Wednesday Red Session Week 3

The Crew –  I Love You Guys

Both Feet In

It’s one thing to do something half way, or a little bit, but it’s another thing to do something the whole way with both feet in. People often times don’t realize how much potential there is when a real commitment is made.  A real commitment requires sacrifice, possibly a huge sacrifice depending on how great a change you are looking to make.

Sometimes when people start thinking about completely changing their lifestyle, it becomes even harder than they anticipated.  Strange forces start working against them. These forces don’t want them to completely let go of their old lifestyle, in which something always comes up, or a new enticing opportunity presents itself, where the individual is lured and drawn back in.

So the question is, how do we put both feet in to a new lifestyle?  How do we really change?  The first thing that we need to do is to have a goal, or a vision in mind of the kind of person that we want to become.  When we envision ourselves becoming a certain way, we make better decisions, decisions that will help us become the person we envision.  Second, we have to take the necessary steps forward to obtain our goals or vision.  We have to make good decisions, and learn to stay away from the things that will cause us to make bad decisions.  Third, we have to stay on it.  We have to work at this change with a relentless pursuit. If we make a mistake, we get back on it.  If we make another mistake,  we get back on it – we don’t quit.  People tend to quit too soon when they make a mistake or have a slip up.  Don’t quit, it wouldn’t be worth the lifestyle change if it were an easy process.

-Dustin Hawkins

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  1. kaelapplegate
    kaelapplegate says:

    Good is cutting us all short, we look DAMN GOOD! When I started WAR Hawk told me that I would get out of this program what I put in.<—- (This is true) From that point I was going to push myself, this was/is an opportunity of a lifetime for all of us. WAR has changed my life.When I first started this program I wasn't really into it, it was harder than most physical workouts I had done, it was a challenge. I didn't like that, but learned how to fight through that. By doing this I have aquired a skill to keep fighting with lifes challenges, and not give up when times get tough which has always been hard for me to do. Life will always have obstacles, before WAR I didn't know how to deal with life in general and this is why I used drugs to escape. From this program I have learned many coping skills, and continue to take seomthing from WAR each night. Thank you Hawk, Dom, Austin, and the rest of the guys.

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    personals says:

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