Wednesday Red Session Week 1

The Dragon

Something springs the thought into our minds, and the Dragon instantaneously is nipping at our heels.  The thought started small – and slowly developed into a mind consuming battle where all focus has been lost.  If we were hungry before, our appetite is now gone.  If we were thirsty before, our thirst is now quenched.  Any plans or reservations that we may have had, are gone, and are in the back of our minds.  The only thing we are thinking about now is IT. 

People all around us ask, “What’s wrong”? “Why are you acting weird”?  Within an instant, our mood has been completely flipped upside down, and it’s very noticeable to all.  We are fighting an inner battle where we want to do the right thing, but as time goes on, we get weaker and weaker in our effort.  The Dragon starts whispering lies and deceit into our minds – “It’s not that big of a deal”-He tells us. “No one will ever know; just this one time is all”.  The Dragon helps us to start justifying our actions by telling us that everything will be ok; and that we need that instant gratification and pleasure.  The Dragon tells us that we can’t, and will not be happy without IT. He tells us that using IT is the single most important thing right now, and that we should go to great lengths to get IT.

Now that we’ve got IT, the Dragon reverses his role and makes us feel guilty and low about our decision.  He puts depressing thoughts into our minds; thoughts of inadequacy, failure, and insecurity.  He magnifies the experience in both a negative and positive fashion.  Not only does He make us feel depressed about our poor decision; but He also hones in on the instant gratification and pleasure IT provided us with.  He causes an intense remembrance of how good it felt to escape for that brief time – making it all the more enticing to partake of IT once again.  He uses our memory against us in a unique – sly way, causing us to have mixed emotions and feelings of what to do next. 

What do we do next? Do we search for IT again?  Or do we stop the Dragon dead in its tracks?

-Dustin Hawkins


Tuesday Red Session Week 1

The Elite Path

WAR Workout

A. Hang Power Snatch 2,2,2,2,2.
For Time complete 5 rounds of:
500 Meter Row
15 Burpee Push Ups

GYM NOTE:  Let’s get better at the hang power snatch. Let’s work on a good aggressive pull with full hip extension.  The Burpee Push Ups are just like they sound.  You do a full chest2deck pushup and then hop up into a burpee.  These are slower and more controlled because you need to focus on a good ROM push up. 

Classroom Discussion

A. Nutrition Presentation: “What & how the WAR lifestyle coaches eat”.  We will bring examples of what we eat in a given day.  We will also talk about the importance of Tying The Kitchen directly into the WAR workouts.  We are going to keep hammering the importance of diet and nutrition; it plays a huge role in this program.  Nutrition is the foundation to having a good experience in the gym.

“When my Diet is locked in, the WAR workouts become easier and more enjoyable because my body is fueled properly”

B. Journal Title: Tying the Kitchen Directly into the WAR Workouts & the Role it Will Play in My Life.

WAR Red Session Week 1

The Red Session

WAR Program Note: We start the Red Session this week.  I encourage you all to make this WAR program even more of a commitment in your lives.  Wherever you’ve been weak in this program, look to improve.  If that weakness has been the classroom -work on it.  If that weakness has been attendance – work on it. Etc, Etc.  This is an elite program, that produces elite results if done properly.  Don’t take this program lightly -go hard in your effort to improve yourself.  If you take a passive approach to this program, you will get passive results.   This Red Session has some great concepts; concepts that will change your life if you’ll let them. Get the most out of this WAR program; invest in yourself continuously. Make it happen.

WAR Workout

A1. 45 second Ring Plank Holds X 3
    Rest 15
A2. 45 second AB Mat Sit Ups X 3
    Rest 75 seconds
For Time Complete:
Run 800 Meters
21 Dead Lifts (225)
Row 800 Meters
21 KB Thrusters (55,35)
Run 800 Meters

GYM NOTE: This workout is for time and will be scaled for many. This will be a mental grind – challenge yourself.  Notice the escape a workout like this provides; it hurts, but at the same time you can’t really hear or think about anything, therefore a unique escape is provided.  We as addicts tend to be thinkers; in a workout like this you forget about everything in the world, and just focus on finishing the workout.  Look for it. 

Classroom Discussion 

Journal Topic Presentation: “Importance of Being Diligent”

Journal Title: Being Diligent in Living the WAR Lifestyle & the Role it Will Play in My Life.

Saturday Black Session Week 6

A Different Way

WAR Saturday Workout

A. Nature Park Run – 3 laps

B. 20 Ring Push Ups x 5

C. Weighted Chin Ups – 5,3,2,2,1 

D. 10 Plank dumbbell Rows x 5  

Friday Black Session Week 6

Seek a Colorful Life

WAR Workout

A. Front Squat 3 reps X 3
    Rest 2 Minutes
B. Tabata Sit Ups (4 Minutes-Low Score)
    +Rest 3 minutes
5 sets of:
10 Heavy KBS
10 Burpees AFastAP
25 Double Unders (Scaled Box Jumps 20inch Box – fast)
    Rest 3 Minutes
C. Row 200 Meters X 5 (100%)
    Rest 1 Minute

GYM NOTE:  We want 3 heavy work sets at about 90-95% on the Front Squat. On the middle portion you are timing each individual round.  We want to try and maintain the same time or better throughout all 5 rounds – go hard.  If you don’t have Double Unders you will do 20inch box jumps –  fast.  Make it happen Cap’n. Stick to the times – even the times in between concepts. Get in the habit of watching the clock.  Go hard on the row.

Classroom Discussion

Weekend Assignment: Go for a jog (you choose distance) either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night (or all 3) – just before dark.  There should be about 45 minutes of light left in the sky (probably around 7-45 or 8pm).  Go somewhere magical. This could be in your neighborhood, the nature park, the trails, etc. Choose a location that has substance & character to you personally.  Prior to the jog think of all of the things you are thankful for in your life; and during the jog seek out positive thoughts.  Push yourself, fight through the pain, and learn to enjoy the escape that running at this particular hour of night can provide you with. There is something about this particular hour that is magical; recognize it, and enjoy the natural high that can be achieved through this avenue of physical activity.  At the end of the jog I want you to meditate; get lost in talking to yourself; and become actively engaged in prayer and spirituality. Ask, in a sincere way, for help in overcoming your weaknesses and addictions – and then believe, with all of your heart, that you will receive this help.  Make this happen. 

Get ready for the Red Session.  Write in your Journal how you’ve changed over these past 6 weeks.  Create a testimonial.  Set a goal to be even more committed to the Red Session.  I’m thankful for you all. 

Thursday Black Session Week 6

Light Show

WAR Workout

A. Go for a Run; Run 45 seconds @ 80-85%, Jog Walk for 60 seconds X 10.
+Rest 5 Minutes
7 Rounds for time:
10 Kipp Pull Ups (Adv. CTB)
10 Ring Dips (Scaled band OR 20 Bench Dips)

GYM NOTE: Guesstimate on the run times.  We’re all familiar enough with time to guesstimate how long 45 seconds and a minute is.  You can run anywhere, my suggestion would be to head west where there are less hills.  Wherever you want to take your journey is entirely up to you.  During your run & rest times I want you to almost meditate & analyze how you feel.  Try and think about positive things, and then push yourself on every run.  Let’s loosen up those legs.  That last portion speaks for itself.  Make it Happen. 

Classroom Discussion

A. WAR Journal Topic Discussion:  ”Leadership” presentation/discussion.

“Be a person who carries them self with confidence, leading by example every step of the way”   

B. Black Session Recap: Hope, Nutrition, Self Examination, Education, The People you Love, Faith, Power of the Mind & Body, Spirituality, Confidence, Time Management, Being Active, Integrity, Character, Communication, Leadership = WAR Lifestyle = Amazing Human Being.  All aspects of the WAR lifestyle have to be practiced and work on daily.

“You have to constantly practice and work at living this WAR lifestyle.  It’s not just a one time thing.  If the WAR lifestyle isn’t worked on daily, then no real long term change will take place in your life”


Wednesday Black Session Week 6

Put Off Becoming The Natural Man

The natural man is a man of the worldly pleasures.  The natural man seeks guidance by things and substances. The natural man’s happiness is controlled by these things and substances to the point that no joy can be obtained without these things or substances.  The natural man is driven by selfishness and greed; he is blinded and cannot see life’s simple pleasures anymore. The natural man’s freedom has been stripped and he doesn’t even realize it.  The natural man is trapped and has no control over his own life; the worldly, temporary pleasures have total control now, and are showing no signs of letting go.

Being a Natural Man is an easy lifestyle to live; it’s the lifestyle the majority of the population has chosen. It’s easy to live the “Eat Drink & Be Merry for Tomorrow We Die” lifestyle.  It’s easy to live clouded weekend after clouded weekend, where escaping reality becomes a common trend.  Being a natural man means succumbing to the short term, fake pleasures this world has to offer.  These fake, temporary pleasures bring us down from our unique elite state, to that of the natural man.

When we put off becoming the Natural Man, we set ourselves apart – we are different.  There is a light about us that is indescribable in words, but all who surround us recognize the difference in the way that we carry ourselves.  We have an aura of confidence about us; a powerful light that shines so great, others find themselves wondering how they too can achieve this indescribable balance in their own lives. 

This unique, elite path does not come easy.  It’s a path of desired self-perfection where individuals must work daily in their efforts to obtain this perfection. Often times in our journey to this elite state, we fall off and succumb back to the ways of the Natural Man. The world that we live in is challenging, and full of intense temptations where it’s easy to escape and find temporary happiness.  Those who seek perfection, seek self-mastery.  One cannot obtain perfection unless he or she has mastered himself or herself.  This includes our thoughts and the way we think.  This includes how we speak, who we surround ourselves with, and what type of language we choose to use.  All of the natural man’s ways feed each other in one-way or another.  How we think often leads to how we speak and act.  How we speak and act a lot of times determines the decisions we make.  If we are thinking charitable thoughts, most times these thoughts lead to charitable acts.  If we are thinking bad thoughts, most times these thoughts lead to bad actions. 

The more we put off the ways of the natural man, the easier and easier it becomes; we slowly become a different, more well rounded person.  We are able to endure downtimes and boredom easier; we become more patient in our doings; we become confident and in control of all that life throws at us.  The ways of the natural man start to seem foreign, and don’t make sense anymore.  This newfound elite path has become a path of progress and personal growth.  The temporary happiness we once craved, has now diminished, and been dissolved. 

As we put off the Natural Man, we put ourselves on course to reach our full potential as human beings.  We become different in our thoughts and our actions.  We grow in a different direction.  Putting off the natural man means that the sky is the limit to how much we can accomplish and do in this life.  We are in a position to make a difference in the lives of all who surround us when we put off the natural man.  We are in a position to not only better our community, but also the world if we wish. 

-Dustin Hawkins



Tuesday Black Session Week 6

Devil’s Advocate

WAR Workout

A. Back Squat Cluster- 2,2,2 X 4
    Rest 3 Minutes
B. 1-5 Hang Power Snatch Ladders in 5 Minutes (Adv. Hang Squat Snatch – 115,95,75)

C1. 7 HSPU (Scaled shoulder press)
    Rest 10
C2. 14 Romanian Dead Lifts (115,95,65)
    Rest 10
C3. 21 Double  Unders (Scaled X 2)
   Rest 2 Minutes X 5
D. 100 Walking Lunges for time

GYM NOTE: Challenge yourself on the Back squat cluster.  The cluster is the same concept as yesterdays press cluster.  We will hammer the hang power snatch technique at the beginning of class.  Advanced people will do Hang Squat Snatch. You will do 1 drop it, 2 drop it, and so on and so forth until you reach 5. You will attempt as many ladders as possible in 5 minutes.  We will also go over the romanian dead lift.  It is a dead lift that starts in the hang position that travels down till a good stretch is obtained, and then you pull with your hamstrings to bring the weight back to the hang position.  Same concept as dead lifet – good C in your back, bar close to body, pulling with hamstrings.  Make it Happen.

Classroom Discussion

A. WAR Presentation: WAR Lifestyle Coach Bub Hatch  “Setting attainable goals, Intensity in the Gym & the importance of Watching the Clock”@7PM. Don’t be late.

B. WAR Assignment: We are going to talk about setting some goals.  The assignment will be talked about in the classroom.  On a further note, I want you to write about your experience so far in the WAR program.  Write about it in your journal, or if you want, post it in the comments section of the Blog. Analyze the changes you have made so far through this program.  How do you feel physically? How do you feel mentally?

“You have to constantly practice and work at living this WAR lifestyle.  It’s not just a one time thing.  If the WAR lifestyle isn’t worked on daily, then no real long term change will take place in your life”



Monday Black Session Week 6

Optical Illusion

WAR PROGRAM NOTE: Get here 4 times this week.  The difference between three days and four days is huge in this WAR program. Keep working hard out of your WAR classroom journal, for it is the most important aspect of this program. Monday’s & Thursday’s are huge classroom days where we discuss the journal topics, and a WAR lifestyle coach does a presentation. Don’t miss these days or any day for that matter. The classroom starts at 7PM sharp – don’t be late. You can’t be late to this program. When you are late you hold everyone up – don’t be that guy, if anything be early. Tuesday’s are usually day’s when we have guest speakers. You can’t miss these guest speakers. These are professionals that are taking time out of their schedule to come and present, and not to mention I pay them. Fridays we will usually just meet in the gym after the workout to briefly discuss the weekend assignment.   

Make all of this happen. Lets have a good week. 

P.S. Friday’s aren’t day’s off just cause it’s Friday.  You gotta finish out the week on a good note so you can be strong all weekend.

WAR Workout

A. Push Press Cluster (Adv. Push Jerk) 1,1,1,1 X 6
    Rest 3 Minutes
B. WAR Hill Sprints – Stop sign to the Top. 100% effort X 5
    Rest – Walk Down
    +Rest 3 minute
 50 Burpee Pull Ups for time

GYM NOTE: On the Push Press/Jerk cluster you will do 1, rest 10 sec, 1 rest 10sec, 1 rest 10sec, 1 rest 10 sec. & then rest 3 minutes.  You will do this 6 times.  Challenge yourself on the load, especially you who are more advanced – this shouldn’t be easy.  Try to go up in weight each cluster of 4.  You should have roughly 6 different load scores by the end – log in your journal.  The Hill Sprints are 100% effort – go hard.  The 50 burpee pull ups speak for themselves.  You can switch grip any way that you want.  Let’s have a good week.  

Classroom Discussion

A. Weekend Assignment Discussion: Importance of being a strong communicator presentation/discussion.

B. Journal Topic Discussion: By being a strong communicator we learn something about ourselves.  We learn how to be open and state our opinion confidently, which in turn leads to Leadership qualities. As our mindset continues to change we start becoming a leader, instead of a follower. 

C. Journal Title: Being a Leader & the Role it Will Play in My Life

“People everywhere are looking for someone to follow—for someone to lead them. A leader is a person who goes ahead of others to direct or guide them or to show them how to do something. Leaders not only tell others what to do and how to do it, they also show them by example. Leaders help others grow”

Saturday Black Session Week 5


WAR Saturday Workout

A. Nature Park Run – Run straightaways (85%-90%), Walk the bends X 4

B. Hand Stand Walk Practice for 10 Minutes at Nature Park

C. Nature Park Run – Run straightaways (85%-90%), Walk the bends X 4

D. Front Bridge 30 seconds, left side bridge 30 seconds, right side bridge 30 seconds X 4

     Rest 2 Minutes