Intensive Outpatient Program

The WAR Intensive Outpatient Program is a highly effective, 90-day program that blends standard therapy with the WAR Lifestyle. In this program, licensed therapists, a nutritionist, and WAR Life Coaches work together in a group setting to help those who are struggling intensely with addiction achieve optimal results.

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Sober Living

WAR sober living is our program where we house people so that they can more effectively learn the WAR lifestyle. In this program, students will go through the progressive cycles of the WAR program, but will also be encouraged and helped by WAR life coaches to set goals, find a job, and to get into college or a trade school.

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Day Treatment

Workout Addiction Recovery’s Day Treatment is a comprehensive addiction treatment program for those that struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. WAR offers a unique approach using the twelve steps and the WAR lifestyle, which includes:

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Aftercare Program – Become a WAR Life Coach

After you complete the WAR Day Treatment, Outpatient and Sober Living Programs you are eligible to participate in the WAR Life Coach Training Program. This is program is all about service, giving back and learning to help others who are walking the path to recovery…

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WAR Mission

The WAR mission is to provide our clients with an opportunity to learn a new elite lifestyle that revolves around fitness, nutrition, and spirituality, so that they can change and become elevated in their character with now having the necessary life skills to grow and progress past their old poor habits, and on to now experiencing new and improved habits through living the WAR Lifestyle.

  • Mental

    We read and study powerful literature. We recognize the relationship between exercise,  good nutrition practices, spiritual work, and the role that they all play in enhancing ones life performance.

  • Spiritual

    We seek a spiritual life by creating unique spiritual experiences for ourselves that involve the harmonization of the mind, body, and spirit in an effort to create new memories so that we can switch from off the path of our addictions, and on to the path of the WAR Lifestyle.

  • Physical

    We learn the Art of Strength & Conditioning and its relationship to life performance.

  • Emotional

    We seek to understand the importance of living a clean lifestyle each day and the positive impact it has on our mood and overall quality of life.

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