Friday Red Session Week 5


WAR Workout

Part 1:
A. Snatch – 2 Reps X 5
     Rest 2 minutes
B. Front Squat – 3 Reps x 3 @ 80%
    Rest 2 Minutes
C. 15 chin ups COVP x 4
    Rest 1 Minute
       +Rest 10 Minutes
Part 2:
Run 30 sec @ 90%
     walk rest 30 sec brisk
Run 1 min @ 90%
     walk rest 30 sec brisk
Run 90 sec @ 90%
     walk rest 30 sec brisk x 4
(work on holding same pace no matter time)

GYM NOTE: The run should take you exactly 17:30, including the rest. Go on a little journey. Right out the gate it is flatter, left out the gate is hills – yours is to choose. Push yourself, and have a good experience.  Make sure you bring a watch/stop watch, so your times can be exact. Really working hard on the snatch technique. We will be working with the PVC’s at the beginning of class. Let’s have a good Friday.

Weekend Assignment:
  Give something up this weekend.  Sacrifice something for the greater good.  Sacrifice time by helping someone, donate money to a charity, lend your car to someone, offer to share something with someone, sacrifice your routine by doing something with someone you love – movie, bowling, bookstore, church, Etc. 

Journal Title: Understanding the Greater Good (Big Picture) & the Role it Will Play in My Life.

“Make this happen – change your weekend routine by giving something up for the greater good, by making sacrifices that will benefit others”

Thursday Red Session Week 5

The Way We Choose to See

WAR Workout

5 sets of:
5 muscle ups OR 5CTB/5 Ring Dips
5 HSPU OR 5 Shoulder Press
10 KBS – 70,55
10 box jumps – 24/20
15 double unders OR 30 Singles
15 row cals
    Rest walk 3 Minutes b/t Sets
       +rest 5 minutes
1 set all out:
10 burpees AFAP
25 double unders
10 burpees AFAP
25 row cals

GYM NOTE: let’s get better at these gymnastic movements,as well as double Unders. You have to practice at this sport to get good at it – it’s just like anything else. If you aren’t comfortable upside down yet, get comfortable, walk your way up the wall and then do holds. Time each individual round, as well as your last all out set. Set some goals to get your double Unders and Muscle ups; whether it takes you a year or two weeks, set a goal that you are going to get good at the movements you are weak at. Don’t be afraid to fail. Make it happen.


A. Not being afraid of change; Why are we afraid of change?

B. Down Time – A further look

C. Boredom – A further look

Questions to think about before class: (Come ready to have a good discussion – bring something to the class.  Your comment may help someone)

1) Are you afraid to change? Why? Examine this deeply

2) How do you handle your down time? Or do you? Or do you run to the cloud change? Do you understand the concept of: “with any lifestyle change there is a period of downtime that one must endure before progress or real change can take place. You may even feel lonely”.  Is it okay to feel lonely?

3) Boredom? What do you do to deal with boredom?

Wednesday Red Session Week 5

I Love Autumn

Tuesday Red Session Week 5

Sky Moon

WAR Workout

For time Complete:
25 squat clean – 95#/65#
15  Burpee Broad Jumps (adv.15 Bar Muscle-ups)
25 squat clean – 95#/65#

GYM NOTE: This is a good one. The original OPT workout has muscle ups in it. Since we don’t have rings that high, advanced will do Bar Muscle Ups. We should have some rings hung high by the end of the week so we can start working on Muscle Ups. Go hard on this. For those that struggle with HSPU, I still want you to do Handstand Holds while trying to go down, regardless of how short a distance you go. Half the battle with HSPU is getting comfortable upside down. Get comfortable, just don’t break your neck. We will do some core work prior to doing this workout.


A. Journal Assignment: Read and analyze WAR in 70 words.  Where are you lacking in living the WAR lifestyle?  Where are you strong?  Write about it in your Journal.

B. Journal Title: Applying all Aspects of WAR to my Life & the Role it Will Play.

WAR in 70 Words

Nutrition, therapy, spirituality, faith, hope, integrity,  opening up, writing in a journal, fitness,

staying active, communicating, spending time with family and the people you love, sport, hobbies,

friendships, support, self confidence, motivation, strong work ethic, reading, education, discipline,

character, love, self imagery, self examination, deep thinking,  positive thinking, service, values,

being a thankful person, being a humble person, diligence, patience, time management,

leadership, discipline, sacrifice, accountability, charity,


Monday Red Session Week 5

Spiritual High

WAR Workout

Run 800 Meters 80%
A1. Bench Press – BWT amrap; rest 20 sec
A2. AMRAP COVP chin ups; rest 5 min x 5
Run 800 Meters 80%

GYM NOTE: Since TDOOM & myself were the only ones who were able to experience this one on Saturday, I thought I’d program it again. If you can’t do body weight bench press, then pick a weight that you can get at least 8 reps with. COVP means chin over vertical plane. Score is total reps combined. Stick to the rest. Work om keeping your Kipp tight, quick and efficient. The blue outside pull up bars force you to have a quick and efficient Kipp. TDOOM, you and I will do a little something different.

Classroom Discussion

A. Weekend Assignment Discussion– “Workouts on Your Own”

“Doing WAR workouts on your own when feeling down or bored can lead to an incredible experience.  It can provide you with a natural high, endorphin rush, and a time to reflect by losing yourself in a workout”

“I have found great peace by losing myself in a workout – it almost becomes a spiritual experience.  Prior to the workout I could be in the worst mood, but after the workout the positive thoughts are back and I feel incredible”

B. Journal Topic Discussion/Presentation: “Making Sacrifices/Being Disciplined”

Saturday Red Session Week 4

Root of all Evil

Saturday Journey

Part 1
A1. Bench Press – BWT amrap; rest 20 sec
A2. AMRAP COVP chin ups; rest 5 min x 5

Rest 20 Minutes

Part 2:
Run 800 Meter Time Trial (Local Track)

rest 2 hours

Part 3:
for time:
25 squat clean – 95#/65#
15 muscle ups
25 squat clean – 95#/65#

GYM NOTE: These Saturday journey’s are only for the advanced WAR athlete. 4 days a week is plenty for beginners – 5 days would be to much.  Body weight workouts such as running, trail running etc, are what I recommend for beginners (The Weekend Assignment).  Be active.  

I have the X terra event up at Snow Basin in the morning.  Text me if your interested in participating in today’s Journey.  I’ll probably start part 1 around 1PM.

Friday Red Session Week 4


WAR Workout

5 sets of:
5 Squat Snatch Touch & Go heavy
5 Power Clean Touch & Go same weight
10 Explosive Burpee High Jumps
Rest 4 Minutes

GYM NOTE: Going back into the Squat Snatch today.  We will dissect & practice both the snatch and power clean for the first 25 minutes of Class. Come ready to learn, and more importantly be confident while working on, and performing each movement. Remember – good consistent back angel, dead to pockets, hips/pull, and then pull yourself under the bar, which finalizes the third pull of both movements (Snatch & Power Clean). Power clean we catch above parallel, the squat snatch we catch at the bottom of the OHS.  These are both challenging movements, but nothing feels better when you master them. These movements are what makes this game fun. Make it happen

Weekend Assignment:
Do a workout by yourself this weekend – be creative.  It’s a great time of year to do a workout outside; make it unique, something that will challenge you.  The old South Ogden Junior High has an obstacle course back on the old football field where there are rings, pull up bars, push ups bars, and a large hill.  This is a great time of year to go and give that old PE obstacle course a try.  Do it for time, and think outside the box on the rep scheme.  You all have been doing WAR long enough to know how to program a simple body weight workout.  Utilize air squats, push ups, knees to elbow, pull ups, jumping pull ups, or whatever – point being, be creative and challenge yourself.  After the workout, analyze the experience and write about it in your journal.  The goal is to get you to see how you can create your own workouts at any given time to alleviate stress and anxiety. This is an important exercise, make it happen. Log loads used.


Thursday Red Session Week 4

I’ve Been Bit

WAR Workout

Complete for a total time- including rests:
Row 1K

    +Rest 5 Minutes
30 Ring Dips
Run 800 Meters
30 Ring Dips
Run 800 Meters
30 Ring Dips
    +Rest 5 Minutes
Row 1k

GYM NOTE: This will be a good test of Will.  As stated – it’s total time competed including rests. Push yourself to a limit you thought you couldn’t go.  A lot of you are starting to get the movements down; the only thing you’re lacking is intensity.  It’s time to turn up the intensity.  Make it Happen, Cap’n.  

Classroom Discussion

A. Making Decisions Based on Your Values Presentation/Discussion- “Personal Mission Statement”

“Values are those things that really matter to each of us … the ideas and beliefs we hold as special.  Values help us to make ethical choices over our lifetime, and help us achieve our full potential” 

B. Journal: The importance of working on the classroom concepts & getting experiences and thoughts down on paper.

C. The Gym Journal & it’s importance

D. Nutrition recap

NOTE: Come ready to have a good discussion.  Bring something to the table concerning your personal mission statement.  This is an important assignment that I hope you all are taking serious.  A personal mission statement is your personal constitution.

Wednesday Red Session Week 4

Being Thankful

What does it mean to truly be a Thankful Person?  A thankful person recognizes the simple things in life, and is able to magnify these simple things so much, that he or she finds an incredible amount of joy through them.  A thankful person learns to be thankful for the hardships in their life, knowing that these hardships will only make them stronger and more capable of handling anything that is thrown their way.  A person that is thankful is open about what they are thankful for.  This type of persons continuous effort to show gratitude for the simple things in life makes others think about what they are thankful for in their own life.  Therefore, this person becomes an incredible example to all.

Being a thankful person is a wonderful attribute to obtain.  We can be thankful for the mistakes we have made in our lives, especially if we gain knowledge from these mistakes.  We can flip these mistakes upside down and turn them into something positive, in which learning from them will only make us stronger.

Once we learn to be a thankful person, life takes on a whole new perspective.  We start noticing things that weren’t there before.  Our eyes are opened up to a whole new world where things seem clearer and make more sense.  The people in our lives become more important to us.  We start putting what we value the most in our lives first.  We start recognizing our talents and full potential, knowing that we have been blessed with great opportunities. Opportunities that wouldn’t have been granted to us were it not for the adversity in our lives.

-Dustin Hawkins

Tuesday Red Session Week 4

Confident Being Different

WAR Workout

4 sets of:
15 power snatch – #95,#65
15 burpees
25 double unders (50 singles)
    Rest 4 min after 1st set, 5 min after 2nd, 6 min after 3rd

Classroom Discussion

WAR Lifestyle Coach Presentation: “Mastering The WAR Movements”. This presentation will be held in the Gym @ 7pm.

Personal Mission Statement

Stephen R. Covey

The constitution has endured and serves its vital function today because it is based on correct principles, on the self-evident truths contained in the Declaration of Independence.  These principles empower the Constitution with a timeless strength, even in the midst  of social ambiguity and change. “Our peculiar security,” said Thomas Jefferson, “is in the possession of a written Constitution.” A personal mission statement based on correct principles becomes the same kind of standard for an individual.  It becomes a personal constitution, the basis for making major, life-directing decisions, the basis for making daily decisions in the midst of the circumstances and emotions that affect our lives.  It empowers individuals with the same timeless strength in the midst of change.

Below is an example of my personal mission statement. Create your own – make it happen, its an incredible experience, and an incredible tool to use in your daily life.


Personal Mission Statement

 “My Mission is to be a leader within my Family and to help others in any way that I can”

To Fulfill this Mission :

Hard Worker

  1. I am a hard worker, not only at work, but in my home as well
  2. I am positive and proactive in both my family & professional life
  3. I am constantly working with my children & wife to strengthen my family
  4. I will always look for an opportunity to help someone

Good Example

  1. I am constantly striving to be a good example to my wife & kids
  2. I work with them on a daily basis in an effort to help them recognize their talents and goals
  3. I am active in the Church & constantly showing the important role spirituality plays in my life
  4. I provide service to my neighbors, family & friends


  1. I am patient with my wife and children
  2. I am patient, humble, calm & collected during difficult times
  3. When adversity strikes, I am patient – and make decisions based on my values

Self Control/Will Power

  1. I am free from all addictive harmful substances.  Substances that have a negative affect on my values, goals, & family.
  2. I am confident in myself & have the will power to JUST SAY NO.
  3. I recognize bad situations – and stay away
  4. I exercise faith and prayer, knowing that this will help me overcome my fears & weaknesses.