n the Mind, it”s Brain Strength Training”-Eminem

WAR Workout

4 sets of:
10 Back Squats OR 15 Goblet Squats (185,155,135,115,95)
20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups (Adv.Ring Push Ups)
40 Sit Ups
    Rest 3 Minutes

GYM NOTE: Advanced will do back squats, beginners will do Goblet Squats. 

Wednesday WAR Strength & Conditioning

WAR in 70 Words

 Nutrition, Therapy, Spirituality, Faith, Hope, Integrity, Opening Up,

Writing in a Journal, Fitness, Staying Active, Communicating,

 Spending Time with Family and the People you Love, Sport,

 Hobbies, Friendships, Support, Self Confidence, Motivation,

 Strong Work Ethic, Reading, Education, Discipline, Character, Love,

 Self Imagery, Self Examination, Deep Thinking, Positive Thinking,

 Service, Values, Being a Thankful Person, Being a Humble Person,

 Diligence, Patience, Time Management, Leadership, Discipline,

 Sacrifice, Accountability, Charity,



Relationship between being diligent and relapse:

We’ve been doing good, we’ve been doing good, we’ve been doing good, and then for one split second we let our guard down and have a slip up. What does this mean? Does this mean that we are now doing bad, and all hope is lost? Does this mean that we quit altogether because the WAR is just to hard? Of course this is true right? The Dragon will tell us so because he’s a deceiver. He’ll play both roles in which he’ll tell us that it’s okay to do it just this one time, and then once we do it he reverses roles and plays the other side, now telling us that we are a loser and that we are hopeless, stripping us of our confidence and self esteem. He causes us to feel regret, and makes us think we are not worthy to have spirituality in our lives. He tells us that we shouldn’t pray, because God is mad at us for our poor decision. He tells us that we shouldn’t look to help others anymore because we are not worthy to be charitable and of service to our fellow man and woman.  Then He switches roles again telling us that since we’ve already partaken of the substance, we’d might as well do it again; because we can feel better if we do it again – right?

This could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is that the Dragon is a liar, and does not have our best interests in mind. He wants us to fail, and be miserable, so he whispers deceit into our minds from all angles, essentially playing both sides.

When we have these slip ups, now is the time where we need prayer the most; we should be praying, asking and pleading for help, believing that we will receive this help; we need to have faith. We have to get back on our foundational routine; and diligently put the infrastructure back together making it strong once again. We can’t let the Dragon tell us that we are worthless because of this slip up. We have to remember how good we’ve been doing, and realize that this is just a hiccup, and that we can be strong again if we diligently seek after the path we know to be right. We cannot quit, and fall off completely; this doesn’t need to happen, nor will it happen if we are diligent in our pursuit to get back on track.

In order to find peace and happiness in this life, we not only have to be diligent in our efforts, but we have to think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to  be unordinary, or even weird in the worlds eyes. Some people find happiness easier than others. For those of us who struggle being happy, an unordinary routine and lifestyle is a must, for we have to find healthy, positive ways to stay enlightened and happy. We have to think on a different level. We have to find a new way to get there without taking our mind and body out of reality. We have to find new, healthy, natural ways to get high.


Tuesday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Found Peace

WAR Workout

A. Snatch Grip High Pulls- 5 reps X 5. (5 Sets Across)
    Rest 90 seconds
B. Knees to Elbows- 10-15 reps X 5
    Rest 1 minute
         +Rest 3 minutes
3 sets of:
12 Push Jerks (155,135,115,95,75,65)
12 Burpees
Row 200 Meters
    Rest 2 Minutes

GYM NOTE: On the Snatch Grip High pull beginners will use a weight that I will most likely determine depending on technique.  Advanced, go for it. Maintain that good back angle and look to have a strong second pull, you can drop the weight each time. We will work on the Snatch High Pull and Push Jerk thoroughly for about the first 15-20 minutes of class. Lets have a good day. Come ready to improve yourself.  Thanks.  

Always Thirsty Concept:

Always feeling thirsty is a concept I came up with when describing what a craving feels like; or that of which an addict constantly battles.  The addict always feels thirsty in the way of not being satisfied.  When a person is thirsty they crave a drink of water, or something or another that will satisfy their thirst.  Well, it is similar to an addict in that the addict always feels like something isn’t fulfilled in their life.  Like anything they are involved in should be more enjoyable, or more relaxing.  The addict craves instant gratification; they want to fulfill their craving in the same way the everyday person want’s to quench their thirst when they are thirsty.

As I ponder this subject, all that comes to mind is that the best way to beat a craving is to prevent a craving.  I’ve found that if I structure my life in a way that is built on a strong foundational routine, I can actually prevent a lot of these cravings from sneaking in, and taking from in my head.  I can actually feel peace; and the thirst seems to be quenched for a time.  This foundational routine that I speak of is a vigorous routine that involves fervent prayer, meditation, extensive reading and studying, working out, eating healthy, service, among many others.  This routine is sometimes a challenging routine, but it’s a must routine if I wan’t to have that positive light about me; a light that can only be obtained by living a clear life full of charitable thoughts and actions.  If I stay on this positive path for long enough I start getting glimpses of the old me, giving me hope that one day my thirst will be forever quenched.



Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Purple Powder

Program Note:  We are putting the Black session on hold till next week due to thanksgiving being this week. Everything stays the same, we just won’t be moving forward in the work book (Classroom Curriculum) until next week, which means we will just pick up in week 2 of the Black Session starting next monday.

The gym hours for this week are the following: Monday -normal hours; Tuesday-Normal Hours; Thursday- off for Thanksgiving; Friday- 5PM. Thanks

WAR Workout

A. Front Squat 3 X 3 (90%Effort)
    Rest 2 minutes
B1. 30 second Ring Dip holds X 5
    Rest 15 seconds
B2. 30 second Supine Pull Up Plank Holds (COVP – scaled use band)
    Rest 1 minute
C. 1 minute Ring plank Hold X 3
    Rest 1 minute
D. Row 500 meters (100%) X 3
    Rest 3 minutes

GYM NOTE: Don’t let this one get the best of you mentally. On the front squat we are at 90% effort, challenge yourself to fight for good posture & back angle; forcing knees out. The key on the front squat is the rack position, or high elbows. The ring dip holds are holds at the top of the ring dip. The supine Pullup plank takes  place at the top of the chin up, where you try and hold your chin above the bar for 30 seconds.
I can’t emphasize enough the importance of sticking to the rest times; this is what creates the natural flow of the workout. Sticking to the time is how the workout is meant to be done; if you don’t stick to the times then you arent doing the workout right. Do it right, make it happen. Be disciplined and diligent when you do these workouts; when they are done right, it’s a thing of beauty.
Example: After C you only rest 1 minute before starting you first 500 meter row. These rows are at a 100 percent effort X 3; resting 3 minutes in between.

Saturday Black Session Week 1

The End of Fall


Have a good weekend everyone.  Be active, and look for opportunities to help someone. 

Friday Black Session Week 1

Winter Night

WAR Workout

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
Power cleans 3 reps (135,115)
Push-ups 6 Reps
Air Squats 9 Reps

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

GYM NOTE: We will go in partners. 1 person will go through the entire workout while their partner encourages them, and then you will switch. Scaled will be clean high pulls for beginners.


Weekend Assignment:  Write a letter, write in a card, or text someone this weekend (Family member, friend, grandparents, etc.)  Tell them about this new WAR program that you have started.  Tell them about the changes you Hope to make; and have made by doing this program.  At the end of this letter, text, or card, tell the person how much they mean to you.  Then I want you to write in your journal how you felt while writing the letter & after you sent it.

 A TEXT MESSAGE is a powerful form of communication.  Send someone a meaningful text out of the blue and watch what happens.  You can make someones day through a heartfelt text message.  Make this happen – it’s magical.

Thursday Black Session Week 1

Fall’s Landing

WAR Workout

A. 5 reps X 3 (Lets see where your at for 3 sets across)
    Rest 2 Minutes
B. 5 Shoulder press/5 Push Press X 3
    Rest 2 minutes
C. Complete 30,20,10 reps of wall balls for time
    Rest Exact 1 minute
D. 50 Kneez2Elbows for time.

GYM NOTE: 3 sets across for the back squat means using the same challenging weight for 5 reps X 3. Work your way up to the weight you are going to use, and then perform 3 work sets with that weight- challenge yourself. Beginners will start light – I will tell you what weight you will be using. Make sure you stick to the rest times; this includes in between A,B,C&D as well. Get in the habit of constantly watching the clock; once you finish a set, your eyes should look straight up at the clock. Be diligent and precise at this, it’s what makes the workout. Think about forcing your knees out on the back squat. On part B, be consistent with where your elbows travel; they need to be slightly forward with your wrists cocked back, this is not a military press. Perform a strict shoulder press for 5, directly into the push press for 5, emphasizing dipping straight down, and through your heals. C & D are just like they sound. We will thoroughly go through the entire workout and it’s movements for the first 20 minutes of class. Come ready to have a good experience. Thanks.

ClASSROOM NOTE: classroom will start @6:50.  Curriculum: Why we want to achieve hormonal balance; Nutrition & Life Performance; Nutrition and Gym performance; Motivation & HOPE. 


A look at My Day of Eating

Breakfast @8am: Oatmeal, 1 scoop of protein mixed in oatmeal along with whole Milk; Hand full of Almonds. Chug a glass of water.

[email protected]:30am: Half of a sliced red pepper; 2 hardboiled eggs; hand full of almonds. Chug a glass of water.

[email protected]:30: varies- steak salad, chicken salad, 6 inch subway turkey double meat and veggies. Water.

[email protected]: Turkey Jerky, apple, handful of almonds. Chug a glass of water.

[email protected]: Fist sized chunk of Deli Turkey, Other half of red pepper, apple, handful of almonds. Bottled water.

[email protected]: Whatever wife cooks. Usually has lots of vegetables, fish or chicken, guacomle. Chug a glass of water.

Bed time snack @10:30pm: Protein Shake & almonds.

Post what your day of eating looks like/write in you work book. Be honest so you can make comparisons down the road.