Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Dark Path

WAR Workout

A. Power Clean & Jerk 2 reps X 3; rest 1 minute in between each set. Add weight and then 2 reps X 3; rest 1 minute in between each set. Add weight and then 2 reps X 3; rest 1 minute in between each set. You will end with a total of 9 sets and 18 reps. Increase load 3 different times
   +Rest Exactly 4 Minutes

4 sets of:
10 Thrusters AFastAP (95,75,65)
15 Bent Over Rows AFastAP (Same Bar & weight as B1)
 20 Chest2Deck Push Ups AFast AP
    Rest 2 Minutes 

GYM NOTE: I’m going in a different direction with the programming for this next quarter. For the last 12 weeks we have been following OPT. Every time I follow OPT I learn so much, and for that I’m thankful. Log Loads Used, and 4 Separate times. On the Bent Over Rows you hit the floor with the weight – touch and go. Be disciplined on the rest times. After part A, you only rest 4 minutes before moving on. I can’t tell you how important this is.  You all need to be in the habit of looking at the clock, and being active in logging everything in you GYM journal. Some are better than others at this; just know that the person who is diligent in his GYM note taking has a completely different experience than the person who doesn’t log anything. Lets get better at everything. Thanks.

Saturday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Fall Hike

Saturday Journey

Go on a 90 Minute Hike – For those who are in the Ogden area Hike Malans for time.  Take pictures and text or email them to me. [email protected]  Make this happen, I can’t tell you how incredible those mountains are right now.  Don’t let anything stop you from doing this.  Do it either today or sunday, both days are supposed to be magical as far as weather goes; get out and enjoy yourselves.  Go hard, take pictures, and have a magical experience. Thanks.

Friday WAR Strength & Conditioning

I love Autumn

WAR Workout

5 sets of:
Ring Dips AMRepsAP
    Rest 20 seconds
High Box Jumps 6 Reps (step down, go high as you can, stack weight in top of a 30 inch box)
    Rest 20 seconds
30 seconds of Double Unders
    Rest 1 Minute
Row 1K x 2
    Rest 3 minutes



I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation lately. What keeps us motivated to continue to live this WAR Lifestyle? Why should we be diligent and strict in the way we eat? Why should we put nothing but healthy substances into our body? Why should we be active physically, mentally and spiritually? Why should we push ourselves to new limits in the gym? And most importantly, why should we stay clear day in and day out? What is the motivation behind all of this? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I have yet to come to one perfect conclusion or understanding? All I know is that we as human beings are in search of something beyond ourselves. We are in search of a different understanding of life; and of how we can find success, peace and happiness in this world. So if this is the case – how do we do it? How do we keep motivated in our effort to find peace, happiness and success? How do we stay motivated in living this WAR Lifestyle?

Let’s be honest, the WAR Lifestyle is a challenging lifestyle to live at times. What I’ve come to find is that yes, it is challenging, but what’s the alternative? Is the alternative to be unhealthy, unhappy, and average – or even below average? This WAR Lifestyle is so incredible because through it we have the opportunity to lead an elite way of life.  A life that is different from the majority of the people we surround ourselves with in that we are actively involved in a more disciplined and somewhat challenging life because of this higher level of standard and commitment we chose to live. 

I have found that there are absolutely no short cuts in life, and in order to find happiness we have to be willing to search it out. In order to find peace we have to gain an understanding of ourselves, and become humbled and less prideful. And in order to find success we have to be willing to go above and beyond even our own expectations at times. We have to be willing to put off the ways of the world in order to lead this exceptional, healthy, elite way of life. Yes, it is tough and challenging, but if it were easy everyone would be doing it, therefore we wouldn’t have the opportunity to be DIFFERENT. 

What keeps people motivated is the ability to see and feel change; it’s the recognition of how good their life is now going; and that they are different and better in their ways, which then leads them to not want to go back to their old way of life. They have now found a new way to get where they want to go; they have found a higher, more extensive and intelligent way of thinking. Their mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, which leads to an incredible balance in their lives. 

This balance, in my humble opinion, is what keeps people motivated to continue in their search for happiness. This balance is what drives us to live the WAR Lifestyle.


Thursday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Mysterious Moon

WAR Workout

3 sets of:
10 Touch & Go Squat Cleans
15 pull ups (Adv. CTB)
10 Burpees
15 Russian KBS (70,55)
Run 200 Meters
    Rest 8 Minutes

GYM NOTE: Log load used on squat cleans, and 3 separate times. Challenge yourself on the squat cleans. For those of you who haven’t attempted CTB, give it a shot if you feel like you are ready. Rest exactly 8 minutes. Thanks.


If the mere thought of trudging round ice-bound playing fields at school was enough to bring you out in a cold sweat, the idea that exercise makes us happy might sound perverse. But, beyond the (potential) mood-lifting effects of fresh air and scenery, evidence suggests that pounding the pavement can also change the way our brains work to make us happier, or even stave off depression. “Exercise is as good as any anti-depressant I know,” Ratey claims.

Last December, scientists from Yale University wrote in the journal Nature Medicine that regular exertion affects the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for mood. Tests on mice showed that exercise activated a gene there called VGF, which is linked to a “growth factor” chemical involved in the development of new nerve cells. Tests show that this brain activation lifts a person’s mood. Participants in one recent German survey were asked to walk quickly on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day over a 10-day period. At the end of the experiment, researchers recorded a significant drop in depression scores. Scientists are now working on a drug that mimics the effects of the VGF gene to market it as an alternative to conventional antidepressants.

Wednesday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Door to a New Life

Have a good rest day – take care of them legs.  See you all Thursday.

Tuesday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Autumn Rain

WAR Workout

150 Wall Balls For Time

GYM NOTE: Kyle Boyer from CrossFit Dixie Got: 5:30. His rep scheme was 70,30,25,25 – got get him. Just like yesterday- lets see where you’re at mentally.  Push yourself to a new limit; doing so breeds confidence. We will be working a lot on technique today at the beginning of class with the PVC & Light loads. Come ready to learn and get better at the: Clean, Split Jerk & Snatch.  

Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Sunday Hike to Malans

WAR Workout

AMCalorieRowsAP in 10 Minutes

GYM NOTE: Go hard on this. This isn’t a casual 10 minute row, it’s basically, hop on the rower and go as hard as you can for 10 Minutes. This workout should challenge you mentally. You are going to want to quit or slow down, fight through it and find out how far you can go physically and mentally. Good luck.

The WAR Experience:

This WAR program is all about creating unique experiences through  being active in mind, body and spirit. What I mean by this is creating experiences that are unique to your current character and routine. The only way you’ll change through this WAR lifestyle is by thinking outside the box, and doing things that you wouldn’t normally do; this helps you to grow in a different direction. This helps you to get high a new way. For example, let’s take the hike I programmed for the Saturday Journey. A small few may have done it, but most probably didn’t do it. The people who aren’t participating in these remote workouts really aren’t grasping the concept of the WAR lifestyle. I’m promoting a LIFESTYLE. I’ll say it again “I’m promoting a LIFESTYLE”. I’ll say it again “I’m Promoting a LIFESTYLE” which we call the WAR lifestyle. That Saturday hike was to help you see life from a different angle; it was to get you to experience nature, fitness and spirituality all in one setting; essentially uniting mind, body and spirit. If I program a remote run, make time in your day, and go do it!! Be proactive in your thinking regarding this WAR Lifestyle. Look for the ultimate WAR experience. Last week I programmed Turkish Get Ups coupled with a run; I wanted to create a unique, remote experience. I mentioned in my post for that particular day to do your Turkish Get Ups out on the grass, in the sun, while enjoying the beautiful fall weather, and I still had some people doing them in the gym – on the black hard floor. Now there’s nothing wrong with this, and I love all of you who did this, but the fact of the matter is that you obviously weren’t looking for the “Experience” in the workout. You weren’t searching for anything; you were just trying to get the workout done as fast as possible while hurting your knees, and having a less than enjoyable experience in the gym; all the while the sun and beautiful grass awaited you outside – ha ha.  I love you guys, but I had to use you as an example. I’m promoting outside the box thinking. Outside the box thinking is what keeps people motivated. Outside the box thinking leads to creativity. Outside the box thinking is what leads people to change. Outside the box thinking helps people grow in a different direction. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Don’t be afraid to be weird. Look for the WAR experience in everything you do. That’s all I’ve got – thanks.

Saturday WAR Strength & Conditioning

In Tune Spiritually

WAR Workout 

60-90 Minute Hike with a Light Load – Constant Pace. Get real with yourself and enjoy the fall weather. Make this happen. Go with a friend, family member, by yourself, just make it happen.  The weather is running out.

Just Thinking about Exercise, the Brain, and Learning: I’m a firm believer that the brain works best after exercise. Think about it, you’re more receptive to all that surrounds you, and all who surround you. Think about the High School or College kid that wakes up in the morning, exercises, and then goes directly to school; as apposed to the kid who wakes up 10 minutes before class, doesn’t eat breakfast, and rolls into class half asleep. Exercise puts our brain on track.  Our brain works best after exercise – it’s as real as it gets.

As I ponder this topic, it makes me think about the ADHD & ADD drugs (Ritalin, Adderal,etc) being prescribed so freely to kids, young adults, and even adults.  This discussion is for another time, but I want you to think about the relationship between nutrition and exercise; and the positive affect it has on mood and learning. Is it wise to prescribe a 12 year old an amphetamine salt? Or is it wise to prescribe nutrition, exercise, and education on how to live an active healthy lifestyle – through action based learning? 

Read the below article….


Observers of the game of football might refute the claim that exercise leads to greater intelligence – and they would be partly right, says Ratey. “Exercise doesn’t make you smarter, but what it does do is optimise the brain for learning.”

Physical activity boosts the flow of blood to the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and learning, promoting the production of new brain cells. Several schools in the US and the Netherlands have taken note. Pupils at Naperville Central High School near Chicago, for example, start the day with a fitness class they call “Zero Hour PE”. Equipped with heart monitors, they run laps of the playground, and teachers say exam results have soared since the keep-fit initiative kicked off.

Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, a test involving 241 people, aged 15-71, compared physical activity with the results of cognitive tasks. The researchers documented improved results among people who were more active, especially those in younger age groups.

Yet more research suggests that exercise boosts intelligence in the very, very young. Experiments on rats at the Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine in Berlin showed that baby rats born to mothers who were more active during pregnancy had 40 per cent more cells in the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for intelligence. If the same is true in humans, we can expect Paula Radcliffe’s baby, Isla, to be a genius; Radcliffe was training for the New York marathon until the day before she went in to hospital to be induced – and won the race just nine months after giving birth.

Friday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Field of Dreams

WAR Workout

A. Split Jerk Cluster – x 4
    Rest 3 min
B. Push Jerk Touch&Go tough 7 Reps x 3
    Rest 1 Minute
C. KBS heavy 20 Reps x 3
    Rest 1 min
D. AMRepsAP Double Unders in 10 minutes

GYM NOTE: On the split jerk cluster you will do 1, rest 10 seconds, 1 rest 10 seconds, 1 rest 10 seconds, 1 rest 10 seconds; then rest 3 minutes X 4. For a lot of you, we are really only working on the technique of this movement, so loads won’t particularly matter; however I do want you to attempt to move up weight each individual cluster. You more advanced, this should be a good challenge for you as you start with a heavy load, and look to increase each cluster – challenge yourself. Good confident straight down dip through your heals, hips have to open, drive bar momentum up, and then quick under the bar into the split. Your front leg needs to meet your back leg half way on the stand up. Front leg moves back first, this is important as the loads increase. Part B will be touch and go push Jerk, challenge yourself.  Part D, we are working hard on double Unders. Let’s see how many you can get in 10 minutes. Be disciplined on the rest – even between movements (A,B,C,D) Thanks.

I really like OPT’s definition of fitness.  I like how he uses the term “Evolving Journey and exploration of the connection between spirit, mind, and body”.  That’s so sick!!  I’m thankful for all I’ve learned from OPT. 

What is Fitness?

“An evolving journey and exploration of the connection between spirit, mind and body WHILE attempting to discover physical potential WHILE leading to discovering purpose and producing longevity of oneself.”

-James Fitzgerald – OPT 

Thursday WAR Strength & Conditioning

The Eclipse

WAR Workout

Part 1:
Run 5 min @ Converstion Pace (Warm Up)
Run 30 sec @ high tempo working on breathing
Walk 30 sec briskly x 10
Run 5 min @ Conversation Pace (cool down)

Part 2:
50 Turkish Get Ups for time (55,35)

GYM NOTE: We’ve gotta take advantage of this weather while we can – so I want you to take a little run Journey. Go whatever which way you want.  Bring a watch/stop watch.  For you that come later bring reflective gear and a head lamp, or get the run portion in sometime during the day at the local track – yours is to chose; either way it should be magical. You can do the Turkish get ups on some grass, gym floor, or wherever you want – I recommend grass.


Thoughts, worries, and then finally confidence concerning the future:

Who knows what the future holds, I don’t – no one does.  All we can really do is make the best possible decisions, and invest the necessary time and effort in improving ourselves and those around us.  I think the more and more we invest our time and energy in the service of others, we actually improve not only our own situation, but also those who are apart of our “sphere of influence”.  I constantly analyze how my life is going to be down the road, and I’ve come to one conclusion. Regardless of what happens, I know that success and happiness will be obtained if I live life through a clear lens; and constantly strive to better myself by taking the charitable approach to life.  Can you imagine such a world without greed, pride, and envy? Where everyone looked to help and serve others; never worrying about their social status, or how high up on the totum pole they were.  Think deep about this statement: “How can you not be successful if you always look to help others”?  The personal growth that comes through service to your fellow man and woman is endless. The charitable approach leads to happiness in the family; happiness in the career; happiness amongst your peers; happiness everywhere.  

I’m not scared anymore as of to what the future has in store for me.  I know that if I’m obedient and diligent in living this WAR lifestyle; that all will be well, regardless of the many trials and tribulations I may face a long the way. I’ve come to realize that I can’t go wrong with this more charitable approach to life, for it is a win win.