Thursday Black Session Week 3

“Flash Light”


7:00-7:30– Motivational Speaker, Tim Border

WAR Workout

A. Power Clean & Jerk Practice 12 minutes (Do at least 10 Singles, work on technique. Increase load depending on technique. Critique Partner, Develop an eye)
B. Clean High Pulls 5 Reps (Add 20-30lbs to the ending weight you used on A) X 3
Rest 1 Minute
+rest 5 Minutes
7 Rounds for time of:
3 HSPU (advanced Parallette)
5 Front Squat (185,155,135,115)
10 Pullups

Wednesday Black Session Week 3

Rest Day

Tuesday Black Session Week 3

Anything’s Possible

WAR Workout

A. AMRoundsAP in 7 Minutes of:
5 Ring Dips
5 Burpees

Rest 10 Minutes

B. Row 500 Meters (100 percent effort) X 3.
Rest 4 Minutes Actively (Work on HSPU, HSPU Holds)

Classroom Discussion

Since you’ve started this class, can you see the power of physical intensity?  Can you see the physical capabilities of the human body, and how the mind tells you to quit when in reality our physical body is capable of achieving so much more? Can you see how by doing WAR workouts will help repair your confidence and self esteem?

NOTE: Come ready to have a good discussion about this. Brain Strength Training.

Journal Title: The Amazing Power of the Mind as it Relates to the Physical Body & the Role the Two Will Play in My Life

“After one achieves what his mind told him/her they couldn’t achieve, an amazing thing happens – confidence”.

“WAR will not only provide confidence in the Gym, but in our daily lives as well”

Monday Black Session Week 3

“Keep Moving”

WAR Workout

A. Back Squat 5,3,3,2,1 (Warm up to a tough 5, then start. Finish with a tough 1)
Rest 2 Minutes
B1. Pronated Grip Strict Pull ups AMRepsAP (Advanced CTB) X 5
Rest 20 seconds
B2. Wall Ball shots 30 unbroken Reps X 5
Rest 3 minutes
3 rounds for time of:
25 Push Ups
25 Ab Mat Sit Ups


A. Weekend Assignment Discussion.

“We all need someone we can turn to in times of need.  Someone we can rely on to help us at any given moment.  We also need to be a person that other people in our lives can rely on, and to help them out in times of need”

“We need to create honest healthy relationships with the people in our lives”

B. Having positive people in our life can help us to see what is most important in our lives.  Solid relationships will help increase our Faith in tough times, knowing that things will get better as we strive to make good decisions, and do the right things.

Journal Title: Having Faith & the Role it Will Play in My Life

NOTE: Log your gym notes in your Journal, along with you Journal Topic Notes.  Be extensive, the Journal is the Heart and Soul of the WAR Program.

Saturday Black Session Week 2

The Future

Who knows what the future holds, I don’t – no one does.  All we can really do is make the best possible decisions, and invest the necessary time and effort in improving ourselves and those around us.  I think the more and more we invest our time and energy in the service of others, we actually improve not only our own situation, but also those who are apart of our “sphere of influence”.  I constantly analyze how my life is going to be down the road, and I’ve come to one conclusion. Regardless of what happens, I know that success and happiness will be obtained if I live life through a clear lens; constantly striving to better myself by taking the charitable approach to life.  Can you imagine such a world without greed and pride?  Where everyone looked to help and serve others; never worrying about their social status, or how high up on the totum pole they were.  Think deep about this statement: “How can you not be successful if you always look to help others”?  The personal growth that comes through service to your fellow man is endless. The charitable approach leads to happiness in the family; happiness in the career; happiness amongst your peers; happiness everywhere.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with this more charitable approach to life, for it is a win win.

-Dustin Hawkins

Friday Black Session Week 2

“Switch It Up”

WAR Workout

A1. GHD Raises 15 reps X 4
Rest 10
A2. GHD Sit Ups 15 reps X 4
Rest 2 Minutes

+Rest 5 Minutes

5 Rounds for time of:
Push Jerk 10 Reps
Pull Ups 10 Reps
Box Jumps 10 Reps (24 inch)
KB Swings 10 (

WAR Weekend Assignment

Spend some good quality time with someone or the people you love.  People that play a positive role in your life – could be family, or a friend.  Maybe you go visit some one that you have lost touch with over the years. Maybe you designate a night to hang out with your parents.  Whatever it may be, make it unique to the point that your routine is changed, and you surprise yourself. Try and have a good positive conversation.  Think outside the box on this – and then write about it in your journal.

Journal Title: The People I love & the Important Role they will Play in my Life

“Make it Happen Cap’n”

Thursday Black Session Week 2

“Feeling Better”

WAR Workout

Run 10 Laps – conversation pace
A. Front Squat – 5 reps X 5 (Pick a weight that you can do 5 sets across with same weight-245,225,205,185,155,135. Push yourself)
Rest 2 minutes
B. Power Snatch 8 touch and go Reps X 5 (Choose from 125,115,95, 75. Keep good back angle, explode at pockets. Use hook grip, you will get used to it)
Rest 3 Minutes
C. Hang Clean High Pulls 10 reps X 3 (175,155,135.115,95)
Rest 1 minute
Run 10 laps – Good steady pace

NOTE: weight highlighted in bold signifies the prescribed weight.  Make it a goal to eventually get to the point where you can do these Workouts as prescribed.

Classroom Discussion

A. Discuss Monday and Tuesday Journal Topic:  Self Examination, Becoming Educated (Nutrition, Gym, Olympic Lifts, Harmful affects substances have on our bodies and minds, etc.)

B. Reiterate the importance of the journal. One of the simplest ways to greater self-understanding is to keep a personal journal.  Use the WAR Journal!!! (Log workouts, Classroom Discussions, Journal Topics, etc).  Everyone seems to be getting better at this – nice work.

C. Come ready to have a good discussion.  We gotta work just as hard in the classroom as we do in the Gym, if not harder.

“The greatest lesson you can learn is to know yourselves”

“Knowledge is Power”

Wednesday Black Session Week 2

Get well soon Bryan

Bryan had a bad, freak injury occur to him last night.  Make sure you all text or call him to show your support.  Bryan has been consistent with the WAR program since November, so it was a hard thing for me to watch.  I’ll tell you what, I learned a lot about Bryan on Monday.  First and foremost, I learned that he is one tough individual.  The second thing I learned about Bryan was his calm, collective, confident demeanor when adversity instantly struck.  He had a certain quiet strength about him that was really incredible to witness.  Almost like he had done it before, and that he knew he was going to be alright; no matter what happened.

I learned a lot from Bryan on Monday.  He taught me that when life throws you an unexpected curveball, don’ t give up on it. Go with it confidently knowing that no matter what pitch is thrown, you can handle it.

Thanks for all that you do man.  I’m so sorry that happened to you  – it was a hard thing to watch.  I hope you know how much you mean to this program.  We all wish you a speedy recovery.  Love you brotha.

Tuesday Black Session Week 1

“The Educated Mind Is A Powerful Mind”

WAR Workout

A. 3 rounds for time of:
Goblet Squat 15 Reps (70,55)
Ring Dips 15 Reps
Rest 5 min
B. 3 rounds for time of:
Row 250 m
Double Unders 30 Reps
Rest 5 min
C. 3 rounds for time of:
Box Jumps 15 Reps
Pull Ups 15 Reps
Rest 5 min

NOTE: I will assign you to A,B,or C.  From there you will complete the round and then move onto the next couplet – resting 5 minutes in between.

Classroom Discussion

Journal Title: Becoming educated about addiction/substances/WAR Lifestyle & the role it will play in my life.

“I will do my best to gain an understanding about the harmful affects that drugs and alcohol have on my body and mind.  I will always look for opportunities to examine my own addictive behavior with what I am learning, and will become a student that is constantly looking for ways to manage my addictive behavior”- Dustin Hawkins

Monday Black Session Week 2

“Deep Reflection”

WAR Workout

A1. Thrusters 5 Reps (Choose from155,135,115,95. Go Heavy) X 5
Rest 10 seconds
A2. Push Ups 20 Reps X 5.
Rest 2 Minutes
AMRoundsAP in 12 Minutes of:
2 Muscle Ups OR 4 Strict Pull Ups
4 HSPU OR 6 Shoulder Press (95)
8 KBS (70,55)


Writing in your journal is the heart and soul of the WAR program.  If taken seriously the journal can be an amazing tool for getting thoughts down on paper, deep thinking, and reflection on how you were feeling at any given time.

Journal Title: Self Examination & the Role it Will Play in my Life

“Deep thinking & Self Examination play a huge role in learning the WAR lifestyle”

NOTE: Log your Gym Notes in your Journal, along with your Journal Topic Notes.  Be extensive, the Journal is the Heart and Soul of the WAR Program.