Saturday WAR Strength & Conditioning

“I Can See”

WAR Saturday Workout (Optional)

A. Power Snatch 1 Rep X 5 (70%); 1 Rep X 5 (75%); 1 Rep X 5 (80%) Note: percentages are based on effort. Each set of 5 stick with same load. Increase load from set to set total 15 total reps using 3 different loads.
Rest 1 Minute

+ Rest roughly 5 Minutes

3 rounds for time of:
15 knees to Elbows
30 Double Unders (60 singles)
Run 1 lap around building (Bring your beanie & warm clothes)

NOTE: Gym will be open at 9.


Nice work this week everyone.  Do something this weekend that will challenge you.  Do something that will build your character.  Help somebody; text somebody that you may have lost touch with; do some sort of service for someone – clean your moms car, help someone with their yard, etc.  See you all next week. Make it Hap’n Cap’n

Friday WAR Strength & Conditioning

“Opening A New Door Leading to A New Life”

WAR Workout

Complete 2 rounds of:

Max Rep Push Ups in 2 Minutes
Rest 2 minutes
Max Rep Pronated Grip strict Pull Ups in 2 Minutes
Rest 2 Minutes
Max Calorie Row in 2 Minutes
Rest 2 Minutes

Score is total # of Reps and Calories

Weekend Assignment

Read the below quote.  Think about the trials and tribulations that life throws at us some times.  Everything we encounter in life can be a learning experience.  We have to be able to experience the bad (clear), to appreciate the good and simple things life has to offer. Analyze your current self: Are you getting the most out of yourself?  Are you afraid to change? So many people never reach their full potential simply because they are afraid. They are afraid that their new routine will be boring, and that they may not be able to measure up like they’d hoped.Think about that this weekend and write about it.  Think about how difficult it is to really change; but also think about the new life that could unfold.  A life that would not only change you for the better, but all those who surround you as well.

No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable.
-Orson F. Whitney

Thursday WAR Strength & Conditioning

“Finding our Way”

WAR Workout

A. Back Squat 6 reps X 5
    Rest 2 Minutes
Complete 7 rounds for time of:
5 shoulder press (115,95,65)
7 Burpees
9 CTB Pull Ups (scaled Jumping PU)


Below is an interesting article regarding a book called SPARK.  Dr. Ratey wrote the book  SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Excercise and the Brain.  I’ve read this book and it’s incredible, I highly recommend it.  Post what you think. 


Smokers keen to quit cigarettes probably won’t celebrate the news that exercise could be the key to a cigarette-free life. But research by British scientists suggests that as little as five minutes of brisk walking can reduce the intensity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. In the tests, researchers asked participants to rate their need for a cigarette after various types of physical exertion. Those who had exercised reported a reduced desire to smoke. “If we found the same effects in a drug, it would immediately be sold as an aid to help people quit smoking,” Adrian Taylor, the study’s lead author at the University of Exeter, said last year.

The principle is that exercise can stimulate production of the mood-enhancing hormone dopamine, which can, in turn, reduce smokers’ dependence on nicotine. “Dopamine works by replacing or satisfying the need for nicotine,” Ratey explains.

Whether the findings will lead office-based smokers to dash out for a jog remains to be seen. After all, you wouldn’t want to get addicted to exercise.

Wednesday WAR Strength & Conditioning

WAR Highlight – Alex

Alex has been doing the WAR program for roughly 15 weeks now and it’s incredible to see the progress he has made. The WAR movements have come easy to Alex, in which he has excelled faster than anyone thus far; and has proven himself to be the most well rounded WAR athlete to date.  When I say well rounded I mean the complete package; the five tool player, both in the gym and out of the gym. The reason for this, I believe, is that he is a natural gifted athlete, but more importantly Alex is a good listener and is open and willing to see life from a different angle.  Alex works hard at the WAR lifestyle – the full spectrum of it.

The thing that I have grown to love about Alex is his integrity.  He takes pride in doing things right; and by being honest in all that he does.  This is an incredible gift to obtain because it’s a gift easily recognized by other people. It’s an easily recognized gift in the sense that all who surround Alex know and feel that he is not only going to do things to the best of his ability, but that he will do them honestly, wholeheartedly, and with great integrity.

Keep at it bro, big things are going to continue to happen for you.  Love you brotha – thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the WAR program.

Tuesday WAR Strength & Conditioning



7:00 – 7:30

Guest Speaker – Jaycie Bailey, Licensed Dietician.

Come ready to ask questions; we really want to hammer diet this go around – it’s important.  Nutrition is a huge part of this program – if you commit to it, y0u won’t regret it. Lets work hard on this together.

“When you are putting healthy food into your body you will notice an increase in energy, positive thinking, and you will get more out of the WAR workouts – nutrition is everything”


WAR Workout

A1. 5 Power Cleans (155,135,115,95) X 5
Rest 10
A2. 20 KBS unbroken (55,35) X 5
Rest 10
A3. Close Grip Bench- AMRAP (135,95) X 5
Rest 3 minutes

Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

“A Corner Glimpse”

WAR Workout

A. Hang Power Snatch 3 Reps X 5
Rest 2 minutes
B. Thrusters 10 Reps (135,115,95,65) X 3
Rest 2 Minutes
Rest 2 Minutes
D. Tabata Abmat Sit Ups (4 minutes)


Congratulations to everyone who graduated from the WAR 12 Week Program (The Red & Black Session).  It’s incredible to see how much you have improved.  The WAR Strength and Conditioning program will continue to guide you on an incredible journey.  Keep improving yourself in all aspects of the WAR Lifestyle.


Reminder: We are over at the new place this week.  Invite everyone you know to come check it out.

Saturday Black Session Week 6

Enjoy the Moment

Addiction is sneaky at times. Addiction wants you to think that no joy can be found without partaking of the substance you are addicted to. Addiction makes you vulnerable to boredom, and causes you to question happiness. Thoughts of inadequacy start to invade you mind, and within an instant you start thinking of ways to feel the void, and enlighten the moment in an effort to find temporary happiness; and then the WAR begins.

Temporary happiness is the perfect description of addiction.  We even know prior to partaking of the substance that it’s temporary happiness, but yet we still partake. For some reason the short term, fake glimpse of happiness overshadows the heart retching, depressing outcome the substance gives way to.

We who struggle with addiction have to live in the moment, and learn to appreciate things as they come.  We have to learn to appreciate the wonderful positive experiences we all enjoy; and more importantly, learn to recognize and appreciate life’s wonderful gifts. Sometimes it’s so hard to find joy in the little things, in which we tend to forget that it’s the little things that radiate the most joy. We have to realize that during the tough depressing times we actually learn the most about ourselves; and that if we can get through those tough times, we will be able to reflect on the experience, in which we will then realize that it wasn’t that bad, and that we did in fact enjoy the moment with a clear lens.  If we do this enough times it becomes easier and easier to find peace in all that we do. We finally come to understand that true peace and happiness flows through the simple things in life, we just have to have confidence in ourselves; and be willing to submit, recognize, and embrace the simple intricacies that life gives us.

-Dustin Hawkins

Friday Black Session Week 6

“Early To Rise”

A. AMRoundsAP in 10 minutes of:
7 Supine Ring Pull Ups
7 Push Ups

+Rest 3 Minutes

B. Dead lift + Shrug 5 Reps X 5
Rest 1 Minute

+Rest 3 Minutes

C. Run 1-2 Laps Around The Nature park (Conversation Pace)


Hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow, it’s supposed to be; so we will just meet at the nature park after the run and BS for a minute.  Thanks again everyone, I’m so thankful for you all. We are going to help so many people through this WAR program, it’s going to be amazing.  See you all over at the new place starting on Monday. Thanks again.


Thursday Black Session Week 6

“Away From the Worldly Things”

WAR Workout

A. Back Squat 6,6,4,4,2 (Challenge yourself. Revert back to you WAR Gym Notes. Increase your loads; get stronger)

Rest 2 Minutes

B1. Hang Power Clean 8 Reps (M-155,135,115,95. W-95,75,65) X 5

Rest 15 Seconds

B2. Push Press 8 Reps (Use same bar & Weight as B1. Power Clean it up) X 5

Rest 2 Minutes

+Rest 5 Minutes

10 Rounds for time:

10 Pull Ups

10 Box Jumps (20inch)

Classroom Discussion

A. Do you understand the importance of being a leader instead of a follower?  One of the highest qualities of all true leadership is a high standard of courage.

Leaders are required to be courageous; not alone courageous in the sense that they were able to meet physical dangers, but also in the sense that they were steadfast and true to do the right things, even when those things might not be popular”

“Be a person who carries them self with confidence, leading by example every step of the way”

B. Do you see the importance of constantly practicing and working on the WAR lifestyle?

“Practice Makes Perfect”

NOTE: Lets have a good discussion today, come with some ideas of what you might want to say.


Wednesday Black Session Week 6

“Closing In”

Nice work everyone on yesterday’s workout; that was so cool to watch everyone go hard, the atmosphere was incredible.  See you all Thursday – have a good day off.  Spend it with your family; or spend it doing something for somebody.