Tuesday Black Session Week 1

Bay Bridge

WAR Workout

NOTE: Lying Tricep Extension is a new movement I’m adding for this next cycle.  A powerful tricep increases pressing movements such as bench press and push press. We are not doing skull crushers, you will miss the skull for longer range of motion by unlocking the shoulders in flexion, feeling for the bottom stretch and them aim and throw the barbell at the ceiling.  Pull with your lats & then throw the bar at the ceiling.  Great movement, I’m excited.

 Post loads, time, and any comments you may have to the comments section.

A1. Lying Tricep Extensions IN TO Close grip Bench 10, 10 Reps X 4
Rest 15 seconds
A2. Strict Chin Ups IN TO Kipp Chin Ups AMRepsAP (Advanced weighted) X 4
Rest 2 Minutes
Perform 21,15,9 Reps for Time of:
Wall Balls
Push Ups – Hand Release
Box Jumps 30/24

Classroom Discussion

A. Dietician Jacie Bailey Presentation: “How to properly fuel the body, and the benefits from doing so”

B.  WAR Journal Assignment: Rewrite in your journal what you learned from the Dietician today.  Think about making changes to the way you eat, and the positive effect it could play in your life.  Diet plays a huge role in this program. 

C. Journal Title: Nutrition & the Role it Will Play in My Life

Monday Black Session Week 1

Black Session

Welcome to the Black Session!  In this session you will grow both physically and mentally.  Challenge yourself to be committed to this program.  If you make this WAR program a priority – I promise that an incredible lifestyle will unfold right before you, and will open your eyes to a whole new world.

WAR Workout

A. Back squat latter 1-5 AMRoundsAp in 5 Minutes (225,205,185,155,135. Ex-1 rack it, 2 rack it, etc..)
    Rest 3 Minutes
B1. Push Press 12 Reps X 4 (155,135,115,95)
B2. Bent Over Rows 12 Reps X 4 (Same weight as B1)
    Rest 3 Minutes
3 sets of:
5 Dead Lift
10 Burpees
    Rest 2 Minutes

Classroom Discussion

A. 6 week overview: Discuss what to expect & what is expected (workouts, classroom, etc). 

B. WAR Assignment:Write in your Journal about what you Hope to get out of this program?  What is your definition of “Hope”?

C. Journal Title: Hope & the Role it Will Play in my Life.

Saturday Red Session Week 6

Summer Time

WAR Saturday Workout

A. Run 4 Laps for time (Nature Park)


B. Hike Malans Peak for time

Friday Red Session Week 6


WAR Workout

For Time Complete:
50 Kipping Pull Ups
50 Push Ups
50 Air Squats
50 Walking Lunges (25 each leg)
50 Sit Ups
50 Burpees
50 Calorie Rows

We are coming to the end of Week 6 of the Red Session.  We Start the black session on Monday.  Try to be even more committed these next 6 weeks.  We have a few new people starting on Monday; lets help them learn this WAR lifestyle. Let’s help them find what they are looking for – a new life.

WAR Weekend Assignment: Create a testimonial of how you’ve changed over the past 6 weeks.  Write some goals down of where you want to improve (In the Gym, Classroom, Journal topics, etc).  Write about some experiences you’ve encountered, and recognize the positive impact this program has had on your life.  Make it happen Cap’n.


Thursday Red Session Week 6


WAR Workout

NOTE: Cutting the Volume down on A & B.  See where your at for 3 x 3 sets across.  Working on getting better at the cleans & hopefully increasing the load.  Technique has to be efficient on the clean before any real jump in loads can take place.  

A. Back Squat 3 Reps X 3
    Rest 2-3 Minutes
B. Push Press 3 Reps X 3
    Rest 2-3 Minutes
C. Power Clean 3 Reps X 5
    Rest 2-3 Minutes
4 Sets of:
10 Burpees AFastAP
Run 200 Meters AFastAp
    Rest 2 Minutes

*Post loads used & 4 different times on the Burpee/200meter Run.  Try and get better each interval.

Classroom Discussion

NOTE: Lets have a good discussion tonight.  Think of something to bring up concerning Charity, or your WAR experience.  Your comment may help someone. Thanks.

A. WAR Assignment: I want you to analyze your WAR experience so far.  What changes have taken place in your life?  Do you feel better and more confident in your all around life?  Have you made progress, not only in workouts, but in your daily lives? What do you like about the WAR program? Has living the WAR Lifestyle played a positive role in your life?  For those of you that have been doing this for a while I want this to be almost like a testimonial.  Think Deep. 

“If you think about it, it’s pretty exciting to know that you have the opportunity to learn an entire new lifestyle, the WAR lifestyle.  Change can be an incredible thing – a lot of people don’t think people can change.  I’m here to tell you – people can change, I did”– Dustin Hawkins

B. Journal Title: Living the WAR lifestyle & the Role it has & will play in my life?

C. Becoming a Charitable Person Discussion: Learning to be a charitable person opens up new opportunities.

Wednesday Red Session Week 6

Purple Moon

Take some time and study the below article.  We are going on our 4th week since we introduced the Power Clean into the programming – let’s continue to get better at it.  Read the article and visualize how your own power clean is going compared to what is said in the article.  A lot of the stuff may be repetitive, but y0u never can hear it, or practice it enough. The only way you get better at a lift like this is to educate yourself, and practice it.  Don’t just read the article, study and compare.  Make it happen.  Have a good day off, and come ready to work on your Power Clean on Thursday.

A 12 Step Guide to a Flawless Power Clean

By Greg Everett

Meet The Power Clean

A clean brings a barbell from the floor to the lifter’s shoulders. The power qualifier describes the height at which the bar is received and arrested: with the upper legs above horizontal. That is, in a clean, the athlete receives the barbell on the shoulders at some height between standing and squatting, continues into the bottom of a squat position, and finishes the lift by standing again.

In a power clean, the athlete pulls the barbell identically, but must receive it on the shoulders and stop moving downward before sinking past a parallel squat. In other words, the power clean means the athlete must pull the bar higher, get under it quicker, and stop moving immediately.


From the Top Down

While it may seem odd to learn the power clean backward, I want to point out that you can’t go to a place that doesn’t exist. Without a receiving position, we can’t pull under the bar. Without a pull under the bar, we can do a power clean. So let’s start there.


Receiving Position

The receiving position for the power clean is the same as the clean, which is (or should be) the same as the front squat—meaning, the bar is on your shoulders. Receiving power cleans in the hands and arms is a great way to set yourself up for hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries.

Also, we want to “receive” the bar rather than catch it. To catch something requires that you’re not contact with it immediately prior. In contrast, we want to maintain a tight connection to the bar throughout the movement until the last possible moment when the bar is finally supported on our shoulders.

Step 1 — Grip the bar with your hands about a fist-width outside your shoulders—your hands should not be in contact with your shoulders at all in the top position. From here, relax your grip, lift your elbows, push your shoulders forward and slightly up, and let the bar roll onto your fingers and into the space between your deltoids and your throat. (If this space doesn’t exist, you’re either not pushing your shoulders forward and up, or you need to work on your scapular mobility.)

If the bar is placing too much pressure on your throat, pull your head straight back—do not tilt it back. If the bar is in contact with your clavicles, you need to shrug your shoulders up a bit more.

To be sure the bar is supported by your shoulders and not your hands, remove your hands from under the bar and extend your arms in front of you. The bar shouldn’t move.

This is the position in which you will be trying to receive the bar.


Pulling Under

One of the most common mistakes is not actively pulling under the bar after accelerating it upward. With lighter weights, you’ll be able to simply drop under the bar in time. As weights get heavier, you will not be able to accelerate the bar as much, and the lower resulting momentum means less time before the bar changes direction, which in turn means you have less time to change direction and position yourself under the bar. In these cases, an active and aggressive pull against the bar is necessary for you to beat the bar.

Step 2 — Standing tall with the bar at arms’ length in front of you, pull your elbows as high as possible, directing them to the sides as they rise. This will bring the bar to about lower chest level. Don’t lean forward over the bar, and don’t try to lift it—lift your elbows instead.

Step 3 — From this scarecrow position, pull your elbows back and whip them around the bar into the receiving position you practiced earlier. Imagine the barbell as the pivot point for your elbows and make sure it stays right up against your body. As your elbows come around, the bar will rise to your shoulders, and you can relax your grip and let it settle into the proper receiving position.

Step 4 — When you can rack the bar smoothly on your shoulders with some consistency from this scarecrow position, begin the drill from arms’ length and perform the entire movement smoothly. Make sure the elbows come up and out, not back. This is the arm movement of the pull under the bar.

Step 5 — When you’re comfortable with this, you can put it to use and move on to actually pulling under the bar. Starting again from the scarecrow position with your feet about hip-width apart, pick up and move your feet quickly to your squat stance as you perform the pull under the bar, pulling yourself into a quarter-depth squat. When you can do this smoothly, begin the drill with the bar at arms’ length.


Accelerating the Bar

Step 6 — With the bar at arms’ length and your feet hip-width and turned out slightly, tighten your glutes to extend your hips through the bar slightly and shift back to your heels as much as possible. This will place you with your legs approximately vertical and the hips slightly hyperextended. This approximates the position you should be in at the top of your pull (although your ankles will be somewhat extended during the real pull).

Step 7 — From this extended position, push the hips back, bend the knees slightly, and let the bar slide down your legs until it reaches your lower thighs. In this position your back should be extended securely, your shins vertical, the bar in light contact with your legs, and your shoulders slightly in front of the bar and your knees. Keep your head up and your eyes forward.

Step 8 — Re-extend slowly into the simulated finish position, making sure to actively pull the bar against yourself with your lats and shoulders, keeping your weight over your heels. Gradually increase the speed at which you go from this thigh position to the extended position, making sure to continue pushing against the floor with your legs as you extend your hips. You will naturally begin rising onto the balls of your feet at the top—just be careful to keep your weight back so you stay balanced in the same position.

Step 9 — When you’ve increased the speed enough, you will feel the bar popping up, and possibly slightly forward. Let it rise, but guide it up close to your body by keeping your elbows traveling up and out like you did when practicing the pull under.

Step 10 — Once you’re comfortable with this controlled pull, it’s time to put the pieces together and perform a power clean from the hang position. Set your thigh position carefully and ensure proper balance before initiating the lift.

Drive your legs against the floor and finish the hip extension completely with the glutes. The moment you’ve reached this finish position with the legs and hips, pick up and move your feet to your squat stance and perform the pull under into a quarter squat—do not try to pull the bar higher by shrugging it up.

Congratulations, you’ve just done a hang power clean.

As you continue practicing, keep in mind that the actual depth at which you receive the bar will increase with the weight because of your decreasing ability to accelerate and elevate the bar. If you perform your pull under correctly, you will always be in the right place to receive the bar because of the connection you’re maintaining.


From the Floor

While the hang power clean itself is an excellent exercise for hip and leg explosiveness, I still like pulling from the floor.

The goal for the pull from the floor is to put you right into the same hang position you’ve been lifting from. We want a photo of you taken at the moment the bar hits the lower thighs during a power clean to look identical to a photo of you in your hang starting position. To do this, your position off the floor may have to deviate a bit from your normal deadlifting position.

Step 11 — With your feet about hip-width apart and turned out slightly, place the bar over the balls of your feet. Get your clean grip, set your back in a complete arch, push your knees out slightly, and drop your hips until your shoulders are directly above the bar. From the side, your arms should be approximately vertical.

Your knees or thighs may be in light contact with the insides of your arms. If you can’t keep your back extended in this position, you need to work on your flexibility and back strength. Keep your head up and your eyes straight ahead. The bar does not need to be touching your shins.

Step 12 — Break the bar from the floor without jerking and shift to your heels immediately. As the bar passes your knees, make sure to actively pull it back toward your legs. It should remain in immediate proximity to your thighs, and it should come into contact by mid to upper thigh. As you reach the thigh position from which you lifted previously, accelerate aggressively to the top of the pull.

Initially, the pull from the floor to the hang position can be done very slowly to ensure proper positioning. You can even perform partial lifts from the floor to the thighs with a pause in the hang position. As you get more comfortable and consistent, the speed of this pull can be increased. At any speed, there should never be a point at which the bar slows or pauses.


Tuesday Red Session Week 6

Fast Lane

For Time Complete:
50 Box Jumps (20)
50 KBS (55,35)
50 Supine Ring Pull Ups
50 Push Press (45lb Bar)
50 Knees2Elbows
50 Wall Balls
50 Calorie Rows

WAR Journal Question & Assignment: Read the below story – it’s great.  Do you see the big picture of life? Or are you just seeing what’s right in front of you?  Are you seeing and seeking temporary happiness?  Or are you seeing and seeking lasting happiness?  Do you have a vision of what you could, and will become?  Think deep about this, and write about it in your journal.

The Three Stonecutters

One day a traveller, walking along a lane, came across 3 stonecutters working in a quarry. Each was busy cutting a block of stone. Interested to find out what they were working on, he asked the first stonecutter what he was doing. “I am cutting a stone!” Still no wiser the traveller turned to the second stonecutter and asked him what he was doing. “I am cutting this block of stone to make sure that it’s square, and its dimensions are uniform, so that it will fit exactly in its place in a wall.” A bit closer to finding out what the stonecutters were working on but still unclear, the traveller turned to the third stonecutter. He seemed to be the happiest of the three and when asked what he was doing replied: “I am building a cathedral.”

This story beautifully illustrates a key leadership quality – seeing the bigger picture. All three stonecutters were doing the same thing, but each gave a very different answer. Each knewhow to do his job but what was it that set the third stonecutter apart? Perhaps:

*Knowing not just how and what to do, but knowing why.

*Viewing the whole and not just its parts.

*Seeing a vision, a sense of the bigger picture.

*Having the ability to see significance in work, beyond the obvious.

*Understanding that a legacy will live on, whether in the stone of a cathedral, or in the impact made on other people.

Monday Red Session Week 6

Horse Shoe

WAR Workout

A1. Back Squat 5 Reps X 5
    Rest 20 seconds
A2. Heavy Weighted Push Ups 6-12 Reps X 5
    Rest 3 Minutes
B1. Dead Lift 15 Reps X 3 (225,205,185,155)
    Rest 20 seconds
B2. HSPU AMRepsAP X 3 Or Shoulder Press AMRepsAP X 5 (115,95)
    Rest 3 Minutes
Run 400 Meters X 4
    Rest 2 Minutes

GYM NOTE: Let’s get stronger on this day. We are going 5 sets across ( Meaning same weight for all 5 sets) on the Back Squat, which means if your Back Squat 5 RM is 355, the weight for 5 sets across would need to be reduced to 335 or 340 x 5 sets across.  This is to allow for accumulating fatigue.  On the Dead lift we are going for high reps, (only advanced – beginners will stay at 3 sets of 5 reps) which means the load will be lighter due to higher reps, and will be touch and go.  On the heavy weighted push – ups we are seeing where we are at for a minimum of 6 reps.  Make sure you are logging everything in your journal.  Make it happen.

Classroom Discussion

A. Weekend Assignment Discussion – Understanding the Greater Good (Big Picture). Can you see the importance of making sacrifices in our lives for the greater good?  Goal of this assignment was to get you to change you weekend routine by giving something up for the greater good, by making sacrifices that will benefit others.  

B. Journal Topic Discussion/Question: Can you see how by understanding the big picture can put things in perspective (Family, where & how you spend your time, progress, etc).  By making sacrifices for the greater good is a form of charity that will help you to learn to love and appreciate all things.  What is you definition of Charity?

C. Journal Title: Becoming a Charitable Person & the Role it Will Play in My Life.  

Saturday Red Session Week 5

WAR Saturday Workout

A. Run 2 Laps (Nature Park)

B. 20 Turkish Get Ups (Nature Park Grass – 55/35)

C. Run 2 Laps (Nature Park)

D. 20 Turkish Get Ups (Nature Park Grass – 55/35)

NOTE: Meet at WAR Gym first, and then we will drive over together, should be a magical morning.

Friday Red Session Week 5

Galaxy Rising

WAR Workout

A1. KBSwing 45 seconds (70,55)
     Rest 15
A2. Calorie Row 45 Seconds
    Rest 2 minutes X 3
B1. Ring Plank Holds 45 seconds
    Rest 15
B2. AB Mat Sit Ups 45 seconds
    Rest 2 minutes X 3
C1. Kipp Pull Ups 45 seconds
     Rest 15
C2.Ring Dips 45 seconds
    Rest 2 minutes X 3

Classroom Discussion

A. Weekend Assignment:  Give something up this weekend.  Sacrifice something for the greater good.  Sacrifice time by helping someone, donate money to a charity, lend your car to someone, offer to share something with someone, sacrifice your routine by doing something with someone you love – movie, bowling, bookstore, church, Etc. 

B. Journal Title: Understanding the Greater Good (Big Picture) & the Role it Will Play in My Life.

“Make this happen – change your weekend routine by giving something up for the greater good, by making sacrifices that will benefit others”