Monday Red Session Week 5


WAR Workout

A. AMRoundsAP in 5 minutes, perform 10, 7, OR 5 reps of Supine Ring Pull-ups. (Whatever rep scheme you choose, stick with it. Example: If I choose 10 reps I may get 5 Rounds within the 5 minute time frame)

Rest 5 minutes

B1. 5 Squat Cleans (155,135,115,95) OR KB Squat Clean (55,35)

Rest 10

B2. 15 KBS unbroken (70,55,35 – Pick a weight that will push you)

Rest 10

B3. Bench Press- AMrepsAP (Choose from 185, 155, 135, 115, 95 – g0ing more for reps) X 5

Rest 3 minutes

Classroom Discussion

“I have found great peace by losing myself in a workout – it almost becomes a spiritual experience.  Prior to the workout I could be in the worst mood, but after the workout the positive thoughts are back and I feel incredible”Dustin Hawkins

Living the WAR Lifestyle requires sacrifice and discipline in all different shapes and forms.

Journal Title: Making Sacrifices and Being Disciplined & the Role the Two will Play in My Life.

Log your Gym Notes in your Journal, along with your Journal Topic Notes.  Be extensive, the Journal is the Heart and Soul of the WAR Program.  Northern Utah Therapy (Psychologist) is presenting Tuesday at 7 in the conference room – we will workout after, BE ON TIME.

“Make it Happen Cap’n”

Saturday Red Session Week 4

Nice work this week everyone.  I’m so thankful for you all – and appreciate your continuous effort.  I can’t tell you how cool this whole thing is. Keep working hard to try and live this WAR lifestyle to the fullest, the rewards are incredible.  Love you guys.  Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. See you next week.


Friday Red Session Week 4

WAR Workout

5 Rounds for Time of:

20 Pull Ups

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Air Squats

Rest 3 Minutes.

NOTE: Time Each Round Individually, add up at the end for total score.  Log workout and times in your Journal.  Be diligent in your Gym note taking.

WAR Weekend Assignment

Do a workout with someone or by yourself.  Make the workout simple: body weight, running, snow shoeing, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, etc. Doesn’t have to be in a Gym, be creative. Do something fun that will push you both mentally and physically, then write about the experience in your journal.  I will provide ideas.

Journal Title: Doing WAR workouts by Myself & the role it will play in my life.

“Make this Happen. During down times we can kill BOREDOM and feel the VOID by doing a WAR workout “

Thursday Red Session Week 4

WAR Workout

Run 10 Laps – Conversation Pace


A. Front Squat – 5 reps X 5 (Pick a weight that you can do 5 sets across with same weight-245,225,205,185,155,135 – heavier than last week)

Rest 2 minutes

B. Power Snatch 8 Touch & Go Reps X 5 (Choose from 115, 95, 75)

Rest 2 Minutes

C. Hang Clean High Pulls 10 Reps X 3 (155, 135, 115, 95)

Rest 1 minute


Run 10 Laps – Good Steady Pace

Classroom Discussion

A. What Did you think about the Therapist’s presentation?

B. Discuss Monday and Tuesday Journal Topics: Values, Personal Mission Statement, Making Good Decisions VS Bad Decisions. Come ready to have a good discussion.  We gotta work just as hard in the classroom as we do in the Gym, if not harder.

“Exercise’n The Mind, It’s Brain Strength Training” -Eminem

Wednesday Red Session Week 4

WAR Highlight – Kael Applegate

Kael has been with me since day one of the WAR program.  He came in a shy, unconfident skinny kid who wasn’t sure about anything in life, let alone joining the WAR program.  Kael graduated from the 12 week program never missing a single night.  He is currently in week 10 of WAR Fit and still has perfect attendance.  It’s safe to say that he has found his new addiction, a healthy addiction.

Words cannot describe how proud I am of Kael, and of how thankful I am to have him be apart of this magical program. We here as a staff at WAR will support kael in all that he does forever, and will continue to help him on his upward journey to experiencing success.

Love you Brotha – you are an inspiration to us all.  Keep Make’n it Happen.

Tuesday Red Session Week 4

Classroom Discussion

7:00-7:30 – Northern Utah Therapy – Chet Brooks, LCSW.

Rewrite in your journal what you learned from the Therapist today.  Think about the things that he talked about and how they relate, or could relate to you. Think of someone in your life that made poor decisions.  How did it affect them later in life?  Now think about someone you admire who made good decisions – compare the two.  Where do you see yourself going?  Where do you want go?

Journal Title: Making Good Decisions Versus Bad Decisions & the Role it Will Play in My Life

WAR Workout

7:40-8:30 – Gym

A. Hang power clean 45 seconds (Pick from 135,115,95,75)

Rest 15

Row 45 seconds

Rest 2 minutes X 3

B. SDLHP 45 seconds (95,75)

Rest 15

Box Jumps 45 seconds (24,20)

Rest 2 minutes X 3

C. Ring Dips 45 seconds

Rest 15

Burpees 45 seconds

Rest 2 minutes X 3

NOTE: I will assign everyone to a group. A,B, or C. Upon completing 3 sets at any given station, you will move to the next.  Ex) If you are at A, you will move to B, etc. Score is total reps and Row Calories. Once you have been through A,B,C – you are done.

Saturday Red Session Week 3

I’m Thankful every day for My Wife. What are you Thankful for? Post Notes to Comments

Being Thankful

What does is mean to truly be a Thankful Person?  A thankful person recognizes the simple things in life, and is able to magnify these simple things so much, that he or she finds an incredible amount of joy through them.  A thankful person learns to be thankful for the hardships in their life, knowing that these hardships will only make them stronger and more capable of handling anything that is thrown their way.  A person that is thankful is open about what they are thankful for.  This type of persons continuous effort to show gratitude for the simple things in life makes others think about what they are thankful for.  Therefore, this person becomes an incredible example to all.

Being a thankful person is a wonderful attribute to obtain.  We can be thankful for the mistakes we have made in our lives, especially if we gain knowledge from these mistakes.  We can flip these mistakes upside down and turn them into something positive, in which learning from them will only make us stronger.

Once we learn to be a thankful person, life takes on a whole new perspective.  We start noticing things that weren’t there before.  Our eyes are opened up to a whole new world where things seem clearer and make more sense.  The people in our lives become more important to us.  We start putting what we value the most in our lives first.  We start recognizing our talents and full potential, knowing that we have been blessed with great opportunities. Opportunities that wouldn’t have been granted to us were it not for the adversity in our lives.

-Dustin Hawkins

Thursday Red Session Week 3

WAR Workout

A. Front Squat – 5 reps X 5 (Pick a weight that you can do 5 sets across with same weight-225,205,185,155,135)

Rest 2 minutes

B. Hang Power Clean + Power Jerk 8 reps Unbroken (Choose from 155,135,115,95,75) X 5

Rest 3 Minutes

C. Snatch High Pulls 10 reps Unbroken. Hands Stay on the Bar (Choose from 135,115,95,75) X 3.  Keep good consistent back angle, explode at pockets.

Rest 1 Minute


Run 10 Laps for time

Classroom Discussion

A. What did you think about the Sports Psychologist’s presentation?

B. Discuss Monday and Tuesday Journal Topics: Patience, Work Ethic & Motivation.  Come ready to have a good discussion.  We gotta work just as hard in the classroom as we do in the Gym, if not harder.  THE BRAIN IS IMPORTANT.

Work Ethic is a set of values based on hard work and diligence. It is also a belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character”

“Motivation is the driving force which causes us to achieve our goals”

Wednesday Red Session Week 3

The Crew –  I Love You Guys

Both Feet In

It’s one thing to do something half way, or a little bit, but it’s another thing to do something the whole way with both feet in. People often times don’t realize how much potential there is when a real commitment is made.  A real commitment requires sacrifice, possibly a huge sacrifice depending on how great a change you are looking to make.

Sometimes when people start thinking about completely changing their lifestyle, it becomes even harder than they anticipated.  Strange forces start working against them. These forces don’t want them to completely let go of their old lifestyle, in which something always comes up, or a new enticing opportunity presents itself, where the individual is lured and drawn back in.

So the question is, how do we put both feet in to a new lifestyle?  How do we really change?  The first thing that we need to do is to have a goal, or a vision in mind of the kind of person that we want to become.  When we envision ourselves becoming a certain way, we make better decisions, decisions that will help us become the person we envision.  Second, we have to take the necessary steps forward to obtain our goals or vision.  We have to make good decisions, and learn to stay away from the things that will cause us to make bad decisions.  Third, we have to stay on it.  We have to work at this change with a relentless pursuit. If we make a mistake, we get back on it.  If we make another mistake,  we get back on it – we don’t quit.  People tend to quit too soon when they make a mistake or have a slip up.  Don’t quit, it wouldn’t be worth the lifestyle change if it were an easy process.

-Dustin Hawkins

Tuesday Red Session Week 3

Classroom Discussion

7:00-7:30 – Sports Psychologist – Dan Friegang, PhD.

Rewrite in your journal what you learned from the Sports Psychologist today.  Think about the things that he talked about and how they relate, or could relate to you.  How would you rate your current work ethic?  What motivates you?

Journal Title: Work Ethic and Motivation & the Role they Will Play in My Life.

“Being passionate about something leads to motivation, and having motivation leads to a strong work ethic”

“Nothing comes easy; you have to work at it”

WAR Workout

7:40-8:30 – Gym

A. Back Squat 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 ( First 8 are more than a warmup, but not to bad. Last 3 & 2 should really push you. GET STRONG)

Rest 3 minutes

B1. Bench Press AMRAP (Choose from 245, 225, 205, 185, 155. Pick a load that will push you – lower reps better) X 5

Rest 10

B2. Sumo Deadlift High Pull 15 reps (95,75. Fast & Explosive. Use hips) X 5

Rest 10

B3. Supine Ring Pull Ups 15-20 reps (shoot for 15, advanced 20. Controlled Tempo) X 5

Rest roughly 2 minutes.

**Work in groups of 2 to 3, follow each other. One person does the entire round, then the next person goes.  Log loads & Notes in your Journal – this is important.